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Title MaskURL
Platform Unix
Price $200
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - MaskURL
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Redirection » URL Based
Hits 546
Description This script is well suited for sites that want to do the thing. Features include: Masks url's (also known as URL cloaking), completely configurable layouts & design, easy MySQL based admin facility, easy installation, users can edit their details.


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Scripts Related to - MaskURL

Script Name

Domain Director

Domain Director saves you money on hosting fees by allowing you to redirect one or more domains to subdirectories on you "primary" hosting account. Now redirects to external sites and handles subdomains!


Redir is a Perl script that allows you to integrate a web-forward feature into your own domain. You don't have to create files or directories. Every call for "" will be forwarded to another location. (Requires htaccess).

webmask url redirection system lite

The lite version of our url redirection system features a admin control panel and user modification forms.


Ox-SubRedirect is a domain and sub-domain forwarding and redirecting program to forward domains and sub-domains to other pages or websites. Available in two versions: Lite and Professional Edition. Basic features includes: Password Protected Admin Control Panel, Unlimited Domain/Sub-domain Forwarding, Automatic Users Sub-domain Approve, and Sub-domain Search Function. Professional version includes such added features as: Password Protected Users Control Panel, Password Retrieval System, Email Harvest Function, Email Notifications, and On-Screen Alert.


This script allows you to easily run a quick and dirty self replicating website system. Visitors sign up, choose a username, pay thru and get a web address such as It also comes with a password protected administrative panel to keep track of what's going on in your system. You can also add password protection to the users directories or possibly even FTP login for them, etc.

webmask URL redirection system

The webmask URL redirection system is a low cpu usage and low diskspace usage url redirection script. You can use this script to start your own url redirection service. The script uses so little system resources that you can setup 100's of different services on the same server, even on the same virtual account. The script is extremely easy to configure and modules can be added to allow automatic submission to search engines and to create your own directory.

Domain Redirector

Domain Redirector is a Perl script that allows you to have as many domains as you want in one hosting account. Present 3 versions of this script, which can work via SSI, via .htaccess or via index.cgi (if hosting provider allow you to run cgi in root of your domain).

Traffic Control

Traffic Control Professional allows you to run your own redirection service, easily and with little effort. It has every feature you will need to start a successful, and profitable, service.

Virtual Hosting

Virtual Hosting is the simple, handy and easy to install URL redirection script. Virtual Hosting allows webmasters to have more than one domain name per IP address. This script can be applied also as domain redirection service such as, or

Redirect It

Redirect It is a Perl script that will allow you to run a redirection service from your web site. Give out shorter urls like ( or ( Main features include: Easy to use and setup, Password protected admin section, DBM database for large amounts of users, Instant user signup and activation, User editing, Subdomain or folder based redirection, Meta or popup based displays, Easy configuration of headers and footers, and Editable welcome email and welcome screen.

Google Search


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