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  • - Article Manager - $269
    Article Manager makes it easy for non-technical users to update and manage articles, news stories, headlines, and editorials. Users add/edit articles without modifying HTML or adding new pages; upload photos for each article; format text with the WYSIWYG editor. Other features include: subcategory publishing, user access levels, advanced customization, powerful search engine, customizable database. Customize the HTML templates to suit your design. Fully rebrand this Private Label software! 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • ASP News Content Management - FREE (GPL)
    ASP News Content Management is a simple content management news system. This script is designed to be easily integrated into your existing website. 100% web-based management. Login and add, edit, or update any information with a few clicks. The script is very easy to install, and even easier to use. ASP News Content Management is open-source and released under the GPL.
  • ASP News - Freeware
    The ASP News Management is a News script basically which can be used to post updates on your site. Can also be use as your online journal or just anything you plan to do with this script. The script uses a password protected area to add/edit/delete news updates. Also allow for multiple users to post news updates. Easily integrate with ASP Login Works with Mysql and Access Version 2.0 coming soon with RSS
  • Newsletter Mailer and Contact Management - FREE - Freeware
    Most users can send their first newsletter or email campaign in under fifteen minutes, and sending subsequent campaigns takes mere seconds. Even if you have no technical background whatsoever, E's Mailer makes it simple to create email marketing campaigns. Includes: # A built-in database with unlimited lists and unlimited list size # Easy to use database filtering logic so you can select only qualifying people from your list # Automatic bounce handling and unsubscribe handling # Built-in email delivery server that frees you from email limits placed by your ISP # Unlimited email message personalization is easy: just drop in any field from the database # Easy, common-sense database functions: import, export, even edit your subscribers' records # On-screen HTML editor lets you build and preview your HTML email messages with no hassle # Save, view and reuse an unlimited number of email campaigns
  • Project Q - Freeware
    Despite the curious name, Project Q is a News Publishing script that offers full customization of the news posted, even down to the border color of the news table cells. Project Q allows users to post news, send newsletters, comment on news, ban ip addresses, install mods and so much more; while utilizing a multi-level login system for news posters. Very reliable.
  • Easy News System - Free
    An easy to use ASP-based content management news system. Mulitple login levels, news expiration dates and many more features. Uses MS Access database. Free license under the GPL.
  • Absolute News Manager XE - $149
    Absolute News Manager is a complete tool for easily adding news, articles, press releases and any other type of content to your website or corporate Intranet. It requires no Dll's to install, and works with both MS Access and SQL Server databases (full script included). Also features: WYSIWYG Integrated HTML editor, uses templates to exactly match the look and feel of your site, and support for unlimited publishers. Use one single line of code to display your latest headlines on all of your pages and affiliate sites (Syndicate Your Content).
  • Q News (Revival) - Open Source
    Qnews is an open source, customizable, news publishing system that allows admin to set up different level of users that can post news. It can be added to a website quickly and easily. Mods are simple to make and add to Qnews. History: Qnews faded out with but has brought it back, and is how supporting it. Please see the forum at for help and information concerning Qnews.
  • Keyvan1 News system
    A fully customizable news system in farsi and english language
  • Sitebeater News System
    News Features: mailing lists, polls, themes, attachments, search, categories, related article links, send to friends, discuss article, independent editors, more! Uses ASP & MSSQL.
  • My ASP News Scroller - $8.99
    My ASP News Scroller is an easy and fast way to publish scrolling news headlines on your site.Support vertical and horizontal scrollsing. Completely idiot proof, you should have no trouble installing and using it within a matter of minutes. No Java or ActiveX controls used. It will scroll on any browser. Now supports Vertical Scrolling!
  • News Database By Smo
    The News Database By Smo allows you to maintain a news database on your web site. Post/edit/delete articles with headline, author, date and time, lead in, full article, related link, and photos. Features: a comment system, archive, search, print, e-mail articles to friends, password protected article poster page, password protected admin page, posting of articles to go active at a future date, and customize the date format and icons. The application will run inside a 'template page' allowing the program to fit seamlessly into any design.
  • NBDesign's Headline News - $15.00
    An easy way to keep your visitors informed with the lated news updates. Features: Back end administration to add/edit/delete news articles; Easy design change; Easy set up. Take advantage of our
  • aspVirtualNews - Article Manager - $65
    Add articles, press releases, website announcements or any other news related information to your website. Secure, browser-based admin area with WYSIWYG editor. Template driven design, CSS support. Front-end features include related articles, featured articles, print and email options, article search. Uses MS Access 2000 or SQL Server database. 100% ASP Script. Shipped with ready-to-run demo site, examples and detailed user manuals.
  • News Manager Lite - $35.95
    The News Manager makes it easy for you to keep your site's news up-to-date. You can manage all your news items from an online administration, and keep an archive of older news. Multiple users may come to your administration to add or edit your news. Now includes category management and WYSIWYG editor.
  • GNEWS Publisher - $55
    Built for ASP.NET and Active Server Page platform, utilize high-technology for automation, information centralization, and information sharing for your site. Contact immadiately your clients online. Provides you to manage a dynamic web site. GNEWS allows you to manage your content within a full database-driven management system. You can divide your content into categories: news to news category, press releases to anothor category as "From Us" category. GNEWS Publisher supports RSS now.
  • Gnews Publisher Advanced - $45
    Gnews is an online helper to manage your content. New version comes with some high-advanced features to publish news lile RSS news feed, richtext content authoring form, multi-category management, user management, mailing list ... Gnews Publisher is very economic way for publishing content in web. You do not need to pay for webmasters. You will get full-control over your site.
  • ASP News (WYSIWYG Editor) - Freeware
    The acronym WYSIWYG stands for lake for What you is what you GET and means that the author gets to see the text in such a way when editing, how he will look afterwards in the Browser of a visitor. The News center is extremely flexible and supports CoPy & paste. So far unusually, however here complete formatting can be taken over and stored. Try once once an article or a Tutorial directly over strg+c and strg+v to insert. The result can be able to be seen. Custom Language are supported.
  • Active News Manager - Freeware
    Active News is a simple news manager. You may publish your news, press releases or announcements in your web site with this database-driven content management tool. Active News is an ideal solution form webmasters to publish and manage news online. You may update your news from everywhere yıu may connect to internet. This release of Active news is freeware. You may use it freely.
  • NewsCMSLite - Free
    Add news, articles or comments dynamically to your site with NewsCMSLite a News Admin Content Management System. Simple to administer and even easier to integrate into your own site.

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