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Title MX Shop
Platform Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix
Price Commercial
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Website Visit Website of - MX Shop
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » E-Commerce » Online Catalogs
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Description For Dreamweaver MX PHP developers who need to create integrated e-commerce solutions (frontend and backend), MX Shop is a turnkey dynamic website template - a real 'assembling line' to create e-shops for your clients. Unlike most of the PHP shopping cart scripts that miss Dreamweaver integration or propose a limited feature set, our product is designed for seamless editing in Studio MX and MX Kollection, allowing you to change visually most of the shop application logic and product properties. Features: --Easy to customize the business rules because we rely on MX Kollection and MX Kart; --Ease of administration manage products in categories; --Easy to adapt to your look and feel using Dreamweaver MX or Studio MX; --User friendly customer registration process; --Allow dynamic product properties; --Flexible support for payment processors; --LAMP/WIMP compatible; --Tight integration with Dreamweaver MX and the MX Kollection. MX Shop currently supports: PHP_ADODB and PHP_MySQL.


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Scripts Related to - MX Shop

Script Name


PHPCatalog is an easy to use, yet comprehensive online catalog solution. It can be easily used as an "out of the box" catalog tool, or as a catalog engine which can be custom-configured into any format imaginable. HTML templates are used for easy integration into your site. The pages are optimized to be picked up by search engines. An unlimited number of categories is supported. It easily integrates with a shopping cart module for full shopping capabilities.

Multi-Product Editor for Shopping Cart Catalogs

This site offers two powerful addons for two exceptional online shopping cart catalogs. The addons provided are the Multi-Product Editor (MPE) and the Multi-Product Adder (MPA). Both the MPE and the MPA work with the OptionCart Basic, OptionCart Deluxe, and the CKShopEX shopping cart catalog systems. Both online catalogs work with either the free or premium Mals-e cart and commerce services. The Multi-Product Editor allows owners of the OptionCart and CKShopEX product catalogs (below) to view, edit, duplicate, and delete multiple products on the same page. The Multi-Product Adder can be used to speed up the addition of new products into your online product catalog system. The combination of Mals-E shopping cart software, the OptionCart or CKShopEX Catalog, and the Multi-Product Editor creates one of the most awesome and powerful tools you can find or use for your e-commerce needs.


X-GiftRegistry is intended for creation of gift registries for various events like birthday or wedding. Features: gift registry publishing, search for events, sending email notifications to participants, etc.


XT-Commerce is an e-commerce solution based on oscommerce. Its re-designed to fit all needs of small companies, with powerfull marketing tools like: groupsystem,discountsystem,etc. with build in CMS, Smarty Template engine, and a lot of features.

Easy Administration Program

With this super easy admin program user's can create, modify, and delete files and directories. The code is in a modular format so new modules can be easily created and added. The download is small and contains no un-necessary images or advertising. This is the newest version which has encrypted passwords and now works on newer PHP systems and does not require register_globals to be on.


A simple to use featured shopping cart or catalog with ability to use MS Excel or Access format for database. Users can calculate progressive discount for chosen products list. Search for keywords and prices. Merchant can prepare list of products for on-line selling by using MS Excel. Users can become members by simple on-line registration. All purchases of members are stored in the database, which allow to calculate accumulative discounts for members depend on total payment made by member during all purchases.


gtcatalog is a non-sql catalog management system ideal for small catalogs and websites which do not have SQL. It supports categories and has a simple search engine built in. Also allows you to use non-catalog pages with the catalog template. Coded entirely in php. 0.9 adds catalog page seperation. 0.9.8 fixes all known security issues. By default it uses paypal for shopping cart, and can be easily tailored to use other carts like cart32.

Option Cart Shopping Cart Catalog

With the OptionCart Catalog and the Mals-E shopping cart system, you can be taking internet orders in just minutes. Just enter your product information, load your images, and your catalog page will automatically be displayed! It's the easiest way to create a searchable online ordering catalog to list your products, along with unlimited sizes, colors and styles.


E-Catalogue is a complete solution for presenting products in internet in a form of catalogue. The only thing merchants need to manage E-Catalogue is web browser and an internet connection. E-Catalogue has complete web-based administration,unlimited amount of products in unlimited amount of categories, easy adding, updating and removing categories and products (description, images, prices, etc.) , support for promotional products , banner system, integrated statistics for every product, login system, clients management (add, remove, edit profiles) , email system. Fully customizable and easy for integration. Installation, cutomization and full support for 3 months are included in the price.


OSC-NUKE is a powerful combination of PhpNuke 6 and OSCommerce 2.2. All modules and addons for OSCommerce and PhpNuke work with this.

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