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  • Country - Free
    Country 1.3 is a little Geo-target CGI application that shows web page visitor's coutry name, flag and IP address. Output is customizable using a simple HTML template. Country information is retreived from an embedded IP database. Country flags are also embedded into the program code. Documentation, home website and country names are in spanish.
  • Kill Process - Open Source (GPL)
    This program, released under GPL, is similar to the UNIX kill command, but it requires the name of the process and it runs under Win32. With the Task Manager you can easily find the process' name (it is called
  • Internal Speaker Beeper - Free
    This very simple program is fun to pass around! It will make the internal speaker of the computer beep until the program is stopped. Enjoy!
  • Unlock code algo for Nokia, Siemens, Panasonic, Vitel - Freeware
    Unlock algo in C for some mobile
  • eNom Snap Domain Names Name Grabber Script - 129.99
    eNom Domain Grabber is a fully automated domain name registration program that sends registration attempts to the registrar eNom. The user simply has to put what domain names they want to try and "grab" and the software will do the rest! Users can input a start and end time, or select for automated registration submissions to start immediately. All domains are registered in the eNom account specified within the software. Now anyone can attempt to get high-class domain names when they expire!
  • Copy Path To Clipboard - GPL
    This simple console application copies the path of the current working directory to the Windows clipboard. When a parameter is given, it is added to the end of the path.
  • Tech Helper's Help - Free (GPL)
    This program allows you to copy the whole content of a text file to the Windows clipboard. It's a great help if you work a lot with texts stored in files. The original idea came from a friend, who works as tech. helper, and he has to send e-mails all day to clients. He has some template answers, but until now he had top open these files, select the whole text, and copy their content to the clipboard. With this prg. it can be much more simple: just associate a file extension (for instance .ccc) with this program, and then double-click on a text file (which has this extension). Its content will be copied automatically to the clipboard.
  • eLouai's Matrix Screensaver - Freeware
    The classic green text matrix screensaver. The code uses no bitmaps and relied on the OS system fonts to paint the characters. With a bit of tweaking on the source code any character set can be used to display the streaming text and not only the simplified Japanese characters or Windows system font.
  • Copy Text To Clipboard - GPL
    This simple console application copies the first parameter to the Windows clipboard. If no parameter is given, an empty string is copied to the clipboard, i.e. everything is erased on the clipboard. This application is based on another project of mine -- Copy Path To Clipboard --, but even simpler.
  • Fraction Class - Free
    This is a C++ Class that creates a new type called "Fraction". It holds a numerator and denominator and allows you to perform most arithmetic on fractions. i.e. 3/4 + 1/4 would = 1 in the program. Visit my site for more information on the functionality.
  • ls - GPL
    Just a simple clone of the command 'ls' that is found on linux/unix for use on windows.
  • pduconv - C-functions for converting PDU <-> ASCII - Public Domain
    This package contains two callable C-functions. The first converts from a plain ASCII string into a array of PDU bytes suitable for sending SMS via a cell phone. The second takes an PDU array and converts it back into a plain ASCII string again.
  • Inrova Numero Base - Freeware
    This software is a multipurpose calculator with advanced features such as a quadratic,simultaneous equation solvers. Other features include all trigonmetirc functions,logarithms and one click operations. This version also has a statistics box.
  • NTC - $399.95
    With NTC you can allow your visitors to download the program and use on their computer to search for and download mp3 music, videos and much more through the Gnuttella network (same as Bear Share and Morpheus).
  • Porting Manager
    PortingManager is a PERL and PERL/Tk script that provides assistance when porting C and C++ Solaris applications to Linux platforms, including zSeries Linux PortingManager scans a user-selected source code directory tree. The scanner then checks each line and flags those that would create a potential porting problem. Lines that are flagged are then copied into a "portout" file. The GUI displays the results of the scan for editing.
  • SpamBoy - $1,000
    Spamboy is a utility for ISP's or e-mail providers which examines email to identify unwanted messages and viruses. Users can use it before they open their email client to pop/receive/download their email from ISP server to their local pc. Features: ability to delete unwanted email from the ISP server; Identify unwanted email before waiting for it to download to the email client; Remove unwanted email before it ever gets to the local PC. Rely on intelligent software (rather than merely key words) to make decisions about SPAM. Customize methods for filtering and displaying messages for acceptance and removal. Free setup included in purchase.
  • filterif - Free (GPL)
    filterif filters lines of text from standard input to standard output. Each argument passed to filterif is matched against the input received. When a match is found, the current input is discarded. When a match is not found, the input passes to standard output.
  • ps and kill utils - Shareware
    Two command-line utilities for Windows NT/2000, ported from UNIX. Includes ps.exe that displays currently worked processes, and kill.exe which terminates selected process.

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