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  • DS FadeToStars3D
    This Flash animation displays a 'fade to stars 3d' effect. Includes an HTML code generator. Change parameters without any knowledge of Flash and HTML programming.
  • FM2 - FREE Frunder Flash Menu
    FM2 is a Professional Flash Menu with sliding submenus that is fully customizable without using Macromedia Flash. Dynamically change text, color, menu options, transparency, border options, add custom images and so much more! Over 100 options! Frunder Flash Menu 2 is built for the developer who wants dynamic Flash Navigation but either does not own Flash or needs an instantly editable and dynamic Flash menu. Programmers with XML experience can customize FM2 to build menu options at runtime unique to each user. FM2 is the single most powerful Flash Menu yet!
  • Flashlet snowmenu
    This Flashlets can create a customizable flash menu with a snow effect in the background. You can create varius kind of flash, button based, menus (there are 9 predefined flash buttons, more coming soon). You can also create vertical, horizontal or tabular menu with an easy html code generator. Its also possible to combine different kind of flash buttons in the same menu.
  • DS BubblesFade
    This Flash animation displays a 'bubblesfade' effect. Includes an HTML code generator that allows change to the parameters without any knowledge of Flash and HTML programming
  • Flash Video Player (FLV) - $ 25
    Component created to help designers dynamically add FLV movie playback to any flash project. COMPONENT CUSTOMIZATION: ? Fully customizable Skin colors ? Progress-bar colors ? Dragger colors ? Autoplay option ? Hide controls option ? URL link (http://) You can also control it by built in runtime funcionality: playVideo(); pauseVideo(); rewindVideo(); loadVideo("myVideo.flv");
  • DS SnowFade
    This Flash animation displays a 'snowfade' effect. Includes an HTML code generator that allows change to the parameters without any knowledge of Flash and HTML programming
  • DS FadeToStars
    This flash animation displays a 'fadetostars' effect. The flash animation includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Flash and HTML programming.
  • DS Bubbles
    This flash animation displays a bubbles effect. The flash animation includes a HTML code generator that allows to change parameters without any knowledge of Flash and HTML programming.
  • Frunder Flash Menu Free! - FREE
    Frunder Flash Menu Free is a dynamic flash menu that allows the user to dynamically update the menu options via an XML. Frunder Flash Menu is installed instantly and can be edited immediately without any knowledge of flash or the need to purchase macromedia flash. Now you can have a menu that is professional and uses the benefits of flash with the update capability of XML. NO NEED TO KNOW FLASH OR XML. This flash menu integrates perfectly with ALL website creation software and is directly compatible with Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe GoLive, and VisualStudio.NET.
  • Flashlet clock
    This flashlet show an analog clock and date over any image.
  • playa - streaming mp3 player - LGPL
    playa is a streaming mp3 player that you can embed into your webpage to offer backing music. This little critter use a flash-object for playing mp3's, but leaves the handling of the gui to html/javascript. This makes it extremely easy to tailor the appearence to your needs. You will need some basic html-skills to tamper with the appearence, and you will need some of the same skills to edit the playlist (witch is in xml-format).
  • exposÚ - Free for personal use
    exposÚ is a photo album presentation software which uses Flash and XML to display eye-catching slideshows of your picture collection. Its small footprint and dynamic image loading allow your page visitors to start viewing the slides with minimal delay. The additional fontpack system, and a customizable color theme make exposÚ adaptable to most every page background color. exposÚ comes with a separate album manager application, which makes adding photos to your albums a snap.
  • Webmatic flashlets
    Webmatic flashlets is a collection of various real-time flash graphic effects, menus, and transition effects for your Website (rain, snow, fade, zoom, beams, rotate, lightning, light, clock, mirage and more). You can customize your flash effects with an easy to use HTML code generator. You can personalize your flashlets with various additional special text effects.
  • flappForm : FREE Flash/PHP Email form for HTML sites - Free!
    Created in 100% Flash and PHP, this contact form is stylish, easy to place on any existing HTML webpage, and practically worry-free. Merely upload the contact form and it's accompanying PHP file into the same directory, and you're all set. You can now have interactive flash elements on your site without even having to own or know how to use flash. As with all our products, detailed installation instructions are included. SWF/PHP included. Source file (.fla) is not included. This free version has a link back to FLAPPS...created by FLAPPS!
  • G10 I.P.I.
    I was preparing for my 1st live event broadcast with my underground broadband radio station, broadcasting live from history at the century club 10.10.04. I knew that there would be very loud ambient music at the venue and I didn't want to use a cd with my pre-recorded media, I wanted also to be abel to overlap sounds to get a "produced live" effect, and I think I have done that. View the G10 I.P.I. Demo and see for yourself.
  • MP3 streaming player
    It is a mp3 streaming player, and it allows users to create simple playlist, and allows you to create muliti albums of song list. The music data list is created dynamically from xml files. The player's playing method functions according to common windows player application.
  • Flash Movies and Games Gateway - FREE
    Just like the site you are all farmiliar with, newgrounds! The ideas was obviously inspired by that site, but this one has a new and fresh community of flash animators and game programmers. Chose from over 550 flash and have fun!
  • FlashClock2 - Freeware
    Easy to use 7-segments digital clocks with time and date in Flash 7. Default resultion is 160x80. Background color may be changed using bgColor parameter.
  • Flash Menu Templates - 19.95
    Spice up your website navigation! Flash Menu Templates provide attractive animated menus you can add to your Website. These flash templates let you generate horizontal and vertical menus and buttons with amazing visual effects. The collection contains 10 basic types of animations and over 50 professionally designed stylish templates. All menus are easily configured to meet your needs by using a host of standard parameters.
  • Flash-XML News Ticker - Free
    This movie loads news headlines from an XML file (perhaps from a third-party service) and displays headlines which include links to the actual news stories online. Driven by XML config files.

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