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  • Fully Developed ClickBank Marketplace
    Every time a visitor makes a search using your ClickBank search your ClickBank Referral ID will be added to any returned search results. This means that if a person visits one of the websites from the search results and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission for that sale. And at last count, the Clickbank search returned over 5000 plus top rated ClickBank merchant websites. These merchants are offering commissions from two percent right up to 75 percent; but on average it is around 50% commission on each sale that you can make from one of these 5000+ top rated ClickBank merchants.
  • Reciprocal Manager - 39.95
    Reciprocal Manager lets you easily manage your reciprocal links, helps you see which of your link partners are linking back to you, helps your site increase link popularity, and can help your website increase search engine rankings and traffic. Reciprocal Manager is written in PHP/MySQL and comes with Unlimited Free Updates and several Free Bonuses.
  • Easy CB Mall
    Have your own instant directory to the thousands of great ClickBank« products, each automatically embedded with your own unique affiliate id! Plus, this directory system is packed with features you won't find in other scripts! Stores listings in the database by category. This makes for much more accurate directory browsing. Shows the total number of listings as well as the number of listings in each category. Your visitors see this and immediately know you have a large and successful directory worth looking at!Uses a template so you can easily customize to match your site. Shows category and search results in title. Plus, EasyCBMall can be easliy set up to display results as vertical text ads on pages with other content.
  • Link Wrangler - Reciprocal Link Exchange Management - 39.95
    Link Wrangler software gives you ability to spider entire websites in order to find and verify links. Just enter your website, the websites that link to you, and how many links you expect there to be on each site. The software does the rest! The sortable results list allows you to see verified links, missing links, and much more! An in-program browser allows you to view the webpages that link to you with the click of a button! Visit our website to learn more about Link Wranglers features.
  • FFA Links Page Script - 29.95
    This script allows visitors to add links to your page in a specified category and it is quite, if not super, easy to install and the administration area supports the deleting of existing links. FFA Link's pages are a great way to look established and keep your visitors coming back to your website again and again.
  • Pineapple Links - $19.95
    Pineapple Links is a compact yet powerful link indexing system based on PHP, MySQL, and Smarty templates.
  • Simple PHP Link Manager - Freeware
    "Simple PHP Link Manager" is an easy-to-install and configure link management system that facilitates categorized links and flexible display. It also counts the number of times a link has been accessed. It runs on PHP/ MySQL and comes complete with the HTML form and script to insert new entries, and the script to display it. It comes documented with a very easy to understand "Read Me" file and well commented scripts. "Simple PHP Link Manager" is right for you if: You want to be able to add links easily and quickly You want something that is easy to install and configure You want to be able to categorize your links so they're easy to understand You want to be able to count how many times a link has been clicked
  • Link Exchange Software - Increases your search engine rankings! - $29.97
    The AutoLinksPro Manager was created to make exchanging links with other sites as easy and as convenient as possible. We built this script for the busy marketer in mind we took several different aspects and incorportated them into this one simple but powerful solution.
  • 13TGP - $20
    This can be used as a TGP, link listing script like, or anything else you can think of. Some features include: All settings edited from one simple file, the entire layout can be changed easily from one file, commenting for each link, track the number of times each link has been clicked, links can be viewed as a whole or by category, submitted links get approved by an admin before they are displayed, new categories are easily added from the admin panel, a template file is included for making new pages, entire script is easily installed by running one file in your browser.
  • X-Power Links Pro - 199
    X-Power Links is a professional Web-application designed to easily build Link List, Web-directory, Web-Portal. This web application operates on a modular basis. You can either use its all modules (features) or partially use some of them to exactly match your project in compliance with your visions. For example: If you don't need several database fields (single link properties), you can just disable their output in a page template. Lets say, you don't need "Our news" module. No problem! Just disable its output in page templates. So, you can use as many, or as few of these features as you choose.
  • LinksCaffe - Freeware/79$
    LinksCaffe is a mySQL/PHP4 portal solution that allows you to run Yahoo-style directory on your web site. Admin features include: adding, editing, deleting, validating links, optional e-mail notification, creating or deleting categories. The look of the page is easily customized through header and footer and sytle sheet making. The side allows visitors to suggest their links, search site and report broken links. One counter is included. Very easy to install.
  • DVS-PHP MySQL Yahoo Style Link Directory - 39.95
    This Script is a PHP and MySQL powered links database which allows You to run a database driven categorized links section on a web site - similar in structure to Yahoo or any other categorized links collection. Features include: Fully database driven utilizing MySQL. Full template system allowing you to control the HTML output of the script without needing to alter any of the PHP code. Easily customizable if you wish to alter the script in any way. Very easy to admin via the web - log in and add / edit categories and links. Visitors to your site can recommend new links, which you can then validate. Allows visitors to rate your links from 1-10, and displays average rating. Rating a link more than once is discouraged using cookies. Number of hits each link has received is recorded and displayed. Very easy to set up and use, thanks to an installation script and config file. Built in Search Feature. Most popular, top rated and newest links pages.
  • DeskLinks - 80
    DeskLinks is a full featured Link Directory System. It allows you to run your own link directory search engine. Features include: unlimited categories and sub-categories, user reviews and voting system, integrated search engine, membership system, Search Engine Friendly Mode, template driven to make it easy to make it your own, site news system, newsletter / mailing list system, backup / restore system...
  • Php-X-Links - GPL
    A simple interface to store all your links in a centralized location on the internet or network. Includes an administration area to add, edit, move or delete links and categories. This script has passed XHTML v1.0 validation. Includes an install file with some sample links to help get things rolling. Features inclue: Search highlight, Search multiple keywords, Subcategories, Move categories between each other, Very simple to use, and Easy on the eyes.
  • LNKGET - Free (Creative Commons License)
    LNKGET extracts all the links from a webpage. This information could then be used for indexing or link checking.
  • UO Web Map - GPL
    UO Web Map is Web-based map over the different lands and dungeons in Ultima Online. It is possible for the users to zoom and add their own points of interest directly on the map.
    PORTALCAFFE is a mySQL/PHP4 portal solution that allows you to run a Yahoo-style directory on your web site with images. You can create your own custom website with its user-friendly pre-built components which gives you total control over your content. Images are stored in mySQL.
  • WebSight Directory System - Free (GPL)
    WebSight is a portal/directory system in the same vein as the Open Directory Project, Yahoo! or any of the other big webportals. Originally created as the portal/directory system for the Electronic Music World website, now available as open source.
  • One Page Directory - $29
    A flexible program that gives you an extremely advanced and efficient control over the link page on your website. Or even your whole site if it's made up of one link page, as many successful directories today. OPD has also a plenty of features in its advanced, user-friendly, web-based control panel.
  • phpLinkFollower - $9.99
    This is a PHP script so that when someone clicks a link from your site they will away be able to get back to your site. You can use any link that you want on your web site.

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