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Title MeSo Subprofile
Platform Unix, MySQL
Price $50.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - MeSo Subprofile
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Virtual Communities
Hits 579
Description This program lets you host your own Subprofile on your own site and offer Subprofiles to anyone that comes to your site. When someone clicks on your "Get Info" in AIM, they will see a link which will load your SubProfile directly into the AIM profile window.


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Scripts Related to - MeSo Subprofile

Script Name

ClanTEK Pro

ClanTEK provides clan leaders and webmasters the tools to effectively run their clan without the hassle normally related to running such an intensive website. ClanTEK offers an easy to set up installation script that most novices can easily use. It also features "modules" which can be installed easily for future use. Modules are an easy way to add new features to your website without the trouble of actually changing the code.


Start a community of online artists with OekakiPoteto. OP is a fully featured system that uses the noteBBS 2.04x and OekakiBBS 2.64 paint applet that allows you to draw pictures to the web and have others view and comment them. 5.0.0 includes language pack support for multiple translations, JPG compression, along with many serious security bug fixes.


PHP-Disc is a program which allows Starcraft gaming teams to use this as their representation for the public. You can post replays, maps, and news to show everyone. There are many options inside users' accounts that can be used. Testing is available, reserve your copy of PHP-Disc for $50 today!

Meunity Community System

Meunity is a Web-based community system that uses PHP. It is object oriented, so it is easily extendible. Its database abstraction layer allows it to be compatible with multiple databases. It is easily configurable, and includes content management systems and advanced administration.


Web-based interactive database for online directory of multiple team rosters, statistics, and comments. Information is kept up to date by administrators from each team. No web or design experience is required. Create, edit, add, and remove data from any browser. Allow users to comment on scheduled events. Perfect for School Athletic departments or Booster Clubs. More comprehensive than newspaper articles. Archives team activity into whole seasons and past years. Great resource for out-of-town relatives and alumni.

Server Booking

This is a server booking script designed to be used by multiple clans. It allows you to administer your clan server, and the members can post to the system. The script displays the booking timetable for any given day. Only one clan can post to the server at any given time. Written in German.


Clanboard is a PHP/MySQL-based clan managing tool. Features: installation script for easy setup, clan member login, newsforum with comment option, war planner, fully featured forum for tactics, polls for members, private message box for sending messages to other clan members, customizable layout with StyleSheets and your own clanlogo, admin section for managing clan data, messageboards, members, and more.

CliServ Web Community

CliServ is a modular web-based community to allow users access to their accounts over a web connection. CliServ is written in PHP with a PostgreSQL back-end.


PHPWebHosting is a PHP/MySQL-driven application that allow you to create a homepage hosting system on your site. It stores users' files to be viewable through the Internet. Similar in function to a Geocities. Features include unlimited directories, renaming of files, mime types, file sizes, sorting by different criteria, and more. Also has advanced group support. v.0.1.3 changes include: Major changes to directory structure (changed to public_html), Fixed hostname and cookie related bugs, and This release should run out of the box.


The active software creates a set of web pages which allow web surfers to contribute to a shared calendar, groups listing, and news with discussion. It's designed to be easy to use, and easy to read the results. Features include: calendar presented as either a listing with events about to happen shown first, or as a monthly calendar, user can add their own events, users get a login on the calendar so they can come back and edit or remove them, new events can be emailed to an announcements list, and a weekly email calendar can also be generated, users can add their own news articles or group listings, management page for editing or removing group listings, and more. The news and groups listings are programmed using PHP3 with PostgreSQL on backend while the events calendar is generated using a Perl script with the database stored in text files, a heavily modified version of the WebCal script from

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