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Title NO Programming Contact Form Generator
Platform  All platforms
Price Freeware
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Website Visit Website of - NO Programming Contact Form Generator
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Form Processors
Hits 934
Description All you have to do is click to check and select the boxes that you want to be on your form and tell it what email address you want the form to be sent to. It will automatically generate the html form and the PHP code needed to have a fully functional contact form with all the most commonly used fields without ever having to type or edit a single line of code. If that is not fool proof enough, we will even give you free support and/or custom installations! Please refrain from requesting complete custom forms though. Thanks.


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Script Name


PHPeasy-form was written as an alternative to CGI form handlers. We realize the vast threat of hackers and spoofers and wanted to offer a safer way for site owners to receive feedback. PHPeasy-form is free software.

Form Mail Script

With this PHP formmailer script you are able to put a contact form on your website. Both HTML layout and e-mail layout are template driven and customizable. This script includes several security features to prevent abuse by spammers.


A simple, yet powerful, form processing script written in PHP. The main features are: All details are e-mailed to you. Optional thank you message sent to submitter. Checking for required fields. All pages based around HTML templates. Customise text of e-mails.

YouGotEmail, Script to send an Email From Data Submited on Form

Very Popular Script, Almost 2000 Downloads so far. Free support forum.Very simple to use only single file and works for all kind of forms.Supports SMTP, Sendmail.Simply no configuration requires, just put your email address and you are done. Works with any form, contact us, competitions, support form, resumes, etc.Also works for all your current form, no need to change your existing pages. No need to define particular filed name or name for file input, you can have any thing. Supports all input on form including multiple select box, file upload, etc. Single scripts works for any number of forms Unlimited attachments support. User can upload any files from form and are sent to you as an attachment in email.Allows upload/attachment for any kind of file.Optionally, you can save the uploaded files on your server. You can validate type of files to be sent. You can validate Max size of files to be uploaded. In case of image uploads, you can also validate height and width of the image. Unlimited emails send including cc and bcc. Gets you User/Client data like IP, Agents. Gets you server environment data. Gets you cookie information on user's pc. You can ignore the data, which is not required. Html emails or text emails as you like .Option to set where you wish to redirect your user after.successful email send or on failure to send an email. Allows you to check/test your configuration before starting.

Easiest Form2Mail

Do you have a contact form on your site Would you like to receive the data by e-mail, but you don't know ANY programming Why not use the same script that we successfully used for all of our clients There are no special instructions, just download and use! SPAMASSASIN rating for sent emails is now 0.3.

Novice Form

Novice Forms, is a free PHP Forms Processor script, purposed for fast form processing, quick & easy setup and faster processing times.

Ultimate Form Mail Script

Just add your email address (or multiple addresses) and you're done. This will work with any existing forms you have without any modifications to your html. Your visitors will get a thank you email sent to them soon after submitting your form. The autoresponder even sends a 'smart reply' with the first name of your visitor in the message. You can even send visitors a receipt. Email addresses and phone numbers are checked for validity. Error pages can be easily customized to look like the rest of your website. You can turn on an option that sends you the browser type and IP of your visitor. The script will even handle MULTIPLE file attachments and screen out potentially dangerous files. You don't even have to chmod your directories to world writable.Anti-spam security features are hardwired into the code to protect your site from abuse. Emails sent out from the script are in feature rich SMTP format, or you can choose mail(), sendmail, or qmail. The pro version enables you to add form data to a mysql database automatically.


Very basic PHP script to process an HTML web form and send the information in an e-mail message to a predefined recipient. Easy to configure and automatically detects form fields, reports user host and browser information, hides your e-mail address, and produces safe e-mail content.

DynaForm Easy Form Mailer

DynaForm is the easiest way to create email forms for your website. It automatically adapts and emails the contents of any email form. One file, with no configuration at all, can handle an unlimited number of forms and fields. It is incredibly easy to setup and use. You don't need to know anything about PHP or HTML to use this free script. Now includes IP banning, auto-response, and other various security features.


formmail.php captures the output from an HTML form and emails it to you. FormMail has many optional features including CSV database support, logging, pre-processing support (e.g. encryption), HTML templates, file uploads, checkboxes and multiple selection fields, anti-spammer features, auto-responding, derived fields, complex field validations,....... Huge documentation is included, but only one line needs to be changed to get operational (this is a security feature). FormMail contains no known bugs or security flaws. We provide *Free* forum-based support. Requires PHP 4.0.0 or later.

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