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Title Kakoo BrailleDisplay
Platform .net
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Kakoo BrailleDisplay
Category ASP.NET » Scripts and Components » Miscellaneous
Hits 667
Description BrailleDisplay is a web control to translate text into Grade 1 Braille. It is very easy to use and even translates punctuation. The control is free but you may buy the source code.


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Script Name


The product suite including all individual components such as Aspose.Excel, Aspose.Word, Aspose.PowerPoint, Aspose.Project, Aspose.Pdf, Aspose.Chart, Aspose.Spell, Aspose.Recurrence.

ezEncrypt Component

EzEncrypt is a .Net encryption component that incorporates standard hash and Symmetric algorithms. It also has special methods to encrypt/decrypt string data at the field level within a DataSet. To try it out, just downloand the trial version.


KolorPicker is an Server Control for visual color selection. KolorPicker features four color palettes: Basic, Web safe, Gradient, and Greys. It supports Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers.


Aspose.Spell is a .Net multilingual spell checking component which can check spelling in 23 languages. With Aspose.Spell, you can develop spelling checkers both for desktop applications and web server applications. And, as a developer, you can build your own affix dictionaries which are compressed and encrypted so you can distribute them to your users securely and easily.

Adverageous Forums (DotNetNuke)

<SPAN id=desc>  <P><FONT color=#ff0000><STRONG>New in v1.3:</STRONG></FONT></P> <UL> <LI><STRONG>HTML Posting:  </STRONG>Optionally use the Free Text Box HTML editor for posting. <LI><STRONG>Public Image Gallery:  </STRONG>Post emoicions or other images using a modified version of the Free Text Box image gallery.  The Admin has control of uploading new images to the gallery. <LI><STRONG>Avatar Support:  </STRONG>Users may upload a small image to be displayed next to each of thier posts.  <LI><STRONG>HTML formatted Email notification </STRONG>: Optional setting per user (can be set to receive non-HTML formatted emails for thread tracking and moderation notification emails..</LI></UL> <P><STRONG>Brief Description:<BR></STRONG>The familiar ASPNET Forums... enhanced and modified for use with <BR>DotNetNuke.</P> <P><FONT color=#ff0000><STRONG>Features include:</STRONG></FONT></P> <UL> <LI><STRONG>Site Settings</STRONG> <UL> <LI>Set the default number of posts and threads to show on one page <LI>Set the Forums Name and default website location <LI>Setting to allow or not allow duplicate posts <LI>Set the Time Zone for the Messageboard (adjusts for individual users in different time zones) <LI>Choose from 5 different Date Formats</LI></UL> <LI><STRONG>Administrative Settings</STRONG> <UL> <LI>Create an unlimited number of groups <LI>Create an unlimited number of forums for each group <LI>Create forums that are moderated and require posting approval <LI>Create Roles within the Forums to handle moderation. <LI>Create Private Forums with assigned Roles <LI>Add Users to Roles created <LI>Edit the templates for email messages that are sent to users<BR>(ie: Email that notifies the user that their post has been approved) <LI>Edit the templates of system messages that are presented to the user. <BR>(ie: Message presented to a user when their password is updated)</LI></UL> <LI><STRONG>User Profile Settings</STRONG> <UL> <LI>Set your desired Profile name <LI>Set your public email address to be displayed <LI>Set your personal Time Zone <LI>Choose your personal Date Format to be displayed. <LI>Set your Auto Signature to be placed at the end of each posted message. <LI>Provide optional data about yourself ... available to registered users( website, hobbies, AIM ID, Yahoo ID, MSN ID, ICQ ID, etc...) <LI> Set the users homepage to be displayed in the post. <LI>Opt to show the users email address. <LI>Choose from 2 available skins that you would like to be displayed. <LI>Choose how you would like to view posts (ie: Newest first / Oldest first) <LI>Enable Email Tracking to Track Threads you partcipate in (Emails are sent to you when others respond to the thread you are tracking)</LI></UL> <LI><STRONG>Member List</STRONG> <UL> <LI>View the list of registered Forum users <LI>View specific information about a user that has been made public <LI>View Post Statistics for that specific user. (Total contribution with links to individual posts)</LI></UL> <LI><STRONG>My Forums</STRONG> <UL> <LI>Personalized Page to keep track of threads you are tracking <LI>View the Last 25 threads you have participated in.</LI></UL> <LI><STRONG>Advanced Search</STRONG> <UL> <LI>Search all forums or individual forums <LI>Select the number of results to show per page <LI>Search to match all words, any words, or an exact phrase</LI></UL></LI></UL> <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="80%" border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD align=middle><A class=CommandButton href="/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=52" target=_new>User Demo</A> </TD></TR> <TR> <TD align=middle><A class=CommandButton href="/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=51" target=_new>Admin Demo</A></TD></TR> <TR> <TD align=middle><A class=CommandButton href="/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=50" target=_new>Live Demo</A></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> <P>Open Source included.  Easy DNN Installation with Private Assembly included. Instructions provided in the install.txt file. </P></SPAN> <P>To purchase this module online, please visit <A href="" target=_new></A></P>

