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  • @1 Content Board for Desktop and Handheld
    Maintain articles on your website from a desktop or handheld device. The articles can be viewed from a desktop browser, PDA browser and other PDA software. Tested with iSilo, Palmscape, Handspring Blazer, Internet Explorer, Netscape.
  • JustNews - $7.99
    With JustNews you can create an online journal or allow others to add news stories to your website. The interface is extremely user friendly and easy to understand. Features include: monthly archives, member login, design stories to look however you wish, header and footer support, SSI support if you want, and much more. If you're after a simple and effective way to add stories to your webspace without the complications, JustNews may be "Just Right" for you.
  • Editor Pro - $99.95
    Editor handles unlimited reporters, unlimited categories, wysiwyg editing, image uploading, multiple languges, built in rotating banner module, built in aute generated ezines, comprehensive reporting system including graphs plus many more features. Editor pro also comes in a limited version with some features restricted.
  • News Flash - Freeware/19.95$
    A complete application for managing a news page on your website. It includes an easy to use manager interface to move, remove, copy, delete, add, preview, lock on top, hide, show, archive and restore of posts. A working demo is included for you to test the application. Password protected.
  • diary2002 - Freeware
    diary2002.cgi is a online journal or diary script. you may call it also a blogger or weblog. fact is you will be able to write, read, search and delete your own articles or stories from your browser. diary2002.cgi is designed for easy setup, use and maintaining. web publishing has never been that easy. your articles will be stored in text file format, so no database like for example "mysql" is needed.
  • NewsAdmin - Free
    NewsAdmin is a script that you can use to update your website with news thru a web-interface. It features: 100% customizable output with templates, , Optional password authorization, Headline shortcuts, User identification, Deletion of posts, and Preview before posting. It requires SSI.
  • MojoNews MySQL - $49
    MojoNews MySQL is a powerful news article manager on MySQL backend that lets you easily create, edit and display categorized news, messages and other information on your website to your visitors in various ways. Features: easy news category and article management, detailed layout customization via individual html templates, built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor, numerous flexible publishing options via javascript, SSI, popup, etc.
  • News Publisher software by - 49.95
    Manage news articles on your website. Also offers members ability to manage their own articles. Includes online control panel and free installation.
  • HiNews - Free
    HiNews is a dynamic content management utility which enables a site owner to update a page of their website, perhaps with latest news, special offers or upcoming events. Many features including searchable auto-archiving, customisable templates. Suitable for corporate quality website. Demo available on our website.
  • csNewsPro :: Easy content management system (CMS) - $99
    WHY PAY $299 for the same script we have for only $99 Create and maintain news items and articles on your web site with this full-featured and extremely flexible content management system. So powerful you can manage your entire site from one location. Try the demo, it is very easy to use. With its powerful WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor, you can include an unlimited number of images, and add complex HTML formatting directly into your news items. The news item can be a text based article, a link to another page or web site containing the news item, an announcement of a special event, or a downloadable item such as an image, Word, Excel, or PDF file.
  • Dieresis Newsboy - Free
    A tool for publishing "simple" news articles on-line. The script (programmed in Perl) can be used to publish news and announcements on a web site without the need to know HTML. The Newsboy script will allow administrators to create, modify and delete accounts for different users. The script will features three levels of access to a news database. This package has been designed to enable a team of people to quickly post news, reviews, or announcements on their web site.
  • 4est's Weblog - Freeware
    This weblog has pseudo code, emoticon, censored word list, and time zone offset support with an option for a multi user interface. Security is provided through a password protected post screen. Enable or disable commenting at will.
  • News Display - $75
    News Display provides an easy way to keep a web page updated with news articles. The program supports 3 separate categories, template based pages, web-based administration, article archiving, article rating & comments, and searching.
  • Webdev News Publisher - $25
    Perfect for news releases, company news, website announcements, etc. News Manager includes the following features : password protected admin control panel where to add and edit and delete events, easily integrated to suit the look and feel of your website. Demo Available. More features.
  • PressRoom - GPL
    Online Editor to change or update news and archives. Automatically archives news based on counters you set. News can be added to the file of your choice and can be added inside CSS, blockquotes, tables, or any HTML tags. HTML can also be included in news.
  • Lemonade - Free (GPL)
    Lemonade is a basic content management system. It allows you to post and edit news items in a very simple way. It accepts raw HTML as input (with common tag buttons for easy editing), so you can use all your favourite tags for formatting (including other languages like PHP, ASP, etc.) and you are not stuck inside some template system that stops you from building articles in any way you please.
  • News Headliner - $45 USD
    Managable, customizable new headlines generator. All headlines are pre-generated and cached periodically. Perfect for both high and low traffic sites. Hundreds of news topics to use.
  • Be_News - Free/$25
    Be_News is a full featured and flexible news posting script. It includes password protected web-based setup and configuration utility. Fully customizable news display styles via HTML templates, auto-archiving, ability to maintain different news articles with headlines and categories. Displays articles in either "First-In-First-Out" or "Last-In-First-Out" order. Also has the ability to display a specified number of headlines or articles.
  • ApexNews - Freeware
    ApexNews is a highly customizable news CGI script. Features: Advanced date configuration, Modify news, Categories, Profiles, Styles, Member management, Reverse and normal news order, Sort by quantity/date, Skip items, Multiple category posting, and more.
  • BV Newspro - $55
    A new manager with integrated wysiwyg html editor, news management via a web admin interface. Output is configurable to blend in with any design. Does not require SSI, MySQL or Perl modules to work. Features unlimited news categories, automatic building of news indexes, optionally display latest headlines on front page, publish or 'hold' articles, upload images and more.

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