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Title Link Checker
Platform ALL
Price FREE
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Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Link Checking
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Description This can save hours of time for those who have hundreds of links on a given page you need to check to see if they're still alive. The CMD version can check approximately 170 links in about 40 seconds (given the servers it checks) and the CGI version takes about a minute and 10 seconds. This is very accurate and will save you a lot of time. This scans for dead links (not just 404 errors but any error that prevents the page from loading).


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Scripts Related to - Link Checker

Script Name

Linking Reporter

The linkage report script is a small utility script that allows you to query the major search engines to ascertain how many other Websites are linking to your website. This is a good indication as to the popularity of your Website as well of an indication as to the type of Websites that align themselves with your site. Successful search engine listings come about not just your WebPages content they also take into consideration the amount of other websites that link to your Website.


Check all external and internal links in to page and gives out their quantity and their status.

Link Restrictor

Link Restrictor is an easy to use web based tool that automatically and systematically checks to see that your hard earned dollars spent on advertising banners and hyperlinks are not wasted. Link Restrictor's job is to see that your well crafted, banner ads and hyperlinks are actually being displayed by your link partners.

Gamma Reciprocal Links

Our team proudly presents a reciprocal links management script. It has the following UNIQUE features: -- The script can upload link pages to unlimited number of sites. Now you don't need to manually update all your sites. Manage all links from one place. -- Exchange links with others. You will gain more visitors and your Google Rank will increase dramatically. -- The script automatically checks for broken links and remove them. You will be 100% sure that all reciprocal links are present. This is a limited offer. The price is as low as $50. And we will help you with installation!

Website Broken Links Checker

Broken links are a serious problem when trying to get your website registered with search engines. Use our link checking to test your website before submitting your url to the search engines.

UPDN's Reciprocal Link Checker

RLC is a useful tool that performs reciprocal links checking automatically. Simply tell it where the remote web pages you wish to monitor are and the URL of your links. It will then crawl the remote web pages and feedback to you the latest status (found, link not found or page not found/network error). You may activate the checking as needed or setup crontab to carry out the checking once a week or so.

Echelon Link Checker

With this simple script you simply edit a few variables at the top of the script, set a url to the page you want, and itll go to that page, get all the links, and check each link to see if its "dead" or not. Allows you to set what word or words define a dead page, such as 404 or 500.


This script validates A, LINK, and IMG elements in XHTML documents. META tags or extended attributes can be used to further control the behaviour of the script for specific pages or specific elements.


This is a link checking system designed to minimise the amount of time spent dealing with broken links. It does not report the links as broken until some time after they are first identified (three tries over several days by default) so that there is time for links to be fixed. It then provides tools for easy and fast repair of the broken links.


InSite is a Web site management tool written in perl. It checks link integrity and does some basic content monitoring of your site's files directly on the local disk, which gives it a huge speed advantage over similar tools.

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