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Title MemberManager
Platform Unix
Price $19.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - MemberManager
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Database Tools
Hits 588
Description MemberManager takes a character separated file, sorts the whole thing by whichever field you like and creates an HTML file for each letter of the alphabet with contents of each file also sorted. It also automatically hyperlinks any email address in the email field. There is a free as well as a paid version of this script available on the website. There are also MySQL database versions which can be customized on request, at additional cost.


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Scripts Related to - MemberManager

Script Name

Database Backup Utility (MySQL)

This software optimizes all of your tables, in all of your databases, and then goes through each table to back it up into peices that can be dumped back into the database later on, if something unfortunate were to occur. The software gives you a visual view on the progress of the tables, and gives you information on the size of tables, and whether they were so large that the software deemed that they should be broken into small pieces. The best part is that the dump files are backed up onto your FTP server into a backup folder, and stored by date and file. That way, you may either download it onto your computer later, or leave it up as a backup incase something were to happen to your tables or your database.

Generate online custom CGI-Perl Database Scripts in minutes

Generate CGI-Perl database scripts to your own custom design of your database, also in ASP Access and PhpMySQL, with Add, Search, Edit and Delete functions. A user can edit and delete his own record only, protection being provided by user-selected password. Search results are paginated, the number of records per page being customisable. There are two databases, one for Matrimonial, the other for Classified Advertisements. The site also has Reciprocal Links Exchange Directory

@1 Data Sorting Tool

This script grabs contents from a text-based data file and sorts the data before tabulating it into a HTML table. Visitors can click on the title fields to re-sort the table in acending or decending order. It works with MS-Excel/Access data file or any other tab/pipe/colon-delimited text files. Supports unlimited tables and sub-user accounts.

@1 Table Publisher

Create, edit and display Microsoft Excel or Access tables directly via a browser. You can create tables from blank, import MS-Excel/Access tables or using existing data files on servers. Support master login and sub-users login. Two-way import/export to/from MS-Exce/Access.

Web Knowledge Base .... Brain Dump

Upload files, and Organize/Search them in an online database with user level permissions. Works with Apache and PostgreSQL. Cygwin.

MultiDB Express

Now with enhanced template design & image approval/editing, MultiDB offers the ability to create unlimited MySQL databases, is infinitely customizable in its presentation to users, offers import/export, integrates well with Microsoft Access which makes moving data on and off the web a breeze. Additionally, with the SQL version, it can support 1,000,000+ data records. Complete operation is very simple and intuitive and it can be used with very little computer knowledge. Supports Text box, Select box, radio buttons, checkboxes, email, picture and acomments box fields for your data. Now hooks into PayPAL card processing.

MultiDB Express

Version 4.3 allows database replication to duplicate and entire database site, membership database linking which allows many databases registrations to be linked so there is one log in, and a new admin email newsletter section allows you to write and save newsletters. As before credit card processing can be set up in seconds. Contained DHTML navigation,20 new professional design templates, and improved email management, and a databsae creation wizard. Based on MySQl engine.

Item DataBase Manager

An easy to use perl program to help you manage a database of any type of item. Includes a nifty search feature, and is highly customizable via templates. Advanced admin functions to do Add items, remove items, maintain users, whos items can be managed individualy, and of corse, a super admin user to oversee it all. Modding is now available. First mod, the Weather mod shows the power of the new modding system.

Webteacher's Webdata

Webdata is an easy database program specifically for the world wide web. It uses your web browser to add, modify, or delete entries into your database. All you have to do is upload 2 files to your Unix server, and type 'perl'. It will ask you some questions about your server, what password you want, and what field names you want. That's it. It generates a maintenance page called 'admin.html' from which you can immediatly begin adding records. Guests will be able to search by any combination of criteria to suit their needs.


MangaDB is a Perl/MySQL web-based application solely for cataloging manga (or "Japanese comics") in an easy and intuitive manner. The aim is to generate a full and complete listing of one's manga collection for online publishing (completely customizable), which can be used for both public or private reference.

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