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  • Exit 21
    The exit 21 exchange site is PHP based with a mySQL backend that can easily supply over 50,000 members. The exit 21 exchange provides a pop up exit ratio.This site is a serious traffic generation and advertising based money making tool.Everyone needs web traffic , so that makes this website an excellent source to provide traffic for you and your customers. The exchange can be setup a few different ways.
  • PHP reciprocal links manager - Free
    LinkMan will completely automize your reciprocal links exchange. It will require webmasters to place a link to your website on their site before they can add their link to your links page. In the LinkMan admin panel you have a special tool, that will crawl all URLs where your reciprocal link should be - if the reciprocal link wasn't found it will automatically remove link to that site from your links page. LinkMan doesn't need a SQL database to operate, it works with simple text files. You can also easily edit header and footer of the links page so it will completely fit into the rest of your website!
  • PHP Links Manger Pro - GPL
    Management of a links page on your site vi admin interface, Verification of reciprocal links from sites you link to, User link sign up form
  • Link Exchange for Mambo 4.5 - FREE
    Link Exchange will allow you to run a simple reciprocal links area within your Mambo 4.5 CMS. Many options to tweak LE and five different link exchange types available.
  • DS Linker - Free (GPL)
    DS Linker is a simple script that allows visitors to your site to submit links to be displayed on your links page. It is very simple to install, and uses a flat file so no MySQL is needed. When a link is submitted, you will be emailed the submission for review, and with a single you will be able to preview and add the link.
  • Automate Link Exchange Script - $120
    Link exchange script automates the process of managing a reciprocal link exchange directory. Features include link page auto generation and update according to user-defined schedule, checking presence of reciprocal links, backup/restore, add links, web-based link submission form, template driven link page format, multi-language support, control anchor text description, name link pages based on category name or any name you like, search engine friendly, and more. Use reciprocal link exchange to increase website traffic.
  • Make Text Enchange - membership
    take the traffic building features of a banner exchange and the ease of text and put them together. Instead of rotating huge images, we rotate small textual links!
  • Softbiz Reciprocal link exchange script - 25$
    Softbiz Reciprocal link exchange script can be very easily embedded into your web site. It helps increase Link popularity & hence search engine standing of your site. It is fully automatic. It includes automatic link checker, which verifies all submitted sites to ensure that reciprocal link to your site exists on the submitted sites before adding them. You can Add/Edit/Delete links or configure settings through password protected admin area. So, relax and see you sitesĘ link popularity grow!! DEMO available. EXPERIENCE the power of this script before you buy! COMPLETE DEMO AVAILABLE. Donot go by what we or anybody else says.EVALUATE THE SCRIPT QUALITY YOURSELF before you pay anything.
  • AlstraSoft Text Link Exchange Pro - 110
    Text Link Exchange Pro is a complete traffic exchange system which allows you to start your own text link exchange program by rotating small textual links similar to Google Adwords. Features include selling paid advertising using Paypal, full admin control panel, dynamic counted ratio, targeted link categories, 100% template driven system, 5 level referral program and many more. Webmasters can now build free traffic to their site without the need of banner images or popup ads.
  • Text Exchange Pro
    Each user may have up to 3 accounts with different exchange sizes, support for 3 different links in each of these 3 accounts. Admin sets up size of each link, font color, font size, font face, support for italic and bold fonts and other html tags. Real time graphical statistics for each hour, day, month, sponsored (paid) ads and many more.
  • AutoLinks Lite/Pro
    AutoLinks is a full-featured script which saves time for webmasters relying on link exchanges to bring traffic to their sites. It includes a variety of exclusive features such as the images rotation, the possibility to use the script on as many sites as you want with one single database, the invite form, direct linking, credits and productivity counting and more. You can define exactly how you want links to appear on your pages using the new tags introduced on version 2.0. This script has matured over the past 3 years and has been tested on websites with over 25'000 visitors a day. Demo available on the website.
  • Banner Exchnage - $30.00
    Ever affiliate with someone and soon find out that they've taken your websites link off from their website long after you've sent them a ton of visitors This is the only link trading system you will ever need. It is designed to send the same amount of visitors to your affiliates as they send you. If they send you 10 visitors, their link is shown on your website until you send them 10 visitors back. Once you send them the 10 visitors back their link is taken down until they send you another visitor. Another amazing feature of this script is that it bases your list of affiliates based upon the amount of traffic they send you so that the sites which send you most traffic will appear higher up in the list. If you are worried that you send all your affiliates more traffic than they send you and you don't want to have a blank list of affiliates due to the fact that the script only sends out hits when you receive hits, don't worry, this won't be a problem. Simply add an ammount of hit credits to each account that you want to show regardless of the ammount of hits they send you with the add/subtract hits option. You will have to decide how many hits to add depending on the amount of hits your site gets and how often your users click the affiliate buttons on your site. The more they click, the more you will have to add. I suggest adding 1000 to start with so you don't have to worry about it for a while. Also, if you have to many affiliates, (lets say you have 50 for example) and only want the top 20 to show, with this script you have the ability to decide how many buttons will show. Not only do you have the decision to decide how many show in the affiliates section of your site but you can also place a link to a page in the script that shows all of your affiliates (as long as they are at a +hits status) even if they are not in the amount you specified to show on your main page.
  • link-swapper - 0.00
    The new link exchange freeware service tool for webmasters. link swapper gives you all the benefits of the linkexchange top technology for free.
  • Plug-a-thug - Freeware
    This script creates a small table on your webpage where other webmasters can plug their websites. It displays their site name as a hyperlink pointing to their URL. You can edit every attribute including how many plugs to show at one time and much much more. Only 2 files total and 1 chmoding needed. A live demo available on the author's homepage.
  • TextlinkExchange, Referrersystem, count by views or clicks - 200
    General - Everything can be configured and supervised comfortably by a graphic surface - manual approval of the User/Sites/Sponsors (selectable) - Exhcnage Ratio, Banner and Textlinksizes can be entered in the admin area. - Cheaters or inactive Users are automaticly noticed by the script and are listed in the admin area. - Separate User and Sponsor Accounts (Users for the Exchange, Sponsors which bought ads) - Detailed Statistics for all Users, Sponsors and of course the admin. - Auto-Analyse of the settings. ( to many sign up credit, exchange ratio etc. ) - Select Startcredits for new Users. - Referrersystem, you select the levels, percentage etc. ( unlimited levels possible ) - free updates (installed with one click...) - Categories - All ads can be shown by time ( for example only between 2 and 6 pm) - Newsletter to all Users or all Sponsors - Backup-Functions - Select the language which you allow (you can select all, or for example only english, then there are only views/clicks counted if the visitor uses a enlgish browser) - Templates, to change the Design. - Expert-Templates, which allows you to change really every little thing, table etc. in the script. - Proxy-Server can be blocked. - Fakers can be detected through different options. - Automatic Anti-Fake Functions: Proxy-Filter, IP-Barrier, Re- Click-Barrier, Session-Tracking, Ref-Check, etc. - Unlimited Sites can be administrated with only one Account TextLink-Module - Unlimited Ammount of Link-Sizes - Links beneath or afterwards - Counted by Views or Clicks
  • Automated Link Swapper - Free
    Often you would like to swap links with other websites. People don't like to email asking for a link trade. Set up an automated system which checks if they have a link to you and monitors inbound hits and outbound hits and displays results based on number of hits.
  • Link Exchange Pro - $125
    Complete system to setup and run a text link exchange system. Features include the ability to sell paid advertising, full administrative control panel, targeted link categories, custom exchange ratios. No banner images are needed for members to generate traffic by exchanging text links.

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