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Title Login Deluxe 2000
Platform Access
Price $29.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Login Deluxe 2000
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » User Authentication
Hits 550
Description The Login Deluxe 2000 is a password protection utility written in ASP and HTML. It has administrative capabilities that can view, update, delete, and send MAIL to all users who sign up using the sign up form. The user's profile are stored in an Access database. Once a user joins, the user is directed to his/her own START page which at any time can return with their own user name and password where each user can choose thier own user name and password.


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Scripts Related to - Login Deluxe 2000

Script Name


aspSmartSecurity allows you to manage NT permissions on files and folders very easily through your ASP pages. It features: NT permissions on files, NT permissions on folders, ACE type support (allowed or denied access), ACE flag support to specify ACE inheritance, NT Owner managment, AccessMask String for easy use, Ready-to-use samples, and more.

ASP Authentication

ASP Authentication software allows you to password protect Active Server Pages so that no unauthorised person can view them. Users can register themselves, set up their own login and password information, and edit this profile at any time.


xPermission is a MTS aware component that gives you swift and easy access to information about, and creation of Windows NT user groups and accounts. It encapsulates chosen parts of the Microsoft ADSI 2.0 NTLM provider. xPermission is perfect for handling permission checking such as Is user X a membor of group Y

Simple Password Protection

If you just need to password protect a single page or a series of pages and you don't need multiple users this simple code can be pasted at the top of the page or pages.

Restricted Access - database authentication

This script allows you to keep unwanted visitors out of any ASP file in your web site. It restricts unwanted users from viewing any part of your web site by using a database to authenticate the user names and passwords of authorized viewers.

ActiveX UserManager

ActiveX UserManager is a set of simple objects for creating, deleting, and managing user accounts, groups, servers and domains in the Windows NT environment. Enables work with user accounts and groups from VBS/JS, ASP and T-SQL. Features include: Add and remove users and groups, Add and remove user from a group, Local and global group enameration; User enameration, Group members and user groups enumeration; Name, Password and Account policy, Fullname, Comment, Last Logon, Logoff, Number of logons, Enable, Disable, Unlock, RAS (dialin) properties, Script path, Home dir, Profile, Change password, and Logon hours.

Dynamic Authentication Filter (DAF)

DAF is a complete package to handle Web user authentication on an NT/IIS server. It include: an ISAPI filter (DAF) which handles authentication for all HTTP requests received by IIS, an ASP application (Web User Manager) to manage users in any DAF databases through a Web interface, and an ASP component (DAFTools) to easily manage DAF users in ASP scripts.

Advanced Password Protection

This is an easy to set up ASP-based password protection system for your Web site. It features: Supports multiple access levels, Web based administration, and Simply include one server side include at the top of each of all pages you want to protect.

Password Protected Webs

iland's password protection software allows you to restrict access to specific pages on your website by simply including a line of ASP code to your web pages. Users are required to login before being able to view any of the protected pages. All user accounts, passwords, and security level information can be controlled via web-based administration forms.


AspUser is a comprehensive NT user and permission management component. It provides you with an object-oriented programming interface to NT user and group accounts as well as access control lists of files. Main features include: Ability to add, delete, rename and enumerate NT users and groups, on a local box or across server and domain borders, Ability to retrieve and change various user and group account properties, Ability to allow users to change their NT passwords over the Web, Ability to change user membership information, Ability to impersonate arbitrary user accounts, Ability to retrieve and change Access Control Lists (ACLs) of files and directories, Ability to set a file owner, and more.

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