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Title Kirux WebEnabler CMS with e-commerce capabilities
Platform windows
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Category Tools & Utilities » Content Management
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Description A powerful conglomerate of software components, that when added to an existing Windows XP Home or Pro OS, transforms the system into a dynamic, versatile and powerful Web and e-Mail Server. The WebEnabler CMS includes "Mambo" an award winning Content Management System (CMS) and a full feature e-commerce module that can be easily enabled or disabled. Suitable for both beginners and professionals, a complete turn-key solution capable of creating an Internet presence with e-commerce capabilities for individuals or small business. No experience needed. The WebEnabler CMS is simple to install and to maintain. Powered by Apache, MySQL and PHP for Windows.


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Monitor adsense with this free adsense tracking script. Now you can track your performance throughout the day, receive email updates and store the information in a database. ItĘs plain text, so you can see what is really going on behind the scenes! No need to trust your account information with a program you donĘt understand. Also includes html to read your stats from the database and a SMS utility.

WebContent 4 all - The REBOL Desktop CMS

WebContent 4 all makes the publishing of a website a little bit easier. If you can write letter, you are ready for WebContent 4 all. Edit your content with your prefered texteditor. Manage the content in simple text, html or xml files. Design your style in templates. WebContent 4 all put them together and finally at the web via ftp. That's webpublishing for the rest of us.

Ektron eWebEditPro

Ektron eWebEditPro, the leading multi-language, browser-based, WYSIWYG Web content authoring tool offers business users a familiar editing toolbar for authoring content without needing to know HTML -- which broadens the organization's authoring base and lowers costs. With Ektron eWebEditPro, Webmasters and IT professionals maintain stylistic control over their Web content, yet they no longer need to perform editing tasks.

XStandard XHTML WYSIWYG Editor

An ActiveX WYSIWYG for browser or Windows-based content management systems. Manages rich content in any language and generates clean XHTML Strict/ 1.1. Supports tables, lists, links, floats to wrap text around images, custom tags, CSS, customizable toolbar, 8 interface languages.


Content Seed makes virtually any site "live editable" in a matter of minutes. It's designed specifically for use with Microsoft FrontPage, so even new developers can add dynamic content management to their sites right from the FrontPage workspace. I noticed a common desire to allow some way for the site owner to manage his or her own content. I decided to develop just that; a quick to deploy rock solid way to allow virtually anyone to edit their own site just by visiting it in a browser and clicking a button. No software, no publishing, no hassles. See the site, try the demo, download the free version, and feel free to contact me about it. *Although it's designed with Microsoft FrontPage in mind you can use any software you like with ContentSeed.

eZ publish desktop edition

eZ publish desktop edition is a visual content editor for the content managment system eZ publish 2.2. From eZ publish desktop edition you can create, edit and save articles and images on your eZ publish site through a Word-like interface. You don't need to know any HTML or XML in order to publish professional content.

Near-Time Flow

Near-Time Flow is the breakthrough content and knowledge manager for individuals and groups. Flow enables you to author, gather, organize, share and publish the information you rely on - from documents and correspondences to web pages, images and files - in an intelligent and integrated manner. Flow incorporates a hypertext authoring system, web browser, RSS news and weblog reader, allowing most of your digital information needs to be met without leaving Flow. Flow perfectly suited for personal and group information management alike -- publicize your content through Flow's multiple publishing options (including HTML and RSS) or set up a Share-Space to collaborate with multiple Flow users.


siteRocket is one of our premier products that puts control of a website in our customers hands. Without the need for ASP, PHP, CGI Scripts or even ColdFusion on your site, siteRocket enables you to add dynamic content and features to your website. For example, you can add a Guestbook, create a Weblog, Product Catalog, or a Photo Gallery. Just add your text and photos and siteRocket will do the rest. siteRocket then easily publishes your pages to your website by simply FTPing the files, it works with most any hosting provider that offers FTP access. Plans start as low as $4.95 per month.


HtmEbook is a free ebook creation software. Creating ebooks with HtmEbook is very easy. First you will create your ebook in html form. Then you will use HtmEbook creator software to convert your html files into ebook in 30 seconds. Ebooks are created as a single compact, secure executable file. Ebook Creaor Features: - Simple and wizard like user interface - Captures all files in your ebook directory (html files, graphic files etc.) - Ability of choosing the main page - Ebook content compression Ebook Executable Features: - Back, Forward, Home, Stop and other browser functions - Ability of specifying font size - Right click , copy and paste and other sensetive functions are blocked (i.e more security for your content) - Compressed content is dynamically extracted to memory instead of disk for more security - Optional print function - Single compact executable file - About page connected to ebook about menu

Flyspeck - Browser Based Editing

Flyspeck lets your clients edit their web pages themselves while still allowing you the control you need over the templates. Flyspeck lets non-technical users update a portion of a web page, sometimes more than one portion, without any installed software. Works on any static web page, HTML, SHTML, HTM, or PHP no database needed! The only web-page editing system that allows your users to browse as they ordinarily do and choose to edit. Image Upload and select from your /images dir Document Upload! Multiple editable chunks in one page (so they don't wreck your layout) including <head> section! Fully Translated for International Use Password protection by directory, or just one for the whole site. Feature Rich Editor with Clean Paste from Word, Advanced Table Controls and more!

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