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  • Quick Quote - $74.00
    Provide your customers with an instant quote for products or services. Quick Quote can handle addition, subtraction, and multiplication to accomodate for sales tax, multiple items, and multiple variables. Complete with on-the-fly conformation page, dynamic cost calculator, unique reference numbers, and HTML formatted autoresponder. Demo this script now!
  • TigerTom's Fraud Filter - Freeware
    An anti-fraud and data-saving program. The package 'bookends' an order placed via a third-party credit-card processor, or your own shopping cart. Ideal for use with services like Revecom, Clickbank or PayPal. Saves more customer data. Bars many free web-based email providers. Bars popular anonymous proxy services. Saves to a flat-file database for easy import. Emails you the raw database entry. Can pass form data to other scripts of yours. Works with any web-based credit card processor.
  • A-VS. Simple Virtual Store - $10
    This is a secure order form processor to be used with SSL protocol. It allows admin to create the html page with the order form, which is linked with the cgi script that is hosted on the secure Web-server with SSL protocol. When some order is made, the script sends to admin. the order confirmation and write the order into the database. Admin. can view or delete the order entries using the SSL secure protocol and the password protection. Very easy to install and configure.
  • Cyberstore Professional - ú250
    Cyberstore provides an integrated sales ledger; real-time stock and credit control; order processing; multiple stores; multiple currencies; lead-time calculations; full customer scheduling facilities; closed calendar; quantity discounts; order tracking; 'Country to Post code' delivery charges; powerful search facilities; banner advertising; invoice postponement; tax rules; real-time backup features and controlled system administration access between the site, store and shelf levels.
  • smc WebStore2Go - $399.95
    smc WebStore2Go allows you to create the ultimate online-ordering system for the carry-out, delivery and restaurant owner to sell food products online. smc WebStore2Go harnesses all of the advanced features of a powerful shopping cart with features and functionality tailored to the foodservice delivery and carryout industry.
  • e-Accountant Pro - $699
    Finally, web-based Accounting Software for your web-based business! e-Accountant is a full featured Accounting solution which integrates with, and includes a complete Shopping Cart system, and has a built in database that stores your customer information, order info, sales tax collected, credit card discounts paid, shipping info, and more. In addition, e-Accountant tracks your visitors and advertising, providing reports which show you how many actual orders you have received from a particular ad.
  • Internet Market - $29.00
    Internet Market is a smart online ordering and invoicing program for small product collections, where a database and shopping cart system is more than needed.
  • PopOrder ® Form - $9.99
    New Features: Made the program more secure, and added print receipt button. New EURO options added for date, money, post code, county, country. For those of you who only have a few items to sell on the web, and don't want the hassle of a full blown Shopping Cart for just a couple items, but you still need something! Something not to complicated that's reasonably priced, secure, and looks professional! PopOrder ® Form is the solution!
  • TigerTom's OMNI Scripts - Free
    A set of Perl scripts which has all the usual FormMail features, plus, it can set and retrieve a cookie (for affiliate tracking), send form data to another Perl script, print out the form data selectively in a web page, and email an attached file. Also, it can save the form data (including the tracking cookie), selectively, to a flat file database. It can use PGP to encrypt the form data, OR can weakly encrypt and decrypt credit card information, if your server doesn't have PGP. It can check credit card number basic validity, incorporate a customizable text message into the customer email, and subscribe customers' names and email addresses to a separate flat-file database [a mailing list]. Can be used to bulk-email said customers. Also has limited shopping cart options, in that it can add up prices, add tax and shipping, and display an order-confirmation page, before final processing.
  • Invoice Center - Free
    Invoice Center allows you to accept multiple payments from your website. Capabale of being run on a secure server, this program allows you to setup and fully configure a payment depot in minutes. All results are stored and on your server. Features include, archive payments, forward payments to associates, delete payments, setup and configure the scripts via a web based control panel.
  • Click Bank Emailer - $19.95
    Works in conjuction with ClickBankÖ and allows you to Email your software/information to your customer instead of normal HTTP download. Protect your product this way! Logs email address IP and ticket number! Allows you to ban domains such as free email accounts like HotmailÖ or YahooÖ.
  • TakeOrdersOnline (TOO) Order Form - $89
    The TOO Order Form is a self-calculating order form Perl script with a mini-database manager. This collection of easy to install perl scripts help you sell and manage your products online, through your web browser. All pages are created dynamically.
  • SimpleShop! - Free
    SimpleShop is an easy to use, secure ordering system. You can use it with an unlimited amount of products and send orders for different product to different people. SimpleShop does not have the features of a typical shopping cart system. It does not keep inventory or handle sophisticated prices. It is merely a secure "order processing" script that lets you easily sell products on your website. It is relatively easy to set up and needs no administration.
  • Merchant Order Form - $15
    The Merchant Order Form is a smart online ordering and invoicing system which allows product changes without any cgi script modifications. Just add new products to your HTML front end document input tags, and Merchant Order Form will sort them out for you. Merchant Order Form seems most practical for small product collections, where a database and shopping cart system is more than needed. Use your secure server and Merchant Order Form will present smart looking invoices for logging, mailing, and printing.

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