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Title Javascript Get Variables
Platform Internet Explorer 5 +
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Javascript Get Variables
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Forms
Hits 718
Description This function allows you to read form variables from static HTML. Combined with the document.write() method, you can actually add dynamic content to regular HTML. Given a choice, server side processing of form variables is preferable.


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Script Name

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PickList creates two form selection boxes, and allows the user to easily transfer items from one box to another via "back" and "forth" buttons.

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By utilizing a dropdown box, a user can check groups or subgroups of checkboxes.

Option List

Your users are constantly clamouring for a more enjoyable experience when browsing your website. The Option List form control provides you with the ability to create dropdown selection lists that utilises rich HTML content. This control allows you to create list content with images, formatted text and other selectable mutlimedia content.

Editing Express - Hexaconverter

Convert & Edit Exadecimal colors scale into editors triplette 0 - 255 or into registered name colors in main browsers libraries or viceversa. The program is in italian language , but essential guidelines are given in pop up links for english visitors to use the program. The interface is very intuitive and really no great deal of guidelines is necessary.

PickList II script

This script lets you move elements from one selection box to the other. It allows for multiple items to be moved at once, and all items are sorted alphabetically as they are moved.

jValX - easy XHTML compliant form validation

Tired of writing form validation scripts? Embed it all in your html form and let jValX do the rest! XHTML 1.0 STRICT compliant

Auto Email Link

Automatically opens a new e-mail using your default e-mail client and fills in the subject line and body with the address of the current web page.

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MX Widgets Suite PHP

Powerful HTML controls for database binding - For the Dreamweaver MX PHP developers who need to implement enhanced dynamic forms, the MX Widgets Suite offers a powerful alternative to the regular HTML controls. Unlike standard MX forms development, that requires manual coding to implement the application logic, our product relies on the power of the server side language and JavaScript to enforce an accurate and user friendly forms completion. MX Widgets supports: ColdFusion, PHP and ASP VBScript. Features: --Editable Dropdown; --Dependent Dropdown; --Calendar Widget; --Dynamic Search; --Enhanced Input Widgets; --n..1 Dependent Field; --Multiple browser compliance; --PHP, ColdFusion and ASP support; --Compatibility with all Dreamweaver form generators.

Duplicate Form Field

Originally written for a website design company that required users to firstly input a domain name choice and then to choose their primary e-mail address, this little script 'echoes' or duplicates the domain name value, copying itself to the end of the E-mail address, which then cannot be changed.

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