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  • Simply Reciprocal - FREE
    User submits their link info and if no reciprocal link is found on their site, the users link is rejected automatically. Great traffic building tool.
  • HotLinks - Free Demo/$19.95
    HotLinks is a powerful script for allowing people to add their links to your site.
  • Reciprocal Manager - 30.00
    Give away free reciprocal link exchange pages to your surfers. Before user is handed out his/her exchange page he/she must first link to your site. Users can also add their banner to the top of their exchange page through the user admin. Reciprocal Manager requires no maintenance and is totally automated and validates all trades.
  • SuperLinkExchange (FREE VERSION) - FREE
    User signs up for the exchange, In return the user is given a unique code to be placed on their webpages (their link on top of their exchange page through their code). If someone signs up through that users ID, the next unique code is given out and the previous link is moved down the page, one position.// You also have the ability to display how ever many links you like.
  • SuperLinkExchange Pro - 20.00
    User signs up for the exchange, In return the user is given a unique code to be placed on their webpages (their link on top of their exchange page through their code). If someone signs up through that users ID, the next unique code is given out and the previous link is moved down on the new user page, one position.// (JUST IMAGINE IF 100 USERS SIGNUP!...Thats 100 links pointing to your site!) You also have the ability to display how ever many links you like. THIS VERSION: webmaster admin was added (webmaster can display his/her banner at the top of all user pages). User Admin also added. Users can add up to 4 banners on their page, after that function disables itself. Much nicer page layout compared to FREE version. (UPON ORDERING VIA PAYPAL, YOU WILL BE BROUGHT UP TO THE DOWNLOAD PAGE!!! NO WAITING!)
  • Home Xchange - $60
    Home Xchange allows you to create your own browser start page exchange. It has many anti-cheating features including setting a limit on the time between credits given, anti-frames, and more. You can also set a frame with ads and create revenue or links to your site.
  • Links Messenger Links Propagation System - 99.00
    This exchange system will send an HTMl Links page attachment that a person must install on their site when they sign up from your site or a site that signed up from you. The system checks the referer so that the person signing up from the system need not fear having someone leave their site. The person is kept on that site. In addition to URL, Title, description, there are categories used for email breakdown. The sytem can email based on these categoreis a bulk od people or individually.
  • LinkMaster Pro - Free Demo/$149
    LinkMaster Pro is a link trading script written in Perl. Trade links with ease, and be assured you are getting a reciprocal link. Features include: LinkBot spider checks for reciprocal links, All work is done from a slick adminisrative interface, Built in bulk mail function to send mail to all your link partners, Display your links either randomly, date ordered, or alphabetically, Total control over how your links page looks, Optionally uses categories, Ban abusive domains and/or IP addresses, Total control over how your links page looks, and Spam filters prevent duplicate links.
  • Click for Hits - $30
    Click for Hits is a CGI (Perl) script for organizing your own so called Hit or Click Exchange. Each participant in the Exchange can earn credits visiting other member websites and in return other Exchange members will visit his (her) website.
  • LinkMaster - $150
    This program redirects all incoming traffic from affiliates to random links. It allows you to send more or less traffic to a specific link based on a percentage scale. It thus make sure your biggest traders get more traffic than others. This also allows you to set minimum and maximum amounts for each affiliate per day, allowing you to maintain an exact ratio or expectantcy of traffic in and out. Anyone who trades links with other sites can benefit from this script.
  • Link Exchange Script - $59.00
    Harland Link Exchange is a perl driven Link exchange script to allow you to start and run a Link exchange site. You have complete control over everything. You decide the default maximum amount of links a member can have on their site. They can display them diagonally,or horizontally.
  • The Spider Web - Free
    The idea behind a Spider link list is that some of the major search engines will rank your site based upon the number of websites that have a link BACK to you. With a Spider link list, multiple websites all add their site to the link list and then each web site places the link list on their site with a hidden link to the link list in their index page. When the spiders come around, they will follow the hidden link to the link list, and they will spider all the links on the list. Next the spider will go to those sites, where they will find more hidden links that leads to the same link list, and they spider every site again, and again. If their are 500 or so links on the list, the engines are going to think these are all very popular sites because they get spidered so often, and every site on the list is going to look like it is linked to 500 very popular sites. This script will control the administration of a Spider Link List. Simply set it up on your website and webmasters can add themselves. When they do, you will receive an email to validate their addition. When you click on the link in the email, their info will then be automatically added to the link list. They will receive an email when they add and also when you validate with a link for them to copy the link list.
  • Link Trader - Free
    The Link Trader script is used to trade links between your site and other sites - and you decide the exchange ratio. For example, you can configure the script to post a particular link for every hit they send to you. Or use a 2:1 ratio where for every 2 hits, you post their link until you send them one hit. Link Trader does require SSI (Server Side Includes).
  • Lyles Link Trader - Free
    This program allows you to administer a links list page with the minimum of effort. It can be set up to accept all links or to only accept pages that contain a link back. The list can be displayed randomly or in order of sign-up. You can run a return link check at any time which removes all non corresponding sites.

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