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  • Corenews - Freeware
    Corenews is a news script with multi user system, news icons and comments. Main features: Post / edit / delete news (everything based on MySQL and accessable through browser), preview, real multi user system, dynamic user rights, news icons, comments, styles and templates, design 100% adjustable to website, many options, safe login system, inclusion with php-include. Suitable for small homepages and big web projects. Written in German.
  • - Article Manager - $269
    Article Manager makes it easy for non-technical users to update and manage articles, news stories, headlines, and editorials. Users add/edit articles without modifying HTML or adding new pages; upload photos for each article; format text with the WYSIWYG editor. Other features include: subcategory publishing, user access levels, advanced customization, powerful search engine, customizable database. Customize the HTML templates to suit your design. Fully rebrand this Private Label software! 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • Magic News Plus - $25
    Magic News Plus is program which serves for making the process of news management more easy and comfortable. Using our product you'll be able not only create different types of news articles and easily set up their appearances but also edit, delete them and place out-of-date articles into news article archive. Even novice user will meet no difficulties while working with Magic News Plus using simple layout mode (no HTML knowledge required!). Advanced mode, in its' turn, offers great opportunities for advanced users.
  • ArticleLive 2005
    ArticleLive is the only solution you need if you're looking to launch your own customizable content, article or news driven web site in an extremely short amount of time. From its extensible customization options to its simple content creation process, ArticleLive leads the way in content authoring for everyone... regardless of technical ability. Features multi-user capability, workflow management, extremely flexible structure, template driven, multiple content types (news, blogs, pages, articles) and much more. Try online demo now.
  • NePHP Publisher - $299
    NePublish Server« is an ideal solution for web publishing like an online magazine or media websites. It works also as Content Management System that is easy to install and manage. Features: Multiple Editors; WYSIWYG Authoring Tools; Templates Editors; Category and Sub-Category Support; FrontPage Featured Articles; Category Featured Articles; Session Browsing; Images Uploads; Comment System; Directory Style Categories; Related Articles; Searchable Articles; Articles Ratings; Survey Poll on Articles; Integration of user database (eg. vBulletin).
  • Community News RSS
    Build local communities, increase your search engine rank and publish news online. Our NEW software has these 3 great benefits in 1 easy to use package. Includes capability to moderate posts, accept revenue for posts (Paypal) and automatic archive of news. Steps to deploy: 1. > ask us to install (included in purchase price), 2.> add your categories in administration with simple point and click skills, 3.> add as many news items as you like with a standard online web form. Posting news items has an innovative feature which lets you or your customer PREVIEW the submission as many times as needed before the news is submitted. This results in better news submissions. Customers may also optionally choose to pay you for publication of news via your news service. Their payment guarantees a minimum news exposure for their paid news, and is backed by your guarantee of service (automatic, but you don't have to tell your customer that). We include everything you need to start publishing online, to get some good search engine hits and to create local communities - all in one tidy open source package under 2 megs in size. Try our online demo to discover the new breed of software that's sweeping the web. It's not just another news system, it's your own RSS enabled online news publication service - with automatic syndication and revenue potential. New version.
  • NePHP Publisher Enterprise Edition - $100/$299/$499
    NePublish Server« is an ideal solution for web publishing like an online magazine or media websites. It works also as Content Management System that are easy to install and manage.
  • PhpCow
    PhpCow has an innovative technologies for building and publishing your online magazine or portal. Key features include: Innovative block builder, WYSIWYG templating, SEF, Built-in CMS system, dynamic menu builder, multi-level access, VBulletin integration, fully customizable templates for each category, unlimited photos, date & time management, unlimited categories, unlimited templates, article tools, customizable search, poll, calendar, Google Search API and many more...
  • OrangeBox RSS Management System - Free / $19.95
    Looking for a way to distribute news in the 21st century? Use RSS -- a method of distributing news that is rapidly gaining in popularity as websites switch from email newsletters to RSS feeds. OrangeBox is the easiest way to provide news feeds. Simply fill out forms in the control panel to manage multiple feeds and news items. No need to re-upload files every time you have news. Just fill out a form, and out pops a file that is compliant to the latest RSS specification: 2.0. Runs on your PHP and MySQL-enabled webserver so that anyone in your organization can access the publishing system anywhere they are! This is a big advantage over software that only runs on one computer. To celebrate our release of OrangeBox 2.0, we are offering a 50% discount during our limited-time introductory sale. Included in the purchase price is unlimited upgrades and unlimited tech support for life.
