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  • Multi-Colored Menu - Freeware
    A multi-color menu script that also displays a message in the status bar.
  • CodeThatMenu
    CodeThatMenu is advanced cross-browser state-of-art JavaScript menu control that can be easily integrated in any web page, requires no JavaScript knowledge from the prospective user and comes with the features everybody expects from the modern navigation menu. Builder, FAQ, forum, complete howto gets you going instantly.
  • COOLjsMenu - Freeware
    COOLjsMenu is an advanced cross-browser JavaScript menu that provides with some unique features that are not to be found elsewhere. Easily adjustable and configurable from the control file it requires no programming knowledge from the user and can be integrated into the site in minutes. Almost every aspect of the menus you can build with this SDK can be modified and tuned. On-line menu builder further simplifies the process. Documentation and first class support from the vendor also provided. Besides free version there is also COOLjsMenu PRO edition with even more features.
  • EZmenu - Free for non-commercial use
    EZmenu is a multi-level DHTML menu system that offers high performance and speed, extensive browser compatibility, richness of features (3 dimensional effects, animation, shadows, etc), versatility, ease of use (no scripting knowledge required) and a small footprint. Virtually every part of the menu can be customised.
  • SmartMenus 5 - Free/$55/$700
    An advanced, easy-to-use and small DHTML menu. Top features- endless number of submenu levels, possible different style for each menu, easy to modify menus structure with named menus, full window size detection in all browsers, easy support for framed pages (the toolbar in one, menus in other), fast loading (starts at read of the script, not on page load), looks and feels the same on all supported browsers. All DHTML capable browsers are supported- IE4+, NS4+, Opera5+, Konqueror2+, Safari1+. Successfully tested on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Apycom DHTML Menu - 24.95
    Apycom DHTML Menu is a versatile, ready-made solution that allows professional and amateur web developers to create superior navigation systems for their websites and web applications. The menu supports 40 great visual effects, floating, drag-n-drop, flat, 3d and XP styles, relative and absolute positions, vertical and horizontal directions, animated icons and arrows, unlimited submenus, separators - all this lets you create a cross-browser, fast-loading web interface of any complexity and appearance according to your requirements. You don't need any in-depth knowledge of html, javascript to develop web menus with Apycom DHTML Menu. The menu comes with DHTML Menu Tuner, a GUI wizard that helps you to create the menus in just a few mouse clicks.
  • Toggle Tab Menus - Free non-commercial / $19.00
    Toggle Tab Menus The menus can be toggled on and off, instantly creating a simple tabs interface. The content is displayed accordingly to the selected tab. Main features: multiple tab menus, multiple content, horizontal positioning, different background colors and fonts. Cross browser: supports all major browsers/versions/platforms.
  • Dropdown Menu Creator - Free to try ($39.99 to buy)
    Rapidly create and add a JavaScript drop down menu to your Web site. With over 30 different paramters you can customize the menu to meet your Web site's needs. Full detailed documentation is provided. You do not need any knowledge of DHTML or JavaScript, just a basic understanding of html.
  • Tigra Menu
    Tigra Menu is free JavaScript menu navigation component for web sites. This is the script thousands of webmasters around the world have chosen for its great feature set, flexibility, performance and tons of support materials offered free of charge. No matter if you're a web mastering guru or newbie - this is what you've been looking for.
  • Tigra Menu PRO
    Tigra Menu PRO is a flexible JavaScript DHTML menu solution for commercial applications offering high reliability and wide browsers support.
  • Tigra Menu GOLD
    Tigra Menu Gold is a cross browser Javascript Menu navigation component for web sites. Script provides with great usability supporting most complete feature set.
  • Dropmenu - Freeware
    DropMenu is a small, easy to implement script for creating DropMenu menus. Unlike most other similar scripts available, DropMenu is search engine friendly. DropMenu does not cause problems when validating your pages or style sheets. Easily create horizontal or vertical menus, style your menus your way. If you know html you can use DropMenu.
  • Fast Menus - free for non-commersial use
    It has the look and feel of windows-like folder-menus. Package includes demonstration and tutorial with examples. It can be easily integrated in web pages and is convenient for organizing links and saving space. You can use it for free in you web site.
  • Cross Browser DHTML Menus - Freeware
    DHTML menus with cool fading and transitional effects. These DHTML menus are easily editable for intermediate Coders and Web Designers. I have provided examples of horizontal, vertical, floating, and OS menus. Feel free to modify and utilize these menus any way you see fit.
  • Javascript Cascading Drop-down Menu - Freeware
    This is a tutorial which creates a simple cross-browser drop-down menu system in JavaScript. Tested in IE 4+ NS 4+ NS6/7 Mozilla and Opera 5+. Now includes cascading submenus.
  • mygosuMenu - BSD (free even for commercial use)
    A set of dhtml menus. They all share following features: - seperated into 3 layers (structure, presentation, behavior) - object oriented code, so you can create many menus on one page - can be positioned statically, relatively or absolutely inside div or table element - work with most of the key browsers including: IE 5.0/5.5/6.0, Mozilla 1.4/1.7, Opera 7.11/7.23/7.51, Safari 1.2, Konqueror 3.2.0, Firefox 0.7/0.8/0.9, Camino 0.7, Netscape 7.11, Lynx 2.8.5, Links 0.98 - friendly to search engines and text browsers - released under BSD license (free even for commercial use) Currently there are available: - DynamicTree - display and build tree structures - XulMenu - horizontal or vertical windows like menu - DropDownMenuX - horizontal or vertical drop down menu with unlimited nesting - ClickShowHideMenu - vertical navigation bar menu. - TreeMenu - simple tree menu - DropDownMenu1 - simple drop down menu
  • Menus - Free (GPL)
    Menu system is an Open Source menu/submenu web navigation system, IE4+/NS4+ compatible. As from the 2.0 version, Menus has been upgraded to fully support DOM compatible browsers as Mozilla, Netscape 6.x and Konqueror. By adding DOM support in Menus, InterAKT releases probably the best DHTML menu system available on the market. Using Menus is very simple and intuitive, new menu items adding resuming to a single line of code. The approach when coding menus is an Object Oriented approach, and the menu items are DHTML DIV's, any DHTML elements being usable inside. Features: DHTML menu items; DOM support; Minimal page reload.
  • mapbMenu - Freeware
    mapbMenu is a drop down dhtml menu script. Main features: multiple levels, multiple menus per page, vertical and horizontal positions, right and left direction, Frames support, background images. 'You are here' feature. Links can do pop-up and javascript functions. Only one function -without need to define any level of submenu- that facilitate add new items and reorder existing, CSS support, Fast render of the menu, and Cross-browser since 4.0 browsers. 0.9 adds relative positioning, highlight of images and text-align. Update 0.9.2 fixes bug in relative positioned menus.
  • doiMenu - GPL
    Another cool dhtml menubar. Features: cross browser, creating more than one menu in one page, status on status bar,position and size flexibility, horizontal or vertical menu direction, customizable:xp style, 9x style, or your style, self pop up menu close down, floating or dragable menu ability
  • AJMenu
    AJMenu is a versatile cross-browser, cross-platform navigation menu that can be configured both as a horizontal menu bar or vertical side menu. You could build unlimited levels of submenus with unique font, color and image settings quickly and easily with the menu builder software. All major browsers and OS supported.

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