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  • Mailing List Manager Pro
    eMail Manager Pro is comprehensive and easy-to-use newsletter and mailing list manager with powerful personalization and customization features. The general purpose of this solution is to collect, manage and send effective targeted emails to your customers. ˛ AUTORESPONDERS ˛ WYSIWYG EDITOR ˛ GROUP EMAILS BY INTERESTS ˛ ADVANCED REPORTS ˛ IMPORT/EXPORT SUBSCRIBERS ˛ FULL LAYOUT AND DESIGN CONTROL ˛ PERSONALIZATION and lots of other great features STOP TALKING, LET US SHOW YOU!
  • Web Based Mailing List and Contact Manager - 69.95
    The Omnistar Mailer is a dynamic contact database and email list manager combined. It will give you the ability to dynamically create forms for obtaining information, create email list campaigns and create customized advanced searches to quickly retrieve your stored information. You may also create your own HTML newsletters using pre-designed templates.
  • 1-2-ALL Broadcast E-mail - E-mail Marketing
    1-2-All E-mail Marketing combines feature rich mailing list management with supreme ease of use. Save time and money while enhancing your marketing. For increased functionality at a remarkable value, nothing else compares. Key advantages include: Rebrandable, Detailed Tracking/Statistics, Central Language File, Message Personalization, Bounced Management, Time Sensitive Auto Responders, Multiple Sending Formats, Sending Filters, Real Time Queue, Multiple Admin Users, 100% Customizable Subscription Forms, Unlimited Optional Fields, and So much more. View our online demo or feature tour today to learn about the countless benefits.
  • oemPro (Octeth Email Marketing Pro)
    The most trusted name in email marketing! oemPro is the most trusted, advanced and comprehensive solution available for mailing lists comprised of 500 to 2.5 million subscribers. We guarantee the best performance, usability and support - or your money back. Features include; - 3 minute installation - Detailed personalization - Outsouced lists - Outsouced contents - CMS based newsletter templates - Unlimted member custom fields - Targeted marketing - Read and link click tracking - Follow up auto responders - Recursive campaign scheduling - Member and client management - And much moreÓ Visit our online Demo to see why oemPro has become ˘The Most Trusted Name in Email Marketing!÷
  • Comdev Newsletter v2.0 - 59.00
    Comdev Newsletter is the most advanced newsletter manager that lets you creating, maintaining multiple mailing lists easier than ever. Key features: subscription form, confirmation email, newsletters archiving, preset header & footer of newsletter, unsubscribe link, WYSIWYG editor, HTML or pure text newsletter, personalize emails, show or hide newsletter, multiple groups, import existing subscribers list, member management, unlimited email addresses, sending queue, no timeouts. User-friendly admin panel, with web based Installation Wizard that eases your pain from complicated configuration, easily plugin to your website with just a single PHP snippet. FREE Installation Support.
  • SendStudio 2004 - Email Marketing Software - Commercial
    The Secret to Email Marketing Success. It's finally here! With 20+ new features, SendStudio 2004 is the most powerful email marketing solution available. Period. From building a list and creating personalized newsletters, to measuring campaign results and sending automated follow up emails -- with SendStudio you can manage it all using only your web browser! Best of all, SendStudio can easily be integrated into your own (or your client's) existing website in just minutes! Totally Re-brandable, and very easy to use!
  • Newsletter Software
    The Newsletter script makes your communication with your customers more productive. Fully featured online and email management system. Main features: personalized emails templates, subscription form, confirmation email, and member management. Create multiple mailing lists easier than ever. Each newsletters layout can be designed and then applied to every copy of a newsletter! See the solution inside - online Demo is available
  • ListMailPro
    Automate your email marketing with ListMail Pro - the Net's #1 solution for professional internet marketers! ListMailPro will handle all of your e-zines, newsletters, update lists, and more, from your web site! Stop paying monthly fees and start doing it yourself! Try Our Free Online Demo. ListMailPro over-delivers with benefits such as: Unlimited lists - Each with their own customizable web pages, followups, fields, and users; Unlimited followups for each list - Run any number of timed autoresponder messages as well as send solo emails and schedule emails to your lists; Message Codes - Personalize your emails with easy-to-insert codes that are replaced by user info, custom formatted dates, custom text, and more; Custom HTML - completely modify the subscribe and remove pages for each list to FULLY integrate with your site; Link database - create codes for more attractive links that point to a tracking script. See who hits what links and when; Multi-part MIME messages - Text and HTML email in the same email with file attachments; Confirmation emails, referral URL, and IP address tracking to prevent spam allegations; Custom Fields to store extra user information on signup; Unlimited users with no limits to the amount of email you can send; Easy remove link, customizable and insertable with a simple message code; Automatic bounced message handling via POP mailbox or included CGI script; Scheduling system to queue your messages days, months, or even years in advance; Backup & Restore utility to protect against server crashes; Programmed with the powerful PHP scripting language utilizing a stable MySQL database backend; Free upgrades for life!; Installs and runs on your web site with no extra charges whatsoever!
