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  • MusicBox Script
    MusicBox script lets you manages songs with php/mysql database with any audio support like mp3,asf,rm,ram,avi,mpeg....etc you can also rate a song,add lyrics,add to playlist,email song,play selected,play all using song id,see who has mailed a song to whom,Search a song by song,artist,album,very easy customising template for professional websites.
  • Streamline Media Server - Free/GPL
    Streamline is a streaming media server written in php. It is highly configurable and utilizes customizable visual themes. Installation is simple and includes a web based wizard. Other features include password authentication, and media tag decoding.
  • php4flicks - freeware
    php4flicks is a PHP/MySQL movie database. It features automatic retrieval of information from IMDB, user-defined movie categories, a completely CSS-based layout, a powerful search function, and the ability to export the movie list as a PDF. php4flicks is very configurable, easy to install and, last but not least, free! [new]a multi-lingual version is also available!
  • Gchats Mp3 Player
    Gchats Flash Mp3 Player 4.0 , Directly Streams Mp3 Files within your website, Pan,Volume Repeat,Shuffle Play,Pause,Stop,Next,Previous Graphical Equalizer,You can use your own scripts to generate playlist for the player,... Demo Version can only play 2 musics , 30 second of each one.
  • Live Mp3 player - Free Trial / $30
    Add Full featured Music player to your website , just copy your mp3 files in a folder and listen to the songs , you may be able to add lyrics of the songs.Volume , pan , auto pan , auto repeat , loop and more featuresą
  • Transmitter - Free
    A powerful multi-media module! Features the ability for users to access a variety of mediums (eBooks, Film, Games, Radio, and Television) and transmissions through embedded Lo, Med, and Hi streams (supporting all bandwidths). Any medium and corresponding transmission can be formated for a multitude of third party applications and plugins, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Macromedia Flash Player, Microsoft Windows, RealOne Player, Macromedia Shockwave Player, QuickTime Player, and Windows Media Player. Additionally, the optional activation of channels, programmed by All Knight Access, offers sites over 1000 constantly updated streams to offer their users.
  • JzPlayer Pro
    Automatic MP3 and MPEG player using embedded media player. Simply upload your media files into the directory with this script and they are displayed automatically along with a play button. When played a window is displayed and content starts. Free version for MP3's only is available. Updated - Now allows selection of two video and two audio file types. Plays any file type supported by media player.
  • Moblog Webcam 0.1 - Free/GPL
    This script allows you to update your webcam from anywhere! I like to call it HeyLookYouCanTakeAPictureWithYourPhoneNowAndPostItOnYourWebsite v0.1, or HLYCTAPWYPNAPIOYW v0.1. It grabs the image from your Buzznet RSS feed, overlays a caption of your choice, and will compare against your existing cam image to see which is newer. See it in action at
  • SMe Media Site - free/21U$
    SMe media Site is an application to play your media direct in your site, work in one version for Windows media player ! Play yous files online! It is 100% template driven, uses mySQL database to handle all data. Users can sign up to your joke site to post new videos , Unlimited categories, unlimited subcategories, modify/edit/delete all submissions, add new video categories , modify/edit/delete all categories...! In new version your play only remote medias !
  • TVEz - Media Library
    TVEz is a browser-based system to manage movies, shows, and clips stored on local or remote file systems. It's a front end to XINE and lets you control your player from a Web browser. The playlist is fully managable. It retrieves movie info and cover images from IMDB and stores the info in a MySQL database. The database entries are fully searchable. TVEz has a rating system, themes, multi-language support, statistics, new additions, and user login to control access levels.
  • ImageThing - GNU/GPL
    ImageThing is an advanced image uploader special created for hosting images on forums. There are many limitation settings so it's easyer to control the bandwidth and diskspace usage. Users don't need to register, the limitations like total bandwidth/user are based on the user IP. For a list of features and a demo, see the website.
  • PHP MyMovies - Freeware
    Use MyMovies to manage all your movies. This small program has the ability to record the name of your movies, how many CDs / movie, the gendre of the movie, if the movie has a subtitle or not and if your movie is home, lended or missing. An administration area is also available, but it's not password protected. This program was buitl only for personal use, and Dreamland Studios has no right on it only for the template [ *.gif *.jpeg files ]. Coming soon MyMovies PRO.
  • Gchats Live Mp3 Player 2.0 Php version - Free Trial / $ 30
    Add Full featured Music player to your website , just copy your mp3 files in a folder and listen to the songs , No database needed, you may be able to add lyrics of the songs. Volume , pan , auto pan , auto repeat , loop and more featuresą
  • Ringtone and Screen Saver Script (Pay Per Download) - 99.00
    This script can be tranformed into a complete pay site for all of you who wish to open a ringtone and screen saver site. It can deliver text messages to all mobile carriers that offer ringtones. The user pays per downloadable content in which is sent to their file locker for access.
  • phpRandomMedia - Free (GPL)
    phpRandomMedia is a little php script that randomly picks a file in a particular directory then outputs the filename. You can then use the output in your html however you want. see demo on homepage!
  • Ringtone and Screen Saver Script (Subscription) - 129.00
    This script can be tranformed into a complete pay site for all of you who wish to open a ringtone and screen saver site. It can deliver text messages to all mobile carriers that offer ringtones. The user pays subscriptions in which then when they choose a file it is sent to their file locker for access.
  • Free Downloads for Ringers and More
    This site script will let you offer free ringtone and other mobile content to you user for free. All the user has to do is sign up and create and account and then they can download all the contentent they want.
  • Gchats Media Player Pro - $ 40 / Free Trial
    Gchats Media Player Pro is Complete Web based Multimedia Player for your website. features : loads entire structure of media folder into a tree (folders , subfolders ,...). ability to realtime play mp3 and flv video files. Volume , Pan , Left and Right volume alignment , stop , pause , play ,...
  • Ringtone Credits Script
    This script lets you offer credit to allow users to download ringer and other content off of your site. When the credits runout the user has the option to buy more. This script is an all in one automated web site. With and inter changable web template.
  • XMMS Song Upload Script - Freeware
    This script gets the MP3 that's playing in XMMS (with the help of the Song Change plugin) and uploads the song info to your web server for use an a web page. Requires XMMS and a Unix based OS ;)

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