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  • Ascripts Website Rotator System
    AWRS is a Perl/MySQL based script that allows you to promote one URL and rotate traffic to unlimited websites URLs and affiliate links. Create unlimited campaigns, add unlimited links, no ads or frames, view/reset stats for each campaign, true rotation, all URLs in a campaign are rotating in sequence
  • Shocking Jump - 9.99
    Shocking Jump is a small but clever link redirection system that redirects your visitors from your website to the link destination. It's very useful for hiding long and messy links or affiliate links behind banners. Features easy and painless administration to add links into your links database, delete links or view all links in your database. Includes sophisticated authorization whilst administrating links and managing them to make sure unwanted guests do not tamper with your links.
  • LinkJump Pro 2 - FREE
    New version (major upgrade) features names for links, new control panel, password protection. LinkJump Pro is a link-based redirection script. Features: Hide your affiliate links behind grace, clean notation; Analyze your web promotion effectiveness, giving each ad link its unique ID and name Create drop-down menus for your links, See where your visitors go from your site; View your links by their popularity.
  • Security Links Management Script - 50.00
    You have something to hide, you want nobody to see your sponsor's links, you need to protect your source or files or whatever you say and you dream for some secure and confident links redirection You've got the right place.Most of your links are without any protection, some of them leads to secure servers or card processors others to your download centers. Feel safe We are not sure. Do you need links protection because we've got the right stuff.
  • Add2it Go-To Free - Freeware
    This is a multilingual link statistics and forwarding script with an unlimited number of links. When somebody follows one of your links it will be automatically recorded and your statistics will be adjusted accordantly. This free script finances itself with a banner ad that is displayed at the bottom of the page.
  • SearchToSale - $19.95
    This script allows you to put a search box on your site, and then redirect the visitor to a URL that you have specified for that search term. Originally developed for sending visitors to affiliate programs based on search terms, also great for navigation or any other purpose. Allows setting a default url in case no search term is matched. Easy to install, and easy to administer. Ideal for small site search index, or large site to redirect visitors to paying urls. Advanced version also available ($39.95) that allows an additional option (like JS, display gif, etc, anything a browser would recognize) plus logging of search terms.
  • Add2it Go-To Pro - $34
    This is a multilingual link statistics and forwarding script with an unlimited number of links. When somebody follows one of your links it will be automatically recorded and your statistics will be adjusted accordantly. This script is free of banner ads.
  • G.Redirect - Freeware
    This script allows you to take your visitors to one last page when linking to other sites.
  • 1-URL Keeper - Freeware
    With this simple script you can avoid these embarrasing "404 not found" error messages to your visitors. If you have to move an old script or replace it with another one, just rename 1-URL Keeper file to whatever was the name of the old script, and your visitors will start to use your new script even if they bookmarked only the old one. The script passes all the CGI variables to the new script, so that you don't loose new script's functionality. All the calls for your old script are logged, so you can see who is still linking to your old script and let them know.
  • amonotod's - Free
    This Perl script allows you to redirect a user from a link on your website. It also logs each redirect and calculates the counts of the redirected links.
  • CC Goodbye - Free
    CC Goodbye is a script that takes your visitors to a "goodbye" page prior to being redirected to the extrenal link that they clicked on. It also logs the links your visitors clicked so you can verify which links on your site are mostly hit.
  • URL Redirection - Free
    This script writes out data about who went where from your site in a logfile. It logs such information as: date, user IP address, destination URL, etc. In order to redirect users to a URL, just use URL.
  • LnkinLite - Free
    LnkinLite Perl 5 CGI is a versatile free-to-use Hyperlink usage counter and redirect script. Simple Link Names and URLs added to the data file can also be edited via the Admin Page. The called script updates the counts and then redirects to the required URL. Any time you need to add one of the links to your pages, or send a copy to another site, admin will generate the correct hyperlink tag for a simple copy and paste action.
  • Redirect - Free
    This program is for those of you that want to know who is leaving your site via your links page and where they are going. A simple program that thanks the user for visiting your page, logs which site the user has gone to, and sends them off.
  • Redirector (REDIR.PL) - Free
    REDIR.PL is a simple little CGI script that will redirect browsers to a new URL. It can display a page telling the user they are about to be redirected as well as log the redirect. This can be useful for tracking clicks through a web site or just a nice way to say adios to folks leaving your site.
  • Logged Redirect - Free
    A cool new script that allows to have easy redirection with logging on your site. It is really easy to use and puts information into a '|' delimited data file for easy exporting to a spreadsheet.
  • URL Tracker - Free
    You can select specific urls on your page to be redirected to URL Tracker which keeps track of the date, time, and what domain the user was logged on from that clicked them. This script will also work with the random image displayer script so that you can keep a tab of how many people are actually going to your sponsors from your site.

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