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Title PHP Styleswitcher
Platform All
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - PHP Styleswitcher
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Content Management
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Description This lightweight PHP script is used to add a styleswitcher to your website. Your visitors can use this to select (from a link or select box) which stylesheet they will use while browsing your website. The changes take place instantly, and the URL that your visitor sees never changes. This script is free for non-commercial users and comes with easy installation instructions and several examples.


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Script Name

SMe Site Host

SMe Site Host is a host version of SMe Site ! SMe Site Host is a Web Based Application with an automatic publishing system that enables your clients to easily build their own WebSite using only a web browser. in adminstration area your able to remove the link powered, the banner, give more space for your client, mass email, edit terms, news for all sites ...

phpCMS-Plugin: Lexiword4phpCMS

You love this nice little tooltips that apaer over some keywords in the page Then you need lexiword. This little plugin generates the tooltips or however you want the term to be highlighted (i.E. with a link to the glossary-page) The terms and their corresponding annotations are taken from a glossary-file with a flexible HTML-syntax.

dB Masters' Content Manager

This CMS requires very basic HTML/XHTML knowledge to help you create and manage sites of any size. Includes many optional modules such as news, newsletters, link directory, search engine, contact form, sitemap, photo gallery, event calendar and of course any number of standard site pages. Features an automated installer for database tables and simple templating to suit your needs. File handling built for Unix servers.

Smart Parser Template Engine (SP)

SP Templates Engine handles all data representation using easy to learn syntax structures and allows you to query MySQL databases or other dynamic content sources (your own set of data) from inside the <html> structures without hard PHP coding. You will keep your design layout intact and clear. It is easy to work with SP.TE in group as each group member will concentrate all efforts on single task - to create a good design or to create simple and reusable data structure. But even programmers will not code PHP scripts - they will put all efforts on tweaking data structure and setting up reusable data objects. It's more creative! It's new. It's easy to work with and understand.

phpCMS-Plugin: Smarty4phpCMS

This plugin modifies the contentfields before they are put into the templates. Many modifiers are available (See The plugin walks through the template files and searches for the modifier-syntax. Then it modifies the corresponding content-fields, if it does not exists (i.e. if you use the date-modifier to show the last cache-time), it creates it. You also may create your own modifiers, it is as easy as you think, only in some lines of PHP-code.

phpCMS-Plugin: PrevNext

A linear previous-next-navigation needs little space but provides powerful navigation features.

phpCMS-plugins: Searchlog4phpCMS

An internal search on a website could be a great help for the visitor. But what does the search helps you, if you do not know wether the visitor found the right page for his interest. The plugin SearchLog4phpCMS writes a log of the search-terms and display it on a overview page. There you can search again (without logging) and see, what the visitor found with this search-term. this should help you to optimize your website.


webMOOD is a super easy to use CMS!!! Installation (once the files are on the webserver) is guaranteed to take no more than 15min until you can start to enter your first webpages!!! <BR> webMOOD offers many advanced features which makes it competitive to almost ANY other CMS. <BR> webMOOD is capable of maintaing multiple languages on the website <BR> webMOOD is modular <BR> webMOOD can be tested (demodriven) on our website. GIVE IT A TRY!!!

phpBLASTER - An OpenSource Portal/CMS

phpblaster is a small but powerful and completely module based, portal system with focus on both, newbies and advanced users. The project started in June 2003 and is under ongoing development. After leaving the beta phase behind, it now runs on many professional pages and people are going to love it more and more. You can easily add your themes into the themes folder and spot the places in your html code where you want to have the portal's functionality. With some basic PHP skills you can do a lot of cool things with it because it is really open! phpblaster's structure is similiar to portal systems like phpNUKE. This means that you could also easily port your phpNUKE modules to phpblaster and offer them to a wider audience. The most important modules you need are already included in the core package (~0.75MB). Those modules are: News, Links, Downloads, Media Gallery, Forums, Statistics, Members List, Private Messages, Surveys


We are proud to announce the commercial release of pnTarot. pnTarot faithfully and meticulously performs the Ancient Celtic Method to answer a user's question. The user begins by selecting the "Significator," which is the card that best represents the user, another person, or the matter about which the user inquires. Simple step by step instructions guide the user through the reading! All cards are fully explained, as well as the meanings of the positions where the cards are placed! Unlike other programs we have seen, pnTarot displays reversed cards! All card definitions include the meanings of a card drawn "upright" or "reversed!" Additionally, the program knows which way the character in the card the user chooses as the Significator is facing, and adjusts the spread accordingly (the card in the position for "What is before you " is switched to the position for "What is behind you " if the Significator faces it). Moreover, the program flags and explains the meanings of "Recurrences" (pairs, three of a kind, and four of a kind) in the spread. Also, the program can save the user's readings for future reference. Webmasters can easily change the cards and definitions, or make up their own! Furthermore, the program has been designed to allow a user to email any saved reading to an advisor, who can then contact the user to make further arrangements. If you're client has an 800 number, this email can be the provable contact point! pnTarot has been thoroughly tested with PostNuke-0.726-1, on both Windows and Linux platforms. Installation is a snap. Because of the rapid development of Postnuke, we cannot assure that the program will work on other versions, so we have included PostNuke-0.726-1 in zip version in our downloads section. Note, registration is free, but required to access the program. As a registered user of this site you may use the program to get a free reading, save your reading for future reference, and print it out! Many sites charge money just for that, but, as a registered member at our site, it's free! Also, we presently offer phpTarot Lite(tm), which has all the same features as pnTarot, except, it does not use the Postnuke CMS and doesn't save or email readings. In any event, we hope you enjoy your free reading(s) and we wish you the very best of luck.

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