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  • The Monster Journal
    The Monster Journal - An electronic journalling program to replace the paper notebook. The Monster Journal provides the user a centralized, easily accessible electronic notebook for storing thoughts, ideas, and answers to questions as they are discovered. It is a storage program dedicated to the concept of "learn it once, reference it forever." Entries also have the capability to store attachments to support archiving information in various formats including .doc, .vsd, .excel, etc.
  • Employee Scheduler - GPL
    Employee Scheduler is designed to pick the most efficient schedule, given a matrix of the number of employees per hour per weekday. It has a number of variables to work with in order to tweak the output, such as the number of full-time/part-time employees, at which hours they can start working, what kinds of shifts the program picks, etc.
  • psPhonebook Lite - $35
    - Quick to install and easy to use - Works with any browser - Complete HTML template customization capabilities - Keyword search with alphabetically sorted search results - Password protected administration allows you to add, edit and delete phone directory entries - psPhonebook uses a flatfile database, making it the ideal solution for those that do not have a database server on their internet provider
  • WebAddress
    A database webaddress book. Keep Track of all your personal or business contacts. Key Features include unlimited entries, keyword search, sorting and archiving. A must have for businesses or for personal use. Supported Databases: mySQL, MSAccess and MS SQL. Specific customization services are available.
  • WebItems
    A database driven action items script. Keep Track of all open and closed action items. Key Features include user admin, percent completion , mark and unmark. A must have for businesses or for personal use. Supported Databases: mySQL, MSAccess. Specific customization services are available.
  • Task Manager - $50
    Organizes your list of assignments. Unlimited administrators, create tasks with instructions and comments, and have notifications automatically sent to assigned staff members. Selected staff may then log in, read about the new task, add to comments and change the current status of the task. Add your own custom statuses. This one's huge time saver.
  • Time Manager - Free (GPL)
    Time Manager is a system that manages how much time you have spent at work. The system is implemented in a web-based environment and are therefore completely system independent. Time Manager requires the Date::Manip Perl module.
  • NetBookPro - Membersship
    An online addressbook that you can access from anywhere. 100% template driven, Uses custom security methods to prevent unauthorized viewing.
  • TimeManager - $400
    This is a complete Time Management system via a web interface. It is very easy and flexible.
  • AddrBook - Freeware
    AddrBook is a simple, yet flexible web-based address book system. It lets people search the address book, look up entries alphabetically, or add themselves to the directory. (You may also disallow users from adding entries.) The admin user may delete entries, and change the admin password. In addition, when setting it up, you may choose to disable access to any of the search or lookup features and keep those password-protected.
  • Stouk Phonebook Plus - Free
    Stouk Phonebook Plus is one of the most flexible, configurable and simple to deploy web-based phonebook applications you would find on the internet. Designed to handle any language format, supported by your browser, it could be installed in minutes on Linux/UNIX or Windows IIS/Apache web platforms.
  • NetBook
    Online address book script. 100% template driven so you can make it look like anyway you want it to. Uses custom security methods to prevent unauthorized viewing.
  • vs Organizer - Free (GPL)
    vsOrganizer includes four scripts that can be used together to make a complete organizer application, much like MS Outlook. Admin access can be enabled so that guests have read-only access. Use it for your personal organizer, or share information with a group. Installation is a breeze. Just FTP and run on most servers - the script's are smart enough to detect their own environment. A setup script is included and the scripts can be easily configured through your browser.
  • Clock In Center - $30
    Keep track of employee's work hours, products sold or just about anything else with this script. Tracks time stamps to the second, email feature allows user or admin to send work logs in either plain text or HTML, time stamps may be adjusted to any member's time zone even after they have been recorded, calculates time and billing totals. Multiple login feature allows your staff/clients to login, view and email work logs.
  • TelPad - Free
    TelPad is a system that allows you and your users to store their addresses. It has the admin and user area. In admin area you can edit the user's info. Users can register automaticaly and have their own place to store contacts. They can change password, import, export contacts, search and do many other things. It is very simple to install and have great interface. The script comes with cool images, information and installation notes.
  • Stouk Phonebook - Free
    Stouk Phonebook features easy installation, easy user management, good design, configuration change management, data search, secure entries manipulation. You do not need any database engine, everything is done within the script and portable to UNIX and Windows. You can import major data fields from MS Outlook and export phonebook data to custom-separated format.
  • Address Book - Free
    Address Book is a WebDB 8.0 based application. Installation is virtually instant for quick use. Address Book also allows customization to use other database systems, new tables, and new information. Address Book ships ready to use integrated authentication compatible with UNIX/Linux, DB, LDAP, or NTLM. This product is ideally suited for business people on the move who need instant access to company or client information. It is also a great management tool for companies and organisations in terms of project coordination, inventory control, client management and information dissemination. Address Book can be modified to hold anything you want, not just addresses.
  • y-notes - Free
    y-notes is a simple system which allows you to specify spots in your web pages to which your website's visitors will be able to stick notes. For the the web user, y-notes provide a convenient way to add annotations to a web site without having to go into the messy business of managing a large set of bookmarks. Also, the notes are kept at the server so that users can retrieve them at a later time and use them as a navigation aid. For the site maintainer, y-notes provides an easy and automatic way of gathering user feedback and improving the site design. The main component of y-notes is a tiny Java(tm) applet. Notes are stored on database managed through a CGI interface written in Perl.
  • MyTimePunch - Free (GPL)
    MyTimePunch is a small Perl script that allows you to create a simple time punch, similar to the time punch hanging in the breakroom at work. MyTimePunch uses a MySQL database on backend for data handling.
  • Agnostos - Free (GPL)
    Agnostos is a simple web-based task management system, allowing you to maintain a set of todo lists for a number of people, departments and workgroups. Features include: Tasks can be assigned to individuals, workgroups, or departments (or any combination of the above); Tasks may be assigned priorities and due dates; Tasks may be sorted by status, priority or due date; Auditing data is recorded for each task (time and date of each change of status, priority, or individual, group or department to which it is assigned); Weekly Report Generation (produces a plain text report of all work done by a particular user, workgroup or department in the previous week).

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