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Title OSL Standard Order Form
Platform Unix
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - OSL Standard Order Form
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Form Processors
Hits 694
Description OSL Standard OrderForm is an easy to install form processor for takng orders. Written in php, doesn't require any database, and supports reconfirmation. A demo available at


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Scripts Related to - OSL Standard Order Form

Script Name

FormMail: Email Form Processor Pro

Form Mail: Email Form Processor Pro will process all web forms on your site. The information your web site visitors fill in web forms will be sent to your specified email accounts and/or saved to a database. Form Processor Pro is an excellent form mail solution for: - feedback & inquiry forms; - contact forms & order forms; - both simple and complicated multiple-page forms. It's secure and spam-proof, featured with auto responder, preview and thank you page. Form Processor Pro supports: - user attachments and database storing; - IF condition & math calculations; - variable field validations; - html emails sending; - export to TXT & CSV; - & many more features. Form Processor Pro finely works with complex shopping cart forms with multi pages form, logs, and checkout features. In addition, with this form-to-email script you can process unlimited amount of web forms. ItÆs easy to install and customize. Over 3000 happy clients use Form Processor Pro on their web sites. Give a try to this great product now!

allibsus mail pro php

allibsus mail pro is a secure form processor and has the ability to: process an unlimited amount of single page or multi page forms with any number of form fields, validate form fields such as e-mail addresses or required fields, receive & send file uploads and/or file attachments, process orders with PayPal, output form data in any order with easy-to-use templates, display a confirmation page after a form is submitted, autorespond via email, process form data on a secure server, and save submitted form data to a text file database (or a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet) for analyzing. The possibilities and uses are almost endless!

Form Maker Pro û web form generator and formmail

Form Maker Pro is the all-in-one solution for gathering feedback and clientsÆ information on your web sites. Form Processor Pro offers mass of useful features to crate great-looking web forms, and take full advantage of them. Form generator module of Form Maker Pro easily creates feedback forms, contact forms, registration forms, application forms, online surveys, order forms, multi-page forms, evaluation forms etc. Form Maker ProÆs formmail module can be used as a simple form processor that sends information from web forms to email addresses and exports data to a database. Thus, Form Maker Pro is a perfect solution to easily create web forms and: gather and sort information from feedback forms, contact and support forms; handle application forms and inquiry forms on your web site, save filled data to a database; process order forms, perform calculations on multi-page forms; organize registration forms, evaluation forms and many more. Form Maker Pro has a visual user-friendly interface, so itÆs very easy to use. You don't have to know programming, or edit any configuration files. Form Maker Pro is secure and spam-proof, featured with auto responder, preview and thank you pages. It supports file attachments, html and plaint text sending, plus many other useful features. Check it now!

FormXP (Form Mail Maker Pro + @Feedback)

FormXP (Form Mail Maker Pro + @Feedback) is one of the best scripts ever made for creating mail forms. It is more convenient and efficient then other form maker out there. Yet it provides a user friendly interface to get the job done quicker and easier. This program is capable of creating customize form to fit any website's needs. By using a powerful script that enable you to create a complex HTML form for your website. FormXP uses a web based program that let you works via the internet and view your creation in minutes. This is the only script out there that lets sender view their final email information before sending it by simply clicking on "preview" button. Webmaster could create unlimited Forms with unlimited amounts of fields. Webmaster can now create and send auto respond messages that have Text or HTML format.

Kmita Mail : Web Form Processor

Kmita Mail is the fastest and easiest way of processing all forms on your website. Can process any form you wish like, feedback form, contact , survey, questionnaire, inquiry form. Its features are : - + Email form data to TO, CC, BCC email addresses. + Unlimited Number of Forms Handled by each installation. + Forms independent of the script, forms can be changed whenever required without having to modify the script in any way. + Individual Auto responder for each Form in HTML or TEXT + Allows Success page and Error page according your website design. + Kmita Mail can also store the form data to flat file data base, which can be used by MS Access or MS Excel or any database or worksheet application. + No programming knowledge required. + Automatic Setup utility. ( 2 Step ) + Free Support + 1 Free installation if required, though you wonÆt require it, it so easy! Go Ahead, try it for yourself , Take a Demo Now! There is nothing better than Kmita Mail !


This is intended to be a more secure alternative to the traditional "formmail" script by employing sessions and referer checks. Additionally, the L-Emailer script does simple form validation before processing. This is under active development but no unstable versions are ever posted.

Dropdown Menu with Selection in TextArea via MySql Data

The following is a script designed to allow the user to populate a Dropdown Menu with MySql Data. The choice will then prompt a display of corresponding data in a Textarea below. Hope it help you.

Auto simple php form installer

This is an auto install version of my php form that sends what people enter to a text file and you can also edit the the text file when ever you want by loggin in to the admin part.

Magic Form Mail

There are a lot of reasons why you should use Magic Form Mail, but the main is its' variety of useful features, detailed and comfortable help system and simple structure. We've provided our program with very handy autoresponse function. You may use it in case you want the user to receive some message after filling your form. So keeping in mind all the advantages you'll get by working with Magic Form Mail you're highly unlikely to pass by without paying attention to it.

NO Programming Contact Form Generator

All you have to do is click to check and select the boxes that you want to be on your form and tell it what email address you want the form to be sent to. It will automatically generate the html form and the PHP code needed to have a fully functional contact form with all the most commonly used fields without ever having to type or edit a single line of code. If that is not fool proof enough, we will even give you free support and/or custom installations! Please refrain from requesting complete custom forms though. Thanks.

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