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Title Javascript 50-States Select Box
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Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Forms
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Description include this javascript in your html forms to produce a quick hash of the states - the function dropBox(); will draw a select box with the state abbreviation as the option value, state is the variable name. Simple, but at least it saves YOU from having to type it all in :-)


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Script Name

Form Validation

This is a simple form validation script that checks for empty fields. Dreamweaver offers very little in JavaScript form validation unless you're using Cold Fusion. In my opinion the built-in form validation behavior in Dreamweaver is sloppy and not user friendly. This script creates required fields and makes sure that the fields are not empty when the user submits the form. If the required fields are empty, the form does not submit and the focus is set to that text field. Setting the focus is a nice feature because the user is directed to the exact field that produced the error. You can do more with this script by making sure the form does not contain certain words, email address validation, and so on. For this demonstration I am only showing the basic script. Feel free to modify and utilize this script in any way you see fit. If you have any questions, contact me.

Dynamic Forms

The Dynamic Form script illustrates how you can create forms that can be expanded as users add items. DHTML is used to dynamically generate content and update the page.

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Many forms will require the user to enter an email address twice (to check for typographical errors). This script immediately notifies the user when the two fields match - it's a nice, user-friendly touch, and safe for all browsers.


DynaTable is an API that enables the dynamic entry of repeating datasets in modern browsers. The API consists of a number of classes that enable the implementation of functionally rich client-based data entry forms, without requiring any special plugins or additional authoring software.


Validate huge forms in just minutes! Easy to add your own validation types. Validates blanks, numbers, length minimums, decimals, money, selects, checkboxes, radio buttons, phone numbers, zip codes, email addresses, IP addresses, SSNs, dates, file uploads, credit cards and more, including logical validation such as comparisons. Validate data without requiring field. Toggle reset/submit button disabling, toggle send confirmation, and setup for one by one or group error modes. CSS-based error notification with 29 separate error-modes. NEW -- language files for i18n support. Low namespace footprint for maximum compatibility with other scripts. Full documentation and API on the website.

Form Field Validation

This series of functions provide common form validation for required fields, dates, numbers, and email addresses.

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This is a basic validate script for a entered URL. It checks for "http://" and the "com, net, org, info, biz, ws, us, tv, cc" extensions.

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This simple cut-and-paste script opens the Print Dialogue, and lets your visitor print out the current page. Useful for information pages, script pages, receipt pages, etc.

Credit Card Validation Script

This script verifies whether a credit card number follows some well known rules for various card types. For example, it checks the number of digits in the card and compares the starting digits for that card against the known digits for that card type. It also uses an algorithm called the Luhn algorithm that does a kind of checksum on the card number.

Active Tri-State Roll-Over Images on Form Submit and Reset

Replace the ugly 'gray button' Reset and Submit on forms -- this script shows how to use active tri-state roll-over images, instead. A quick-take tutorial is included, along with images and notes on using styles with form elements for a flashier look and feel.

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