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Title PEL: PHP EXIF Library
Platform linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price GPL
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Website Visit Website of - PEL: PHP EXIF Library
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Image Handling » Image Manipulation
Hits 558
Description The PHP EXIF Library (PEL) provides an easy-to-use library written in pure PHP which will allow you to read and write the EXIF headers commenly found in JPEG and TIFF photos taken with digital cameras.


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Script Name

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Convert an image to thumbnail on the fly. It is very useful when used as a plug-in for other scripts that display large images.

Auto Resize an image with enlarge page also

A nice script that takes a pic and accorting to your request can automatically resize it to a specefic pixels size with enlarge page also.


Protect images on your site from content copying with Watermarks. Overlaying an image on top of another automatically using GD or overlaying text. Allowing you to protect the images on your site from theft by other websites. Requires: GD 2

Shrink Image

Allowing public image posting on your website can be a great feature, but disk space can quickly become an issue. Use Shrink Image to downsize and optimize uploaded JPG's, GIF's, or PNG's. Shrink Image can use both resampling or resizing methods for quality or filesize.

dynTEXTmaker - Generate dynamic text buttons on the fly

DynTEXTmaker is an easy to use script that allows you to use your favorite font on your website. Due to some restrictions of the fonts you can use in HTML, you will sooner or later be confronted to the problem that you'll have to save your texts as an image file. But this exporting of texts as images is a very time-consuming task. dynTEXTmaker automatically generates the images with the text and the textsize you want to use. The script comes along with a cacheing mechanism and a simple admin-interface to generate the texts (to simply). Bugfix (v 0.2): Problems with -6 timezones are now fixed / Some functions were added.

Image Management System (Image Hosting)

The Webligo Image Management System is ideal for people who want to allow their users or clients to signup and upload/host their images online. Packed with features, the IMS is driven by PHP/MySQL, and includes a powerful control panel, user confirmations, email broadcasts, MIME filetype filtering, multiple image folders, space allocation, and lots of other customization options.


AirSort is a PHP/MySQL Web-based application that lets you search for an airport by name, IATA, ICAO, city, longitude, or latitude. Output is graphic, and a icon shows you the position of the airport on a world map

Allayers TrueColor Lite

TrueColor Lite provides a powerful web interface to PHP4's GD2 graphic library. Scaling, resizing, rotation and mirroring are all included in the Lite version. File management also includes directory browsing, creation and deletion. Included version in English anf German.


IMG2ASCII is a PHP program, that generates ASCII images from JPG, GIF or PNG images. There are several options to alter the generated output, such as color, inversed color, font sizes, background color, line height or letter spacing only to name a few.

Image Masking

This is a class allows you to apply a mask to an image much like you could do in PhotoShop, Gimp, or any other such image manipulation programme. If the mask is smaller than the image then the mask can be placed in various positions (top left, left, top right, left, centre, right, bottom left, bottom, bottom right) or the mask can be resized to the dimensions of the image. Requires GD 2.0.1+ Because of the nature of the class, masking large images may take some time.

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