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Title Judas
Platform n/a
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Judas
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 588
Description Judas is a hidden logging script which displays an innocuous image, but secretly registers hits on a page and records information about the user.


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Scripts Related to - Judas

Script Name


pwebstats will analyse a www server log in Common Log Format, including CERN proxy logs, or squid format, producing a variety of statistics. The output is a series of HTML pages and graphs. Features include: growth in requests over time, distribution of hosts accessing the server, distribution of accesses per hour through the day, aggregate accesses, per day/hour/minute, per host, bytes transferred changes since last summary period. Analysing a proxy server, pwebstats produces information for both the hosts accessing the server and those accessed by the server, statistics for individual pages or collections using powerful PERL pattern matching, and more. It requires a C program called fly to create the graphs.

Bookkeeper Lite

This script is useful for keeping track of log files on your website without having to actually go to the site to check them. It is set up to run only once a day, between midnight and a time that you specify, and must be triggered by another script (like a counter or other cgi tracking script). Features include: Read a list of log files and send them to you over email, You can choose to receive one email, or each file mailed separately, The script can optionally back up each of the files to a single location of choice, The script can optionally reset each of the files (clearing them).

Watch Dog

Watch dog is a simple logging system that logs useful information on your visitors such as IP address, host name, browser, time and date, etc. This script is called by an image tag, and hence you don't need SSI.

Watch Dog 2

Watch dog is a logging system done using an image tags. It gets ip, host, browser,and date. This one is a little more complex by using hidden images.

Page Statistics

This script enables you to count multiple pages and makes up a full statistics of all your webpages. A complete overview of all your pages can be made with this script. It reports not only the page hits, but also such detail information as domain names the visitors came from, and what types of browsers they used. This script uses an IMG tag to log hits on your page and hence doesn't require SSI.


This is a small CGI script that simply shows your visitors information like IP address, browser types, etc.

Log Tools

CounterLog, AgentLog and RefLog are designed to let you create (if necessary) and analyze NCSA-format agent and referer logs, so you can easily keep track of what browsers and operating systems your visitors are using and what pages are directing them to yours. CounterLog also allows you to put text-based access counters on some or all of your pages.


Designed for webmasters/sys-admins, Viewlogs is a nice utility that displays the systems httpd-error.log and httpd-access.log files through Web browser.


Statomaker combined with the counter script, allows you to maintain very good statisticals of your visitors and their behaviour on your Website (total unique visitors (not hits) as well as information specific to: daily, os, browser and referer stats.


This script logs your Web page hits and e-mails you (or any email address you specify) every day. It can also send a short message to your text pager.

Google Search


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