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Title News Bar
Platform n/a
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Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Links and Buttons
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Description An attractive "news bar" script. Messages are automatically rotated and displayed, with the ability to manually cycle back and forth through them. This script is created entirely using form buttons.


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Scripts Related to - News Bar

Script Name

Button Ticker

This is a Cross Browser Javascript Button Ticker that ticks a number of messages on a button.You can change the direction in which the message ticks. (i.e the order in which the message ticks). This ticker is very easy to customise. You can add any number of messages and their corresponding URLs. Messages must be added to the array ticker_msg and the URLs must be added to the array ticker_url. This ticker ticks the messages on a button. You can change the style of the button easily. The ticker speed can be changed easily by changing the value of the variable ticker_speed.


AniButton is a form button script containing an animated image with customizable background color, and size.

Art DHTML Buttons

This script allows you to add a variety to standard buttons. It changes color of buttons at different events of the mouse. The buttons have four-state a status. You can use all types of buttons - "button", "submit", "reset".

Print buttons

This is an optimized script to print pages with a simple click in a button.

Comment on simple link

A code snippet to display the description/comment when you roll over a link. It make it looks like the comment on the image.

Detail of a link

This short script displays a message in the status bar when the mouse is placed over a link. Useful to show the description of the link.

Hide status bar message II

A JavaScript to disable the status bar message from appearing on all links, indiscriminately.

Hide status bar message I

This JavaScript allows you to hide the status bar message from appearing when the mouse moves over certain links.

JS: Link Validator

By saving the external JavaScript file and adding one line of code to any of your pages, you can validate all your links before uploading them to a server. This code only works with internet explorer 5.5 or better. It changes the color of your links one at a time. Links change blue links if a page exists. Red links resulted in a 404 error. Red italics (larger), the server can't be found. Green links are untestable email or newserver links. Local links turn brown and if it's a local link that can't be found, it turns a large gold italic color. Links that redirect the browser away from your page are disabled. There is no online example because the current version must be run from your hard drive due to the cross frame security rule.

Link Tooltip

Add more meaning to your text links with this tooltip script. A dynamic box pops up alongside the link as the mouse moves over it, providing textual information.

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