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Title Multiple Choice Quiz
Platform n/a
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Multiple Choice Quiz
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous
Hits 665
Description This is a highly flexible quiz script that can be used to test your visitors, with the results instantly graded on a separate page. Script supports arbitrary number of questions, each supporting an arbitrary number of choices.


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Scripts Related to - Multiple Choice Quiz

Script Name

Update Icon

This script will add a "Update" icon to any area of your website. The icon will be displayed until a given date and will automatically remove itself when a visitor visits the page. This script comes in rather handy for webmasters that don't necessarily feel the need to place a news update every time a page has been updated.

Style Sheet Setter

Simple Browser class that sniffs for browser version and sets appropriate style sheet. This is terrific for maintaining font sizes which render differently for mac/pc ie/netscape. Script is easy to modify if you feel like assigning different style sheets to different browsers.


Providing website promotion by offering traffic scripts for people interested in internet marketing and advertising online, including auto homepage, auto bookmark, pop-up, and other heavy traffic generating java scripts.

Dock Content script

This powerful script allows you to keep arbitrary elements on your page always in view, by "docking" it. It dynamically determines whether the element is currently visible on the user's screen, and if not, repositions it so it is. A great way to ensure that certain content are noticed by your visitors.

Bandwidth Bob

With this HTML and Javascript tool you can test how fast your bandwidth is on your server, or on the server you are hosted on. Not tested above or below Cable connection.

Meta Magic

A Meta Tag Generator with page transition effects. Real time generation, just click and copy code. One simple HTML page that can be uploaded to any server and instantly used to create meta tags and prevent MSIE image toolbars and smartparsing.

Simple Context Menu (IE Only)

This is a nifty little script that replaces the right-click (context) menu in Internet Explorer 5.0 and above. It features the unfurl effect first seen in MS Office '97, the menu item flashing seen in MacOS system 6 and above and the Windows 2000 and XP menu alpha fadeout. A great addition to your site.


The InfoBar JavaScript script is helpful in case you want to give explanation and comments for the links on your page. It will display the info you need in a box on a specified place on the page (absolute positioned). It is really very easy to configure and may be used from amateur web designers. You've probably seen this type of pops on many web sites. Now you can have it for free. The supported browsers are IE 4+, Netscape 4+, Opera 4+ & Konqueror 2+.

JavaScript Ticker (using Tabular Data Control)

This JavaScript Ticker is an example of "Data Binding" using "Tabular Data Control (TDC)" which is a Microsoft ActiveX control built in to Internet Explorer.

Infix to Postfix

This is the "JavaScript" Implementation of converting an Infix(Inorder) expression to Postfix(Postorder) expression.

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