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  • BV News - $35
    Now includes html tags! BV News is a powerful and flexible website news management script written in Perl. It enables webmasters to add, edit and delete news stories via an easy to use web admin interface, without ftp. Output is highly configurable to blend in with any website design. BV News does not require SSI, mysql or perl modules to make it work. Features include creation of unlimited news categories, automatic building of news indexes, option to include latest headlines on your site front page, publish or æholdÆ articles, image uploads and more.
  • Coranto - Free
    Next generation NewsPro script that includes support for unlimited users, easy webbased setup and configuration, fully customizable news style, auto-archiving, support for add-on modules, ability to maintain different news pages/categories, email notification option, and more.
  • telnet7 Bloggy - Freeware
    telnet7's Bloggy is a simple and yet powerful web blogger for websites that use free webhosting setvices like Tripod, Angelfire, etc. telnet7 Bloggy is written in Perl,HTML and a little of JavaScript. telnet7 Bloggy is being distributed for free. Has new password protection, that is encrypted. It also has a preview blog function and lets multi-user capabilities.
  • Creativyst News Entry Widget - $7.00
    This script allows you to easily manage the news and announcements at your site. Makes it easy to archive and index them. Automatic XML (RSS) feed lets you publish to news aggregators. Completely customizable and easy to password protect. Beside the RSS interface you may also use the JavaScript interfaces on your own site or invite other webmasters to display them.
  • Active News Manager - $169.99
    Active News Manager can update your news headlines, provide standard formatting, and save time, while building web pages that are search engine friendly.
  • All My News - Freeware
    amn (all my news) is a mySQL-based script to manage news on your homepage. You can generate a Perl-based page or include the news via SSI. It is easy to add, modify and delete news. The program was rewritten and is now completely template based.
  • NePublish Server - $299
    NePublish Server« is a perfect solution for web publishing like an online magazine or media websites. It works also as Content Management System that are easy to install and manage. Powered by MySQL Server as database backend, NePublish Server« could handle heavy traffic and load. NePublish Server« has been optimized to take very small server resources to operate. Latest Version is capable to run WYSIWYG Editor with Netscape 4.x-6, Opera and IE in any MAC, Windows, and Linux platform.
  • PSNews - Free
    A news management script written in Perl with a versatile base and secure Object Oriented code structure. Featuring a very simple installation, unlimited writers, word filters, access logs, anti-spam filter, 3 access levels and is easily customizable with simple templates.
  • Pagenews - Free
    Pagenews allows you to post news quickly on your homepage. Features:Mangae multiple news pages with one installation, Multiple users with different permissions, enable/disable HTML in the postings for a special user, Building news archives (optional), Automatic deletion of old postings (optional), Smilies - own smilies can be added, Completely webbased configuration and designing, Function to search older postings, No database software required, every detail can be designed, users can write comments (optional), integrated newsletter system, and many more.
  • LedNews - Free
    LedNews is a news posting CGI application written entirely in perl. It is designed to be as simple as possible, but very powerful at the same time. Some of its features: Flexible style settings, Built-in comments system, Built-in e-mail notice system to send out notification emails to other sites or people about your news post, and Simple and easy to use interface.
  • The Editor Lite - Freeware
    The Editor Lite is an easy to install and simple to use script to create and maiantain an on-line publication site. Features: multiple categories, multiple reporters, html support, headlines, lead paragraphs and articles with categorized summaries, latest summaries, a feature section, and an admin section to control appearance. Pro version also available.
  • The Editor - $40
    The Editor is a full-featured news post that is capable of maintaining anything from a small website news section to a fully-fledged magazine. It allows for multiple reporters, adding editing and deletion of articles, allows html, auto activation and deletion, article icons, new icons, fancy capitalization effects, unlimited categories plus loads more features. The Editor comes with three versions: A script controlled version which has loads of customizing features, an SSI version where individual features can be called and a template version with special plug in codes for each of the scripts features.
  • eXtropia WebNews - Free
    WebNews is a WebDB 8.0 based application. Installation is virtually instant for quick use. WebNews also allows customization to use other database systems, new tables, and new information. WebNews Manager is included in the distribution for easy and powerful administration. WebNews ships ready to use integrated authentication compatible with UNIX/Linux, DB, LDAP, or NTLM. This product is ideally suited for business people on the move who need instant access to company or client information. It is also a great management tool for companies and organisations in terms of project coordination, inventory control, client management and information dissemination.
  • @1 Know Your Events - $14.95
    Let your site visitors view news or search for latest events posted by you. Support image upload. C/w admin search, edit and delete interface.
  • csNews - $35
    csNews is a Web site news posting management script. Features: Manage one or more News databases from one easy to use management page; Add, Modify, Delete, and View your News databases online. Advanced style editing allows you to change the look and feel easily. Each News database can have a look of it's own. Call the News HTML directly or use SSI. Link code added to management page for easy reference.
  • News Board - Freeware
    A powerful News Board script that allows you share information on-line with others. This software is ideal for on-line communities with stories and news to share. News Board is also great for website administrators that are looking for a quick way to post site update information.
  • WSU News Manager - Free (Donationware)
    WSU News Manager is a highly configurable and customizable news manager. It allows the administrator to add news to his/her web site via the web-based administration and with the help of SSI. Visitors to the site are able to not only read the latest news but also comment on it. Other features include optional utilization of flock(), optional language filtering, optional HTML stripping, and customized templates.
  • Scoop - Free (GPL)
    Scoop is a web application designed to make it easy to run your own weblog. A weblog, defined loosely, is a website that posts news, or articles, or even just a personal diary-type thing, and is updated on a fairly regular basis. Many weblogs seek to provide a kind of online community, and allow readers to post comments of their own, and participate in the site in other ways. Scoop attempts to make it pretty easy to run a site that does these things.
  • Fresh News Updater - Free/$19
    With Fresh News Updater you are able to display announcements, news or other messages on your website extremely quick and easy. Enter, edit and delete news headlines and bodies comfortably in your Admin Control Panel. The news box layout is fully customizable via a HTML template.
  • Auto Updater - Free/$210
    Auto Updater is an advanced news publishing script which uses SSI links to seamlessly integrate with your current site design. It includes image uploads, fully configurable HTML templates, archiving, automatic posting, an extensive administrative system for managing multiple users, and embedded user comments for each article. AU is easy to set up and learn, and virtually all script output is fully configurable û youÆll never be forced to use a pre-packaged layout again.

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