magicChat for DotNetNuke

magicChat! A built from the ground up Chat module for DNN. A Feature Shortlist No Popups. Lives on a tab. The tab holding the module never needs refreshing. magicChat has all the features that chatters expect to see: icons and Smilies, posting of external images, posting of URLs, posting styles, user moods and action states and a full themeing system. Has the features a host wants to see, nearly all features can be added or removed on a module by module basis. Each "room" in a magicChat chat house can have a different look, different rules, different user group access (which is in addition to module security settings) basically different "everything". The host can allow transcripting of chat, select which (if any themes) chatters can use in a room and can opt in to use "chatAds" a system built into magicChat to deliver any HTML, ad banners or whatever to a chatstream at a predetermined interval. magicChat works for most Gecko browsers (Mozilla, Firebird/fox, and to a great degree Netscape 6) as well as IE 5 and 6

Mono Dialogs

Mono Dialogs control provide the most powerful way of adding professionally-looking MessageBox and InputBox controls to your ASP.NET applications. Traditional desktop applications use these elements so often that their importance can be easily overlooked. From a developer's point of view, calling and retrieving return values from these objects is an easy job, usually requiring a single line of code. However, the emergence of Web-based technologies complicates this situation, and programmers are often forced to manually code client-side scripts to achieve similar functionality. Mono Dialogs ASP.NET component is here to free you from the nightmare of ever-changing client-side scripts and bad-looking dialog boxes. And best of all, it is completely FREE!

Kingherc's ASP.NET Toolkit

Image Editor: Allow users to create nice images (.jpg or .gif) through a wizard, that can be easily retrieved. Displayor: Show and hide content. Photos/File Dir: Somewhat of an explorer for a given path. Poll: A usual poll with advanced capabilities (such as no multiple votes). Depends on a database. Also included a page for giving users the opportunity to have their own poll to manage. Title: A control to comfort you with the site design (shows titles, only 1 style now). News & Organizer: Controls to show up news and a organizer that retrieves them from text files. Also included a page for news archives. Holmok Image Handler: Dynamic thumbnail generation. Dynamic image resizing. Watermarking you images. Securing your images against external referrers. Securing your images against no referrers. Mini tools: Mini tools that help you overcome usual problems and situations. Include ThumbnailCreator and NumRenam (enumerate files). You can modify the source code and you can provide me with a better version of the controls to be included in future versions. In addition, if you think that a control of yours is useful enough to be included in this toolkit, send it to my e-mail, you're most welcome! The controls are lively refreshed and the toolkit is getting larger and larger. A guide is also included in html format that explains all about the controls and has examples. The controls are in .vb and .dll files.


dotEtiveSocket is a derivate of the original System.Net.Sockets.Socket, and System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient that enables you to make existing or new software writen in .NET compatible with Socks 4, 4A, and 5. Just 2 lines of code, and transform any previous application into a Socks-compatible application.

RBarcode 1D and 2D for .NET

.NET Components that creates 1D and 2D barcodes. Supported symbologies include EAN, UPC, code128, datamatrix, pdf 417 and mode. Includes server controls and windows forms controls. The source code is available.

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