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Title MyPoll
Platform Unix
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - MyPoll
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Polls and Voting
Hits 614
Description MyPoll is a powerful, easy-to-use and easy-to-install polling systemfor free. With MyPoll, you can have an effective channel to investigate the interests within a group of people. Features: Supports multi-languanges, Changable color scheme, Changable skin scheme Public Message, User defined header and footer, Unlimited number of poll groups polls and polling items, Four types of polling styles, Each poll is allowed to be voted once for everyone. User-defined expiry period for each poll. Each poll can be shown individially, Statistics.


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Scripts Related to - MyPoll

Script Name

eXtropia WebSurvey

This is a Web-based survey form generator. It supports a variety of form fields including text, check box, dropdown box, radio box, and more. WebSurvey is now based on WebWare 2.1 and WebDB on eXtropia's brand new ADT.


RatingsHandler is a powerful application much like those seen at and The one big difference is that not only does it allow rating of images, but it also has the ability to rate text and multimedia files.


fI-Sh! is a neat way to add extra interactivity to your site. fI-Sh! allows your visitors to submit their pictures and have other visitors from your site rate them from 1-10! Some features include: Image Rating, Messenger (To send messages to each member), full administration, pending reviews, cookie support, profile manager, daily top votes, and much more! Currently there are two versions available, v1.0 that does not need any special databases, and v1.0.1 that uses MySQL for a large member database.

Reviews Community

ScriptDesigners Reviews will allow the building of online communities through the use of collaborative filtering. Allow members and visitors to post reviews and ratings in different categories and on any topic established by the administrator. Individual reviews are tallied to create a ranking/rating scale for each topic. Each reviewer can review and rate a topic based on different criteria set by the administrator. Even the reviews can be rated based on how helpful it was to the reader. And with a professionally designed template-based user interface, you can put it to work immediately.


ScriptDesigners VotePro is a polling system with real-time graphing of results. Easily include a poll on any web page and allow visitors to vote in real time. Show the results of the poll in multiple graph formats. Set your poll apart from the crowd with distinctive pie charts, bar graphs, and more (3D Bar, 3D Pie, 2D Bar, 2D Pie). Easily select colors to fit the look and feel of your website. Plus you can allow users to post their own polls, answers, and/or opinions. Even run a website which remotely hosts polls for other websites.


iVote is a fast visual poll/image voting system written in Perl that uses MySQL on backend. Current features include: Create tables, Add entries, Delete entries, Statistics report, Voter/display page w/preview, Administration screen, Themes (default only so far), One or multiple vote support, Sort by any field on admin screen, Refresh button remembers sort parameters, and more.

Voting Center

Voting Center is a poll/voting program that allows you to easily create multiple polls by using the adminstration program. Main features include: Easy to install and configure, Easy to use adminstration program to manage the polls, Multiple polls, Uses cookies to prevent double votes, File locking to prevent loss of votes, Server side includes, HTML template engine allows for easy customization, Allow users to see the results while they are voting, Automaticly achives the polls, Allows you to deny access to the results until the poll is archived, and Visual bar graphs.

Survey Office

Survey Office allows you to easily create multi question surveys using a simple web interface. It generates customized statistical results using our sophisticated criteria system - resulting in infinite ways to manipulate your survey results. It also includes ability to integrate your survey, mailing list subscription, and feedback forms into one -- allowing you to conduct surveys while gathering feedback or email addresses.

Jerry's Survey System

This is a Web-page embeddable survey system written in Perl. It supports multiple choice Radio buttons, or Checkboxes, and also supports single question surveys. It also features double entry submission blocking ability.


StellarVote is a survey and voting CGI system which allows easy changing of new topics where each voter can only cast one time. All votes are broken down into percentages.

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