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Title JavaScript Drop-Down Menu Maker
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - JavaScript Drop-Down Menu Maker
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Navigation » Form Based
Hits 648
Description This is a handy utility that will automatically create code for a JavaScript Drop-Down Menu. Simply choose the amount of links you want in your menu, and then enter your link items in the spaces provided. You will also be able to test your menu before you copy and paste the code, in case you want to make any changes.


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Scripts Related to - JavaScript Drop-Down Menu Maker

Script Name

Radio Button LeapTo I

This is a radio button-based navigation JavaScript. Upon your selection of a radio button, it simply sends you to the selected link.

Drop Box with an Image Button

This script will show a drop down box that can be used for navigation through your web site. It uses an image to click instead of a form button.

Drop Box: No Button

This script allows you to use a drop box to navigate your web site, using a drop box that changes the page when the viewer makes a selection.

Type and Go

This script will allow your visitors to type in a url of their choice and hit a button to go there. Almost the same thing as using the address bar on your browser, but may come in handy for some sites.

Select and Popup

This script is almost identical to the Select and Go script, but it opens the address in a new popup window. You can set the new window to have a height, width, etc. or just leave it to open as a normal new window.

Select and Go

This script will let the user select a destination from a drop down menu, and then go to that address by clicking on a button. Just change the URLs in the script to your desired addresses, and you can have as many selections as you want by simply copying the code.

Drop Down Link Menu

Use a dropdown box to link to another page with this JavaScript. Nice way to save space on your page.

Navigation Menu

This JavaScript navigation menu sends users to other Web page/site upon link selection change. It works by using the onChange function of the SELECT object to tell the window to load a new document. The URLs of the documents to jump to are given by the VALUE of the various OPTION tags contained in the SELECT.

Pulldown Menu (Popup)

After the user selects an option in the pulldown menu, the new page opens in a new window. This is useful when linking to sites not within your site when you do not want the user to leave your site. Your site will remain open in the other window so the visitor can come back to it when the are finished with the popup page. You can even control the size of the popup window, whether it has scrollbars, menubars, toolbars, etc.

Pulldown Menu (Frames)

If you would like to use a pulldown menu, but would like to do so in frames, this is the script for you. One frame will contain the pulldown menu and the selections will be opened in the other frames.

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