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Title MySESS
Platform PHP, MySQL
Price Free (LGPL)
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Libraries and Classes
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Description MySESS is a database-based (MySQL) session handler. The download includes everything you'll need to begin. It's a pretty good replacement for PHP's built-in sessions. I found that PHP sessions are limited by their use of headers. It may sometimes become nearly impossible or hectic to use. This is a class of functions to use your database as a session handler for your sites. Includes most if not all of the regular features of regular session-handling.


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Script Name


Eclipse is an object-oriented class library for PHP. The classes in the library are very powerful, allowing programmers to execute queries on databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL and Sybase), read data from files, process all kinds of lists to create nice looking reports, and much more. The strength of the library lies in its extensibility and ease of use. It is very easy to add new classes to cooperate with the classes that already exist. The biggest difference between this library and other object-oriented libraries for PHP is that this one was designed by the book, using Design Patterns and Refactoring techniques, resulting in lean, efficient, simple and powerful classes, instead of large, bloated, slow ones.

Short keys Rivest-Shamir-Adelman (RSA) encrypt-decrypt functions

Everything for easy RSA encryption. Functions for generating keys (modulo, public and private), for encrypting and for decrypting. Modulo always eight-valued and keys are 4-8 valued. Not compatible with PGP or other RSA implementations.


A PHP interface to help you connect, disconnect, insert, update, delete, query, result and page_cut from MySQL or MSSQL easily.


Database abstraction class, session class, validation utilities galore, dynamic HTML generation utilities. Integrated database-driven reference manual.

Page Separation Class

This is a simple PHP class that enables you to create an easy page separation/navigation bar based on a SQL query. The page separation feature can be easily customizable.

PayPal IPN Class

A PHP class to interface with PayPal's Instant Payment Notification system. It takes care of constructing the POST and sending the verification back to PayPal, and returning the result.


Using only native PHP function and requiring only the ubiquitous GhostScript engine, Yaps aim in becoming a powerful reporting library for PHP developers. YaPs has already implemented all important functions for standard report generation and many other functions are on their way. YaPs is the core library beneath PDFReports and PDFreportsLite. With the 1.1 release, YaPs became much faster by computing font redering directly from PHP, with minimal usage of the Ghostscript engine. We have now reached a satisfactory level of performance for PDF rendering.

EZ Select

EZ Select is a simple PHP class designed to make it easier to generate complex MySQL "SELECT" queries, especially based on user input.


This script allows you to compute the time elapsed for a given process (i.e. showing a web page into a browser). You could use timers to trak how long particular page has been shown to the user. Samples are included into the archive.

Date class

A full featured class that encapsulates a date and a time. Features: setters and getters like setYear(), getHours(); formatters - toString(), Format(); add and substract methods; Some comparators - compareTo( Date ), daysTo( Date ).

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