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Title Modulo Descargas / frogX3 + flashbanners
Platform All
Price GPL
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Modulo Descargas / frogX3 + flashbanners
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Download Systems
Hits 506
Description This is a Module for PHPNuke... Is a Download System modified from the original version of Francisco Burzi. Features: -Upload of the download picture "NOTE: Just JPG image files..." -Thumbnail -Option for ability the download just for members or public -URL Comprobation. -Design for the downloads views and the view details. -Other Options: Quality License info Language


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Scripts Related to - Modulo Descargas / frogX3 + flashbanners

Script Name


Prevent hot linking, log downloads and more.


This download manager handles all your client download needs. With it's complete web based admin, you can create unlimited folder, and upload unlimited files. Adding clients to your database and only giving them access to the folders you want them to see. With the ANTI-LEECH URLS and the Expire date for your client they will only get the files that you want them too, and for the lenght of time that you want them to.


This completely customizable script can be used as a File manager, a Link database, an Address book, a Photo gallery, etc. It uses an advanced skin engine with CSS. Features: Unlimited Sub/Categories; Option sets for each Sub/Category; Custom fields for files; The ability of member submission (if allowed); Full integration with the InvisionBoard members database; Upload files; Print friendly pages; Sort entries; and lots more!


An easy to configure file download script. Features: All data is saved via CSV (no Database needed); Every download has its own ID; the URL for every Download is hidden; admin function for add, edit and delete downloads; Download Counter; Function for listing all downloads; Download via Url-> Browser(header) or via Browser Refresh.

Mail a File

Mail a File lets you require visitors to submit their name and email address in order to retrieve a file from your site.


dl_stats is an addon for "paFileDB" ( paFileDB lets you easily have a database of downloads on your website. dl_stats keeps you informed about how often your files are downloaded, when you changed them and so on. Everything is displayed on a single site with graphics. Features: Files (size, last changed, downloaded), graphical download statistics, downloads per day, last 15 downloads, MySQL Backend. The latest version is integrated fully in paFileDB, so you won't have to edit the extra fields in phpMyAdmin.

Ambutek Canada DNManager

The Ambutek Canada DNManager is a secure HTTP/HTTPS/FTP download system. Engineered for tomorrowĘs security, its diverse and flexible PHP codebase allows for the complete mask of any local or remote file location. DNManager is driven by a presentable HTML template system, which can be easily adopted into any existing website. Boasting a bi-scripting architecture and comprehensive logging features. DLManager exhibits a new approach on the ever-growing demand for bandwidth security.


With this class you can easily store, display and send files from a db. It has a built-in hit counter and stores information of last edition, upload, etc. This class uses my db abstraction layer, AbstractDB ( , which allows a unified and easy access to databases, which you can see in this class. CONSTRUCTOR: function FileDB(&$db, $host, $database, $user, $password) FUNCTIONS: function add($file_name, $file_descr = '') function remove($id) function get($id, $addHit = true) function getWhere($from, $where = '', $addHit = true) function getFile($id, $addHit = true) function getFileData($id) function getIds() function sendFile($id) function _getFileContent($file_name) PUBLIC VARS: var $file_count

D-Man (Download Manager)

A PHP4/MySQL download manager that provides a simple and secure way to manage who has access to download your files and which ones. Your download files are kept in a location inaccessible from the web, and session tracking, optionally encrypted passwords, and a variety of user/file group systems ensure only authorized access. You may allow users to create their own accounts and optionally require admin approval. A Credits system can also be used. Email authorized users of specific download updates (such as for programs), or carry forward authorizations from one download to another. Includes many administrative tools and optional registration/license generator and auto payment processor (PayPal) plugins.


FileMailer lets you require visitors to submit their name and email address in order to retrieve a file from your site. Upon submitting the information, the file is sent to the visitor via email. This is a great way to stop leeching and third-party linking of your files, and you can use the stored name/email address info to build a mailing list or newsletter.

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