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Title Nexus by Cool Focus
Platform Flash 6 plugin
Price GBP 28.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Nexus by Cool Focus
Category Flash » Movies
Hits 651
Description A powerful unlimited-level tree menu. Any item can act as a link, and can contain further levels of items; items can be scrolled upward and downward. Other features include: full search capability; custom colors for each item; menu separators can be used; choice of scrollbar styles with optional auto-hide; choice of flat or 3D item styles; optional expand/collapse animation; sound support. All colors and fonts are fully-customizable.


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Scripts Related to - Nexus by Cool Focus

Script Name

Elevator by Cool Focus

Elevator is a powerful multi-level vertical menu. Items can be nested up to 8 levels deep, with each linking to its own URL and frame target. Two buttons at the top of the menu lead to the next lower level or to level 1. Separators can be placed anywhere on the menu to create logical groups of entries. Mouse-tracking selector bars and dual lines can be added, removed or recolored individually, as can the scrolling arrows and vertical 'shaft' lines. Sound effects are supported for 6 events.

Flash Photoblog World Map

Flash Photoblog Map 1.0 Requirements: Flash player 7, Flash MX 2004 Online example: Simple flash application that plots images and locations onto a world map using latitude and longitude information. Designed to be used with php or any scripting environment that can render an xml file. If your feeling brave you can edit the example xml file by hand. The application is designed around a thumbnail size of 67x67 pixels and will scale any images down to this size. To change this and any other visuals you'll need to edit the fla file using Flash MX 2004 otherwise you can just edit the mapxml.php file and use the example swf. Coming in the next version: Scaling and multiple thumbnails per location.

DropBar by Cool Focus

DropBar is a 2-level fading and sliding horizontal menu which initially looks like a simple button bar (and can be used that way). Hovering over a first-level button can reveal a second level of buttons below. Items can use gradient fills. The second-level strip expands into and out of view vertically, and buttons fade between colors. DropBar supports sound effects, and full customization of colors, fonts and behavior.

Ship Navigation

A simple little game where you navigate a ship through 5 mazes.

NeonBar by Cool Focus

NeonBar is a single-level horizontal button bar. Each button displays a fading description in the integrated status panel when the mouse hovers over it, as well as changing the button and text colors and the colors of horizontal divider lines. Each button can be assigned individual text, fill and gradient colors when focused. Two optional icon-buttons allow quick links to Home and Email. The main panel and buttons support gradient fills, and the buttons offer a choice of gradient fill styles.

Base Defender

Use the mouse to aim and shoot, kill incoming ships before they crash into your base.

CoolStrip by Cool Focus

CoolStrip is a single-level vertical menu of links with a 'sliding' feel. Each menu item links to a different URL, and an unlimited number of entries can be included. CoolStrip has a variety of user-feedback options. Menu entries can react to the mouse by changing color; a selector can highlight the focused entry; a scrolling arrow can follow the mouse up and down the menu; an image can be displayed above the menu for each entry; sounds can be specified.

LiveWire by Cool Focus

LiveWire is a three-level animated menu system designed for use in a top or bottom navigation frame. The 'first level' consists of menu captions, similar to the standard OS-style menubar. When the mouse moves over a caption, a column of Items slides and fades into view. Moving the mouse over an item causes a row of subitems to appear. LiveWire also contains an optional 'statusbar' area where related messages can be displayed as the mouse moves over menu items.

NewsLine by Cool Focus

NewsLine is an animated horizontal news-headline display with a typewriter style. An unlimited number of single-line headlines can be shown, each with its own text color and linking to a different URL. A border can be placed around the applet. The speed of animation (in characters-per-second) is definable, along with the length of time (in seconds) that a complete headline should remain onscreen. NewsLine supports MP3 sound effects, and can be transparent in compatible browsers.

iTab by Cool Focus

iTab is a tab control in the Windows style, designed for use with the HTML IFRAME. The result is a smart and intuitive interface that makes it easy to browse between related web pages. Along with full control over color scheme, fonts and color-reactivity, iTab includes our PageSync feature which can be used to ensure that the iTab control will always select the correct tab when the user clicks a link in a framed page or uses the browser's Back button.

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