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Title PHP Calendar With Linkable Dates
Platform Unix, Windows
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - PHP Calendar With Linkable Dates
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Calendars
Hits 777
Description A PHP function that will create a Monthly Calendar. With some clever programming the days of this calendar can be used as links to specific data pulled from a database. On-Line Example: PAGE=Tennis (The example is an ASP version of this script)


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Scripts Related to - PHP Calendar With Linkable Dates

Script Name

Multifunction Calendar

Setup file allows changing of the table and field names so multiple copies of this calendar can run on the same site. Two calendars: Traditional Calendar and List Calendar. Traditional Calendar shows links in each day to a event. Details are then displayed when a user clicks on the link. This calendar also supports reoccurrence of events. List Calendar is a simple list style calendar. There is an option to display two types of legends, image and text, for this calendar. Both calendars can either specify a URL or an email address for the contact. Eventlog for Minutes, Journal or Update Log: This is provided to supply dated information. This could be used for such purposes as a modification/updates log, minutes, journal, etc.

Project-based Calendaring System

This is a Web-based calendaring system designed for project management on group environment. Some of its current features include: User authentication using PHP authorization and session management, A separate administration part for Admins, User and project management for admin users in the administration section, Appointments can be made for multiple persons, Appointments are checked if any attendees are selected, Appointments are checked if a duration is selected, Appointments can be edited afterwards on all settings, Appointments can be deleted, There is a day and a week overview, A small month overview for picking dates quickly, and A user picker enabling you to view one or more persons a time.


easyEvent is a web based event calendar application designed for ease of use and customizability. It provides event dates and information at a glance. easyEvent's simple layout provides all of the necessary information to the viewer without needless searching. Events can be added, modified and deleted only by the administrator through an easy to use web interface.

Another Simple Calender

This is a simple calendar script written in PHP which displays a calendar month. It also features a navigation menu to view different dates. Though the script has option of up to year 2010, you can easily extend it by adding more years. Users can add events for any date and also display schedule for any date.

The Knight's Calendar

The Knight's Calendar is a web-based calendar. Features: Add/Edit/Delete/View reminders in the calendar, Search all reminders in the system, Add/edit/delete/view reminder types (appointment, birthday, homework, etc.), Small and compact view to allow for viewing an entire month in one view, Month navigation, Ability to enter date AND time of reminders. Easily upgradable to MSSQL.

Holiday Calculations

This is a free library of PHP tools for calculating holidays. US holidays are the only ones currently entered, but others could easily be added. It includes actual/observed days, Easter Sunday, and the number of weeks in a month containing a specific day.

PAYA schedule

PAYA schedule is a calendar and schedule manager program for multi users. It is beckended by database (mysql, postgresql, oracle, mssql, etc) and uses PHP session (php3 or php4). Comes with the admin pages where you can add, remove users and anniversaries. Available view include year, month, week, and day, and also supports public calendar, a rest day markup, repeat events, and import event markable.


phpMyAgenda is a complete web application that enable you to manage and publish events (meeting, concert, session, etc). It stores description, dates, urls, places, contacts, and more. It uses templates to make it very easy to customize. The administrative interface is all graphical for intuitive management. Screen shots available on its homepage.


myPHPCalendar is a Web-based calendar program written in PHP4 that uses a MySQL database on backend. Some of its key features include: Public Calendar, Private/Group Calendar, Full month view, Single day view, and more. It supports both PHP3 and PHP4.

Event Calendar

This is a web-based event calendar using PHP and PostgreSQL, and supporting SSL. It allows people to submit events, and other people are allowed to approve those events for general viewing. Permissions are based on the location of the event. Deletion and modification are also possible. It also has other nifty features like a preview while submitting an event, hiding events from off-campus web browsers, and the option to view unapproved events.

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