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Title Khakilist: A flat text database
Platform Linux and probably a lot of other platforms
Price Freeware
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Website Visit Website of - Khakilist: A flat text database
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Database Tools
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Description If you are looking for an easy to use database which simply lists all entries on a web page, this may be what you are looking for. You can sort descending/ascending. Also, entries can timeout automatically e.g. for OoO lists. It is possible to password protect lists.


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Scripts Related to - Khakilist: A flat text database

Script Name

klist: Web based flat text database

klist is a perl script which can create/delete/edit flat text databases. The script is installed in cgi-bin as any other cgi program. You can specify various fields like: text, number, popup and links. A simple password scheme allows you to present lists as read-only, add-only or fully editable depending on the password.


TML is a template based database system that you can use to manage bookmarks, address list, images data such photos and icons, and audio data such as MP3. You can also use TML to create databases of your own design.


WWWdb is a powerful development tool for Web applications, that are based on a SQL database. You can browse and modify any data stored in database-tables and display them in a format, you like. To check, that the data-integrity is kept, you can plug in Perl-scripts, that guarantee that only correct data is inserted in your Database. WWWdb handles www-connections as sessions and you can login and setup your own session. Everytime you come back, your last session can be continued. Because it is password-protected, no cookies are needed. At the moment, three databases PostgreSQL, Oracle and MySQL are supported.

FileMaker Pro to MySQL Migration Script

This Perl DBD::ODBC/DBD::mysql script was automatically generated error-free by FmPro Migrator running on MacOS X. This script runs on Windows in order to copy text, numeric, date, time and JPEG image data from FileMaker Pro to MySQL.

Oracle Monitoring Script

This script includes the most useful oracle dba scripts especially for performance tuning. Extents, free space, r/w per datafile, locks, full table scans, recently used indexes, hit ratios, sorts, caches...

MySQL Mate

Manage and view the contents of multiple mySQL databases. Easily back up and restore multiple tables simultaneously to server of your hard drive.


Enter in SQL and have the statement run. See the results of select statements and any error messages. Upload files of SQL for population of database. The simple tool for getting to a database over the web.

Xao Foundation Server

The XAO Foundation Server provides a hierarchical OO API on top of MySQL while retaining the speed of relational database queries. The hierarchical data storage model allows it to perform highly-optimized deep searches on the data. The XAO Foundation Server can be used on its own or in tandem with The XAO Web Developer (and other XAO modules) to develop fast, dynamic web applications.


PerlMyAdmin is a script for managing mysql databases via a web browser. All common tasks are supported such as creating and dropping databases, creating and dropping tables, column management, key management, table browsing, table searching and more. The script is template driven and easy to customize. Mod Perl is also supported.


Use RW My SQL Dump to backup your MySQL databases, both structure and data. The script can be run from command prompt only. So, you can use crontab or other system scheduler to fully automate your data backup process. The script browse all databses that you select and write SQL statements for creating tables and inserting data into files (one for each database). As an option the dumps may be compressed into zip archive. Finally output files stored into directory that you selected.

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