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  • Socket Timesheet
    SocketTimeSheet is one of the most practical, affordable and user friendly web-based time tracking software and expenses management system in the market today - it's cheap, it's good and it works! Based on the popular PHP language, backed with a blistering fast MySQL back-end database, SocketTimeSheet is definitely the ideal timesheet and expenses management solution that you have been waiting for. Competitively priced - one of the cheapest timesheet system in the market today. One pricing for unlimited users with the quality that is on par or exceeds the more expensive solutions. No hidden extra costs. Access the demo and you'll see. Low cost of implementation - the timesheet system utilizes zero cost platforms - MySQL, PHP, Apache server. Rapid implementation - install and start using in minutes with the help of detailed Admin and User manuals
  • WebOffice - FREE for QA
    WebOffice is an online Office allows you to store and retrieve information anywhere in anytime such as Microsoft« Outlook« or Oracle« Collaboration Suite«. <br> <li>Event manager help you to create an event, a appointment or a meeting, add attendees and create multiple instance of your event (Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly). <li>Address book help you to manage all your contact and Business Contact. <li>Email system help you to manage all your email from your POP3 or IMAP Account and Send / Reply / Foward a email to a contact from your address book or someone else. <li>File system help you to manage all your file to keep them in safety and Share with your business Contact. <li>Note help you to manage all your personnal note. <li>Task manger help you to manage all your task. <li>Favorites help you to manage all your bookmark. <li>Memo board help you to manage all your memo. <li>PhotoAlbum you can manage all your picture (JPEG, GIF or PNG format supported and Zip format supported for batch upload). <li>Birthday Reminder help you to remind your familiy member or friends birthdate. <li>User can set Notification on a event. <li>Set S.M.S. to receive information if not available.
  • Tasks
    Features: Multiple language support. Dynamic hierarchical view of your tasks - expand/collapse tree using client side JavaScript. Scheduling due dates and associating URLs with tasks. iCalendar of your tasks (scheduled tasks can go into the calendar or task list). Daily e-mails of upcoming tasks. Full Mobile version for easy access with a PDA. Version 2.0 brings File Uploads, built-in security, time tracking, RSS feeds and much more. An on-line demo and 21 day Free Trial are available, see the web site for a full list of features. Donationware version available.
  • pPIM
    pPIM is a personal information manager that can store contacts and their photos, links, notes, send emails, and upload files. A Must have, very user friendly, easy to install, and a great user interface to look like Windows Longhorn Contacts manager. Stores info in flat files so it does not require SQL. [Updated on 10-13-04 to fix mozilla firefox problem]
  • The best corporate office intranet - $50.00
    OfficeTouch v. 1.1 integrates a shared calendar, address book, document center, news module, quick links, and instant messenger into a powerful office intranet. OfficeTouch works with Windows NT, 2000, XP with MySql and PHP.
  • Backdoor - free (of course)
    an organiser with ftp, mail, addressbook, calendar, notes and bookmarks. small, to the point and useful. no database is needed. read the included readme.txt for installation hints.
  • Procurement Software aka Purchasing Software. for Free - Freeware
    Free Procurement software, often called purchasing software. This is a great PHP tool for small to medium sized divisions or companies. Eliminate the paper trail, move your purchasing process online with this script. Uses a MySQL backend, and comes with an easy purchasing software installation wizard so that you do not have to manually create the MySQL database. Supports multiple users working on organizing a single or multiple bids, includes an administrative section to manage purchasing categories. Download and Demo the Procurement software on our web site.
  • PHP OpenCard 2004
    PHP OpenCard 2004 is a PHP 4.0+ script designed to work with a mySQL 3.0+ database to generate a "rolodex" like cardfile. The html template file can be easily modified/replaced to integrate the cardfile nicely into your site.
  • MyAddressbook - Free (GPL)
    A simple PHP addressbook with SQL backend. Now it includes an Admin page where you can edit colors and layout used on the pages. New features in 1.0.1 include Export to both Mozilla and Outlook Express friendly formats. 1.0.3 works with
  • Booby - contacts
    Webbased contact management including vCard and opera import/export functionality and the ability to share your contacts with others
  • PBcontacts Addressbook
    This php script is an address book which stores the data in a MySQL database. You can add, edit, show and delete records. The search function can search in each field. You can also import addresses from a CSV file. The installation is quite easy with an installation script to create the database.
  • EContact PRO - 18
    EContact PRO is an ultimate online database system allows you to store and retrieve contact information anywhere in anytime! You'll also be able to send emails to contacts with the build-in email client easily. EContact PRO features Comprehensive Sorting, Group Support, Data Export (CSV/TAB/HTML), Birthday Reminder, Mass Emails, Preference Control, Full Data Manipulation Interfaces, 30+ Customizable Fields and much more. Try out our online demo!
  • toodoo - Free (GPL)
    A scrollable Calender shows when To Do's are planned and makes it easy to insert To Do's for specific dates. Has 3 different categories: Today, Later and Backburners. Things you should have done yesterday are automatically added to today. Calender can be customized (firstday, months shown, localization). To Do's can be added based on date or interval (tomorrow, next week,..). Includes a simple intaller. Uses templates and CSS for easy customization and validates w3c xhtml, css.
  • mg.applanix - GPL/Freeware
    mg.applanix delivers a multi-featured, highly configurable, Web-based rental property management system designed for small and medium size tourism enterprises. Important features include a tabular view of the occupied rooms, a detailed customer and booking file, a customer search function, internal email sending, a small organizer, and printing of bills and address labels. It also provides user-based session management. Users are members of predefined groups which provide a simple access restriction mechanism. MySQL and (Microsoft) ODBC databases are supported.
  • phpMyConferences - Free
    phpMyConferences is a WWW-based manager for conference organization. It include features for paper registration, an online meeting for program comittee members, registration of conference participators and some administration tools for the conference organization comittee.
  • Rolodex - Free
    This Rolodex allows you to add, edit, and delete users from its database. You can change nearly everything about it - from the colors to the people :-) Currently Rolodex supports the 50 States of America, however other countries will soon be added.
  • My Dream Contacts - FREE
    My Dream Contacts is a small php script to manage your contacts. you can add First Name, Last Name, Mobile phone, Home Phone, Office phone and e-mail address. It has a built in search engine so you can find fast a person.
  • Online Password Manager
    Online Password Manager is an online application specially developed to help people store data securely online. With this program, you safely store all your logins, passwords, PIN codes, credit card numbers, memos, to-dos, access codes, and any other confidential information in one place while freely access them anytime from anywhere. Unlike traditional password manager, you are not limited to access your frequently-use data from your own computer. With Online Password Manager, you can access it from any computer as long as you have Internet connection. Also, you'll never need to keep synchronizing your data between files and computers time to time. You can access your data in your work place. You can access your data during business trip You can access your data in cafes. You can access your data in trains. Main Features: - Unlimited data entries - Unlimited categories - Unlimited icons - Built-in password generator - Secure login/logout - Independent icon per entry - Copy-to-clipboard buttons - Visit-This-URL buttons - Information sorting options - Password masking options - User-friendly interface - Anywhere access - Windows Explorer style tree-menu - Cascade-Style-Sheet support
  • Contract Lifecycle Management Software - Freeware, GPL
    Manage your organizations contracts from beginning to termination with this easy to use php web based contract software. Features email alerts to help keep tract of contract changes. Sort contracts based on quality, generate printable web based reports. Download and Demo Our Contract Software Totally Free. Check back often for new and exciting updates.
  • Report Manger - 0.00
    This is my first program in php. and only support farsi language (this is my language) Help me for better program and update this program

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