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PHP » Scripts and Programs » Error Handling » LittleUtil - Error Handler and Debugging Class [ 2.6.0 ]


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Title LittleUtil - Error Handler and Debugging Class [ 2.6.0 ]
Platform Win, Unix, Linux
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - LittleUtil - Error Handler and Debugging Class [ 2.6.0 ]
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Error Handling
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Description Some of the features are: Multiway logging system, HTML log file support, automatic page redirection, debugging console that shows where the error is exactly had happened, displayes the values of variables around the line that the error happened, variable tests,automatic list of values of POST, GET, FILES, COOKIE, SESSION and defined variables, javascript supported breakpoints and user defined debugging levels, timers, error listener functions. doc:


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Scripts Related to - LittleUtil - Error Handler and Debugging Class [ 2.6.0 ]

Script Name


We've all seen the ugly and uninformative Page Not Found error when a page no longer exists. This script was made in order to make error documents more informative and attractive for both the user and the webmaster. The messages, colors, and images are all customizable. It has languages support and works with register_globals=off. Additionally, it can log and/or e-mail an error when it occurs letting you know immediately if something is wrong on your site.

AutoE-mail Webmaster Error Page w/ details

A very simple PHP Script that will e-mail the webmaster (or address you specify) whenever someone lands on a certain error page. A simple Generator is located on the Download Link which will create the code for you. All you enter is the error# (ex: 404), the e-mail address, and the folder your error pages are located. Next you upload the pages to your server. Once a user goes to the specific page, a pre-made e-mail will be sent out with information on the user's IP, time & date of error, and the page this error occurred. You can easily change the content of the e-mail by modifying the file. Support is given through e-mail as well as forums. Special thanks to JdS @ for making this script.<br>UPDATES:<br>v2.5: E-mail shows the referring page to where the error occured. <br>v2.0: Added cookie feature to only submit an e-mail every one time someone goes to the specific page. The e-mail will be sent he first time, and ignored the rest of the times that user goes to the same error page.

PHPMachine Error Handler

Catches errors in your PHP script and displays an error overview, a section of source code from around the area where the error occurred (you may hover your mouse over a variable to see it's contents at the time of the error!) and a collapsible tree view of all initialized variables. Note: the JavaScript used to generate the variable tree is only compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer.


The way it works is providing several report formats of error catching: logging, display and redirection to a customizable error page. ErrorHandler captures the errors and captures (to a customized level) the context and variables surrounding the source of the error and neatly organizes them as a series of reports. It helps when developing new scripts and monitoring sites in production state, too. It helps when developing new scripts and monitoring sites in production state, too.


A PHP script to handle the most common errors that may occur on a Web site. When an error occours you can configure the script to notify you by e-mail. To make this script work you have to edit the apache configuration file the "ErrorDocument" section, also ".htaccess" is required. All you have to do is create the html pages which you want to show instead of the standard ones and a file with the extension ".htaccess" and put the neccesary lines in it.


errorBot is a simple (yes, simple) php-script that allows you to design and customise the error-documents your web server presents to a surfer.

Php Error

This is a simple error php handling script that will display custom error messages 401,403,404,500 inside your PHPNUKE or PHP site. Makes your site look more professional.

Interactive 404 page

This is code for a 404 page, which picks a random 404 message (hopefully a humerous one)from a text file on the server. Visitors can also add their own 404 messages to the list - to be seen by future visitors. Working demo available on its site.


phpLinkRot is a very handy utility script to track where the broken link came from as well as the page that it was trying to access. This allows you to not only correct broken links on your own site, but also ones from other sites. You can now email the webmaster of the site that is pointing to the wrong page, and tell them exactly where that link is broken.


404Handler will trap those dreaded "404 Not Found" errors on your site and email you the details of each 404. You can choose to receive email on one of three levels: no mail, mail only if the 404 was generated by a link on your own site, or mail warnings of all 404 errors regardless of where the link is located.

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