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Title Online News Updater and Manager
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Online News Updater and Manager
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » News Publishing
Hits 660
Description This is an easy to use Perl script that allows you to easily update and manage your site news page over the Internet. It features: Web-based password protected admin, news auto-archive creation by month, and more.


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Scripts Related to - Online News Updater and Manager

Script Name

NewsDesk Pro

NewsDesk Pro is a complete news system for providing news functionality to a web site. It features: Easy install & configuration, Supports multiple users, Template based, Auto-regeneration of articles, Articles and Headlines are separated for easier management, Automated emailing of news to pre-defined list, Powerful Administration Forms, Built-in e-mail news list functionality, Includes full online help, Total control of news display via SSI, Hit statistics for news articles, Ability to define new fields relatively easily, Backup functionality, Export to SQL databases, Category based, Headlines page to simplify browsing through news, and more.


eNews is advanced management tools for on-line news articles and announcements publishing. This scripts support for unlimited number of News themes, for each, you can define multiple moderator. Each moderator can add a news or validate, edit, remove public submit for his news theme. eNews allows 1 or more administrator to administrate all news themes, create, modify and delete accounts for different moderators and news themes. News can be displayed by CGI or this scripts can generate HTML pages, of course the output is 100% customizeable (using template).


Yet another Perl CGI script providing a web interface for updating news items on a web page. A user-defined number of items appear on the "current news" page and older items are automatically moved into date-based archive files.


This is a Perl/JavaScript combo script for dynamically presenting news on your site. It uses frames and a JavaScript onmouseOver method to make for a visually pleasing news site. The perl script parses the news database and spits out a bunch of news articles as well as a file pointed to by the MainFile variable. When your mouse hovers over the article link in the main file then the proper news article is pulled out of the currently hardcoded "articles" directory and plopped into the upper-right frame.

Hello Baby!

Hello Baby! is a birth announcement script that allows parents to share an electronic baby announcement with friends and family. New parents can select a page design and layout they like; they can select a photo on their local hard drive to upload; and they can identify an unlimited number of email addresses to receive a birth announcement via email. The script is easily customizable to any web site, since the appearance of pages are determined by an unlimited number of HTML-based templates.

Jin-Tak Kim's NewsBoard

This is a news posting CGI script written in Perl. It comes with a Web-based password protected admin panel where you can setup and manage your news page.

What's New

Features include :Possibility to display pages in two formats - Last modified order with most recent at top, Directory structure; Possibility to have a list of files which are not displayed, Can display just for a subdirectory, Produces output html file and then points you at that, Gets title of each page and displays that with the date it was last modified, and Includes quick lookup cache of file titles (to speed up document creation).

Avenger's News System

Avenger's News System (ANS) is a PERL-based solution to creating an easy-to-update and easy-to-maintain web site. Instead of constantly uploading new news pages and wrestling with HTML, you can post stuff via a web-based form.


Kudos is an achievement announcement and recognition script for the WWW. It could be used for just about any achievement such as a graduation, promotion, announcement and feedback system. Features include: Any number of users can add, edit, or delete items, Allows users to register user accounts (in multi-user mode) and emails the password to them, uses a configurable "nasty" word list that it compares with the text entries of the additem and guestresponse boxes, Allows you to control the HTML output of the script by setting a few variables, and Emails the script administrator each time a user registers, adds an item, or edits an item.

News Update

Designed to assist with the building, maintaining, of your growing business websites. From one TWO LINE form, you can easily place headline news regarding your organization, your services/products, coming events, etc. in a matter of seconds. Using Server Side Includes (SSI), News Update will instantly insert your late breaking stories and articles on any page you choose.

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