  • Simple PHP Newsletter - Freeware
    Features include: Admin Control panel Easily Add, Edit and Delete clients Dynamic page creation Alphabetically ordered listing of clients Built-in emailer Email verification (checks if email is real or not) Tell-a Friend Subscribe & Unsubscribe features. Opt-out and Opt-in Notification Automatic unsubscribe link Simple layout & easy to use Protection from SQL injection Very reliable for production use
  • Webinsta Mailing List Manger - FREE
    Webinsta Mailing list manager was built to provide a centralized mailing list / newsletter system for small to medium website . Its simple yet quite powerfull . It support the standard subscribe and un subscribe , remote verification , unsubscribe links , no timeouts , import email , Graphical HTML templates , Multilanguage ( English , Dutch , Swedish etc ) and other such features , multi group , connectivity to other scripts like phpnuke , phpbb , drafts alsoo suported . The best of all the total integration is less than 2 lines of code and can run with ( multi database support ) or without a database and aimed at a non programmer .
  • ListMessenger
    ListMessenger exceeds expectations as a well designed, easy to use and extremely robust mailing list management solution for any web site. ListMessenger is feature packed but because of its intuitive design remains simple enough so any administrator can quickly manage his or her own mailing list and send out important newsletters or information to their subscriber base. Some features of ListMessenger 1.0 include: - Simple browser-based installation - Free lifetime upgrades - Pause / resume sending messages - Sending failure recovery system - E-mail variables - Importing subscribers from Microsoft Excel or CSV - Multi-lingual end-user tools - Message templates - HTMLArea rich-text editor - Public message archives - Automated unsubscribe link - Domain name or e-mail address banning ability - Use PHP's mail(), SMTP or Sendmail Some features of the upcoming ListMessenger 2.0 include: - Customizable e-mail variables - File management and attachment system - Enhanced reporting - Administrator notifications
  • E's Email marketing and Bulk Email Software - Freeware
    Free Bulk Email Software that offers HTML and Text messages, has Unlimited contacts and up to 250 groups. Here are just some of the features: - Importing and exporting in standard formats - Emails can be personalized - Validates email address before sending - DNS MX Query - Subscription processing - Bounced email support - SMTP authentication - POP-before-SMTP
  • phpbmailer
    phpbMailer is the solution for the shipment of MailList. With phpbMailer we will be able to create sending groups, lists of mail, multiple possibilities of shipment: 1.With server smtp. 2.With function PHP. 3.Sending in format HTML and single TEXT. 4.Selection of groups and emails to send. 5.Possibility of save the send mails in a history file. 6.And much more...
  • Jax Newsletter
    Jax Newsletter is an online mailing list manager for sending personalized HTML- or text e-mails. It supports csv text files or mysql-database for saving mailing list data. Supports several mailinglists and multiple languages (German, Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Spanish), and archives posted newsletters. + HTTP-TimeOut Workaround.
  • txtList newsletter mailing list - Free
    txtList is a no-frills mailing list system that is quick and easy to put on your site and just as easy to work with. It stores its address list in a text file, so no database is required. Yet it can still handle thousands of addresses. Features include support for HTML mail, CC and mail testing, reporting - all from a clean and simple admin.
  • MailTrack - GPL
    MailTrack is a free web-based mailing list management system, with full message tracking facilities so you can easily see how many people have read your mailings, how many of these clicked links in the message, etc. It is undergoing active development and will soon be gaining additional features such as scripting, scheduled mailings, etc. MailTrack is written entirely in PHP and uses the MySQL database engine. MailTrack is being developed primarily by Malcolm Scott, with some of the original code being written by David Appleyard. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License.<p> ** Fixed the MySQL database structure problem
  • Simple Newletter - Freeware
    Simple Newsletter is a PHP script to create your own mailing list. It's very easy to install and run. Design of all public pages is fully editable.
  • SofterMail Mailer and Mailing LIst Manager
    SofterMail is a new product which enables you to do just what an internet professional needs. No, not spamming 100000000 people... this enables you to maintain lists of your leads, clients, and customers. It lets you send out updates based upon SQL queries on your existing user database, for example, if you've a database with details of products sold, this could connect and send an email to everyone who bought the 'Black Pen', just like that. A key use of this software is in chasing up people who have shown an interest in your product but not bought it yet. By adding a custom MySQL query, you can pick out and email these prospective clients with ease. Another example of the software is the way in which it can combine both traditional (maintained) and linked (external MySQL) lists - sending out the same newsletter to both in-store leads, and internet leads, for example.
  • Weekly newsletter
    This script allows you and/or other webmasters to put together a weekly (or whenever you want) newsletter. You simply add the webmasters to your database via the admin panel and put the subscription form (examples included) on your websites. Each webmaster can login to their own control panel and submit their new articles for the next newsletter and view past articles they've submitted. You can send an email out to all the subscribers, webmasters, or both at once. Each webmasters submitted article is automatically included in the form used to send out the newsletter, you can do any editing to the newsletter in the form (if needed) and then simply click the "Send mail" button to send it away.
  • Max Mailer - Free
    Creating and sending money making mailings is now a breeze! Easily copy and paste mailing content from your site to our Template editor. Select the group list you want to send it to, and click Send Mail!

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