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Title PHP Day Chooser
Platform Unix, PHP
Price Free (BSD)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - PHP Day Chooser
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous » General
Hits 758
Description A simple PHP script for choosing a date between a starting and the ending date.


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With this code bit you can take unwanted words out of a sting. The list of the words can be chosen freely. This is a useful utility for forums or chats.

Page Rendering Timer

This is a very short script that will set a time to two variables and then subtract them to recieve the difference, or the timer. For it's original concept, it will display "This page was rendered in a mere X.XXXXXX seconds". The Xs will be replace with numbers. This may be used to display the time it took for the server to render the page, a cool thing to add if your website falls into a personal website. Needed: PHP 3.x, 4.x Web server that supports PHP OS that supports gettimeofday() system call.

ScubaMan Dive Log

Designed for divers, ScubaMan Dive Log allows you to add your own personal dive log to your site. Features include: Administration Control Panel, Add / Modify / Delete Dive Records, View Dive Records By Date and Dive Number, A Public View Only Page of Dive Log with counter, and a Counter Statistics Page. Requires PHP and MySQL.

Cookbook Online

Cookbook Online is a PHP/MySQL-based program to create a recipe collection on your site. Your visitors can draw recipes from and add recipes to the collection.


These simple lines of PHP code are used to display the current visitor's username. The desired cookie information can be read and displayed anywhere on your website. If the cookie is not found, a default value of "guest" is used as the username. This program can be easily added and modified to fit to your site.

PHP ScrollBar Color Generator

This is a php script that allows user to create a color scroll bar for IE 5.5+, generate, and test it in real time.

Code Obfuscator

Code Obfuscator opens a specified file, and replaces all instances of each variable within the script with a garbled, random variable. The new output is very hard to understand and/or modify by anyone, even the author of the original version. This script is mainly useful for persons intending on their scripts not being modified after distribution. It is recommended to always keep back-ups of your original scripts before obfuscating them.

Auto Keyword String Generator

This PHP script simply takes the contents of a webpage, pasted onto a form, and by running a simple frequency analysis on the words in the page (excluding common words), it produces a list of the most common 1 word, 2 word and 3 word strings within the page. From this it builds a suitable keyword string which can be used within the meta tags of the originating page. It can often provide ideas for keywords which may have overlooked the author the page, who probably knows the theme too well.

Subnet Calculator

Subnet Calculator allows to calculate ip's ranges starting from an address ip to a mask. Makes a bits representation to show how the subnet is calculated.

DNS Wildcards for PHP

Use PHP, DNS wildcards, and Apache to generate custom pages based on the URL. Similar to the code that drives and, this code will allow you to create all kinds of silly pages.

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