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Title Only Chess
Platform linux, freebsd
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Website Visit Website of - Only Chess
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Games and Entertainment
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Description This is a database driven online Chess script. Features : Ability to invite users, sign up, email players, approve / reject invites, modify the invite emails , player invitation withdraw emails. It uses MySQL database as backend and very easy to setup. Only database configuration via config file and mysql databasae creation is required. MySQL database tables. Installation instructions are provided inside the download file.


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This library is capable of quering game servers and returns various things like <ul> <li>current map <li>players (with score, ping etc) <li>and many other things. </ul> Games that are known to work with gsQuery:<br> <ul> <li>Unreal Tournamnet and most mods (gameSpy)</li> <li>Unreal Tournamnet 200x and most mods (gameSpy)</li> <li>Battlefield 1942 and most mods (gameSpy)</li> <li>Halflife and most Mods (hlife)</li> <li>America's Army (armyGame)</li> <li>Quake 3 and some Mods (q3a)</li> <li>Star Trek: Elite Force (q3a)</li> <li>Medal of Honor Allied Assault (q3a)</li> <li>Return to Castle Wolfenstein (q3a)</li> <li>Vietkong (vietkong)</li> <li>Rainbow Six: Raven Shield (rvnshld)</li> <li>Call of Duty (q3a)</li> <li>Solider of Fortune 2 (sof2)</li> <li>Battlefield Vietnam (armyGame)</li> <li>And probably more</li> </ul>


A flat-file score system allowing you to run multiple contests on your site. You can ask visitors a question and they can then select/type an answer. The script will check the answer with the ones you typed in and if it is correct, the visitor will be added to the scoreboard with their name and the points will be totalled up. Features: edit/delete contests, automatic score updating, points to award per contest, manage scoreboard, edit template files, cookies to stop people entering same contests more than once plus lots of other features. Very easy to setup and use with full administration area. Includes documentation and install file.

Minchiate Tarot

The Minchiate Tarot extends the usual Tarot decks by including cards that represent the astrological houses, four elements and additional trump cards. The deck consist of 97 cards. This rare form of Tarot is the product of the Italian Renaissance, and, after being relatively obscure for the last 2 centuries, is rapidly gathering users in our time.

Lotto Website + Professional Templates

Start your own online lotto website and draw thousands of visitors to your website and advertisers. You pick the prizes that you are offering and you earn revenues by offering advertising. Players must visit advertisers websites in order to earn lotto tickets or players can also purchase lotto tickets via PayPal. Many, many more features (email verification, complete automation, advertisers and members sections, built in banner manager, automatically maintained winners page, and more!)

Know It All Trivia

Know It All Trivia is a richly featured quiz set. It is designed to allow you to easily create and deploy quizzes on your website in a number of different forms.


Myth2 is an implementation of a binary tree and used to run an 'interactive story'. The user traverses down the tree and at each node is given a bit of story and two options to choose which path to follow. If there is no story after the option, the user is given the chance to add to the story. It is written in PHP 4 and uses MySQL for the backend. Output is fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional compatible and fairly flexible.

Fake Newspaper Stories For Mambo OS

A Component For Mambo Open Source 4.0.1 or 4.5. You choose your victim, add their information and thats it, a front page of a newspaper is created using their name and area they live in. There are a choice of stories to use. An easy componant to add to Mambo. A new story added to the script. Email your victim and friends with the link to the story you made.

php Scratch And Win Professional

Give your website visitors a reason to come back to your site with this unique and random game. A Perfect application for your site. This application features Random.Org integration, a template design, definable max plays per day, and a very secure design. Very easily, you can install and customize this program for your purposes. Ver 2.5 Changes: Updated template/db libraries and better RNG picking.

E-Gold Game Portal Scripts

Eleven unique games:Guess number, Instant lotto, Three aces, Roulette, Thimbles, Matches, Chance, Chests, Poker, Trump, Slots.The convenient administrative panel.Completely automated system.Support of payment system - E-gold.


Nice looking casino games, powerful backend and administration system and unbeatable prices! Start your very own casino. The software prices are starting from $599.

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