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Title Link SQL
Platform linux, windows
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Website Visit Website of - Link SQL
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Link Indexing
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Description Link SQL is a script that use MySQL for the creation of a search engine and directory similar to that of Yahoo etc on your website easily. With this script you can provide your customers a search engine with advanced ranking system, to create search engine friendly static pages etc. Other features of this script provides you with complete control on category and link pages and much more.


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Scripts Related to - Link SQL

Script Name

Salt (SSI Alternative)

Salt (SSI Alternative) will extract the content of a specified file on your server, or another, (CGI, java, html, text, javascript, etc.) and paste it anywhere you want using a simple Javascript tag. It not only does what SSI can (for servers that don't have it), but it can grab contents from any web site. That's something you just can't do with SSI. We have several sites and extract information from one to place on another. We also use the same script for each of the sites header, footer and navigation links. We use it for banner advertising, news, scripture display and more. There are literally 101 uses of this script. It's also a very handy script if you have many pages and need to change the header on each page. With SALT, all you have to do is change one file and you're done.

Link Master Pro

Link Master Pro is a self replicating link management program that will self generate link partners with similar websites to your own and completely automate the addition of links to your website. Administration panel gives you total control over the program. For each link added to your website, the software will spider the links page of your new link partner and e-mail each of their link partners asking for a reciprocal link. You have the ability to remove any of these domains from the list before the bulk e-mail is sent. Your links page is completely automated and can be spidered by all search engines! A valid reciprocal link is verified by the software before a new link is added to your links page. You have complete control over the look and feel of your links page. Ability to add domains to a block file to avoid contacting website owners more than once. Simple setup and easy to use admin page.

Hot Links SQL

Hot Links SQL is an extraordinarily powerful link index - search engine CGI script! It features HTML or dynamic mode, sponsor links w/integrated PayPal gateway, algorithm based sorting, integrated top sites list, results integration, banner rotation system, link spidering, a reviews and ratings system, and broken and reciprocal link checking. Optimized to increase your search engine rankings and PageRank. Now includes a free Google spider add-on. The Google spider allows you to grab links from google search results and dump them into your directory. It's an easy way to find new links partners and block up your directory quickly.

Daboo Local Search

Bot Indexes your site and generates an ASCII database based on the content of your Title, Keywords, and Description tags and page content. Ranking system returns clean and accurate search results. Easy to setup, use, and it's fast.

PowerSeek SQL

Create, manage and run your own Search Engine & Directory Portal with total control and ease. User friendly in every aspect and built for the most demanding uses and customization needs. Comes with an extensive Admin Panel, Spam Filter, Premium Links, Link Reviews/Ratings, Content Sensitive Banner Rotator, HTML generation, Keyword Statistics, Link checker, Custom Data Fields, Crawler and dozens of other comprehensive features. Requires MySQL.

Turbo Seek

Turbo Seek allows you to create and run your own categorized directory and search engine portal with ease. Supports unlimited sub category levels, includes a crawler, site rankings, site reviews, full customization, content sensitive banner rotator, and many other features. Comes with a setup interface for easy installation. Also optionally supports MySQL. Free to download and try the shareware version.

Warm Links

This is an easy to use and easy to set up link directory script. It's based off the popular Hot Links Pro script, but stripped down a little. Features customizable header and footer.

Hyperseek Search Engine

Industrial strength directory and search engine software. SQL Database driven, feature-packed, web based configuration and setup, 100% Template based customization. Designed for speed, heavy traffic, and user friendliness.

@1 Link Submission & Approval System II

Allow visitors to submit their links to your website. Links submitted by the visitors are only added to the database once the administrator has approved them. Automatic email notification upon a link's submission, approval and rejection. C/w image upload feature.

@1 Link Submission & Approval System III

Allow web visitors to submit their links to your website. Links submitted by visitors are only added to the database once the administrator has approved them. Automatic email notification upon a link's submission, approval and rejection. C/w image upload feature.

Google Search


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