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Title Mobile Database Access
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Category Java » Tips and Tutorials » Database-Related
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Description This tutorial shows you how to build a database application using Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Record Management System (RMS). It also demonstrates how to craft a MIDlet that performs the necessary logic of creating and accessing a sample database application and deploys it to a J2ME environment.


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Scripts Related to - Mobile Database Access

Script Name

Introduction to Jena

RDF is increasingly recognized as an excellent choice for representing and processing semi-structured data. In this article, Web developer Philip McCarthy shows you how to use the Jena Semantic Web Toolkit to exploit RDF data models in your Java applications.

Paging Records in JSP

You can divide database results into pages with this script. This source code is for available to use with MySQL. But you can modify the code to use with PostgreSql and Oracle. You can not use this code with MS-SQL. Becuase MS-SQL does not support using 'LIMIT' in your sql queries.

Counting Records in MySQL by JSP

This code source displays count of records in MySQL. We are using a SQL statement. You can easily modify the code to use in different languages. But this code can be used for JSP with MySQL. We will use Connector/J driver to connect database.

Creating JDBC SQL Statements. Displaying Records from a MySQL Database.

A tutorial on how to create and execute JDBC SQL Statements and display records from a table in a MySQL Database. Also covers topics like creating databases and tables in MySQL. All code is explained in detail.

Connecting to a MySQL Database using Connector/J JDBC Driver.

A tutorial on how to connect to a MySQL Database using Connector/J JDBC Driver. Explains what are database URLs? Why and how to specify JDBC driver names? Then moves on to write a simple Java program to connect to a MySQL database server. Explains all the code in detail.

Installing and Configuring MySQL Database and Connector/J JDBC Driver

A tutorial on obtaining, installing and configuring MySQL Database and Connector/J JDBC Driver for use on Microsoft Windows. Advanced topics covered include installing MySQL as a Windows service and configuring MySQL and Connector/J JDBC Driver to use named pipes.

A Brief Introduction to JDBC.

This article provides a brief introduction to JDBC. Explains what is JDBC and how it can be used to access RDBMS. Provides a brief overview of JDBC architecture.

JDBC wrapper: A quick data access solution for simple programs

JDBC provides a powerful, comprehensive interface for accessing databases from Java programs. For smaller projects, JDBC can seem overwhelming, driving some programmers to avoid using a database altogether. This article describes a simple wrapper library that makes basic database usage a snap. You'll find yourself wanting to use JDBC for every program you write.

What's new in JDBC 3.0

The Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API has emerged as a key part of the Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platforms. It is the primary standards-based mechanism for the Java language to programmatically access relational databases, so when a new version of the specification is released by the Java Community Process, developers are bound to be interested. This article summarizes the key new features as outlined in Sun Microsystems' recently released Proposed Final Draft 3.0 of the JDBC specification.

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