  • MyNews
    MyNews is a very simple news publishing script that stores data in a flat file. When logged in as admin you can add, edit or delete news items. The template file lets you adapt the look and feel of the news output so that it most suits your site's design. Also you can include the script into anywhere on an existing site!
  • QuickNews
    1.News administration -you can add news -you can delete news -you can edit news 2.Languages 3.You can change news appearance 4.Archive ( 1 2 3 4 etc.) 5.You can change number of news on one page
  • Cute News - Free
    A powerful news management system that uses flat files. It is very easy to use it and integrate into existing website. You'll need less than 3 minutes to get it working on your server. Features: powerful comments system, avatars, own smilies, search function, flood protection, easy to manage multy-templates, time adjustment, backup function, IP banning, online admin panel and 3 different user levels, preview function, archives that can be organized, optional full-story, many add-ons available, password protected names in comments, cute skins, 'remember me' - function. The script comes with auto-installer.
  • EasyNews
    EasyNEws gives you ability to post, edit and delete news articles on your website through an easy to use web interface. Requirements: Web server with PHP (this tool is tested with PHP 5, but should work with earlier and previous versions), Mysql DBMS. Viewable with any browser. Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Code.
  • Fusion News - Freeware under GPL
    fusion is a fast, easy, and powerful news management system. It installs in less than a minute, and you can get started right away. An unlimited amount of users can be created and given one of 3 user levels. BB style code, smilies, powerfull comments management, send to friend, antiflood, banning, wordwrap, fullstory, and an online admin panel are just some of the features of fusion news. You may also customize the look by using skins and templates. It can be translated to any language through a language text file. The online panel has been made safer and a vast array of new features are available. No MySQL database required. Stay tuned for the next version 3.7 ;)
  • phpNewsManager - Free
    A PHP/MySQL-driven news manager that allows you to manage your web content online. Some Features: User accounts with different privilegies, which can be modified or deleted. Full featured admin script with WeeklyPoll, Members management, Public news, Partner list manager, Gallery, Commenting news, Weather manager and installer for easy setup and multilanguage support. Script can automatically export your news into XML (RSS format) and optimize database. Layout is with improved GUI with option for realtime preview of news. Weather page for writting daily weather. New system for inserting pictures into news. Now you can insert unlimited pictures into each news. In latest release we fixed major problem with submitting and editing public news and some optimizations were done.
  • Easy News System - Free (gpl)
    An easy to use php/mysql news system. Based on php and the mysql database, so it is very fast and easy to setup. Login and quickly add a new news item with a news date and an expiration date. Non-admin users can also be setup to add new content, but the story has to be activated by an admin user. Easy to integrate into your existing php enabled website, or can be a simple content management system on it's own. Code is released as open source under the gpl.
  • Easy PHP News Publishing System
    an easy to use php and mysql based news system. fully template driven, fully configurable control panel. setup as many categories as you need, users can submit news stories to be approved by the admin users. all news stories have expiration dates to help keep your news current. 100% free license.
  • SimpNews - Freeware
    A simple news system written in PHP. Features: Data stored in MySQL, admin interface, support for multiple languages, support for multiple instances in one database, own header, multiple layout settings, support for BBCode and smilies, you can assin an icon graphic to every news entry, you can attach a file to news entries, entries can be put in categories, users can subscribe to get news sent by email, search entries, users can post comments on news entries, event calendar, newsticker, option to let users propose news entries,
  • Magic News Lite - Freeware
    This product gives an ability to publish, manage and delete news articles on your website from any place of the world. You just simply cut and paste some HTML code into your webpage, and your news will appear automatically. Control panel interface for news posting is very simple and intuitive. It's handy to edit news even for novice. You can add images and smiles to news without any html knowledge. You can easy change the layout and appearance of the news using WYSIWIG simple layout mode or get full customizability using advanced layout mode. MySQL doesnÆt required.
  • DMANews
    Popular, powerful, secure. DMANews focuses on ease of use and flexible customisation. With excellent documnetation and a choice of 4 beautiful control panels, it installs in 5 minutes flat with easy interactive walkthrough script. Save yourself some time and check out the (always working!) online demo for an immediate appraisal. Requires PHP4 & MySQL.

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