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Title JWTM - Java Web Tree Menu
Platform all
Price Free to try / 25 EUR
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Category Java » Applets » Navigation » Trees
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Description JWTM is a professional java tree Web menu applet, a comprehensive solution for website navigation. JWTM is browser-independent and highly-configurable, it could be easily customized to fit your website needs and to achieve an unlimited variety of menu appearances. JWTM let you generate tree menus with unlimited number of nested pop-up submenus, various color schemes, buttons, fonts, icons and sounds.


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Scripts Related to - JWTM - Java Web Tree Menu

Script Name


Surftree÷ lets you convert data organized in a spreadsheet directly into an interactive tree of links to URLs, photos, etc on a web page. The tree can be up to 9 levels deep and can load quickly with over 65,000 nodes. Surftree÷ custom GIFs and fonts. Also supports CSV files that have been zipped to improve dowload performance. It requires no server-side technology and is compatible with ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, HTML, Java, Perl and PHP-based server implementations.

Wizz Menu Tree

WizzMenuTree is a tree-structured navigation menu applet. It was developed using VisualCafe Standard Edition 4.1 and grew from the need to have a simple, tree structured menu, for Web based applications. New version (1.11) no longer requires symantec/itools/lang/Context.class

Java TreeView tListe

tListe is a nice and fast TreeView Java Applet. The applet's size is very small (between 12 and 25 Ko). tListe runs on all browsers with JDK 1.02 support. It features multi-font support, text alerts, unlimited images, status bar message, and much more. Source code and detail instructions available on the site.

RTree Visual Designer

RTree Visual Designer allows you to create navigation menus (tree) for your Website without HTML knowledge. You will Visually create your menu/tree, and the program will generate the HTML code for your web site. The application uses the applet RTree.


A highly customizable tree view control for use in Web pages, similar to that used by Windows File Manager or Explorer. Features: unlimited customizable folder icons in both open and closed states; customizable document icons; customizable background color or image; customizable font; a simple data file in ASCII format with comments for legibility; a customizable target frame for documents; a customisable highlight showing the last viewed document; mouse movement display of the destination URL; options to turn off icons and tree lines; and a partial population facility to speed up very large data structures. Javascript interaction.

100% Free Java Tree Applet

Feature packed and highly customizable Tree Menu. Quickly add great menu navigation aids to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets and more. Main Features: Unlimited tree depth; Configurable icons; MouseOver effects; URL Linking; Variable Node Text Color. This product is NOT Trialware or Evalware - but a fully functioning version which is Free for you to use however you wish, making it a truly Freeware product.


SlickTree is an expanding menu for site navigation which supports cool and variable mouse over and fade in effects. Written in Java 1.0 for maximum compatibility, this applet has a wide range of options and has an easy configuration for writing your menu.

Advanced Treeview Explorer

This is a feature packed and highly customisable Treeview Explorer that allows you to quickly add a great menu navigation aid to web sites, help systems, documentation, intranets, etc. No knowledge of java is required everything is easily adjusted with simple html parameters. Extensive Documentation giving both a Quick Start section and an in depth explanation of every aspect of the Treeview Explorer. Treeview Source Code also available. New: Multi-Line support for node text, Highlight Node Last Clicked, Node Clicks can now execute Javascript, Comment lines can now be added to the node data file.

1 Awesome Java Tree

A hip and highly customisable java sliding tree applet with funky animated 2D mouseovers, 3D button mouseover, 3D popup text mouseover effects, image-based scrollbars, and customisable colors, fonts, background, and icons. Different icons can be displayed for default, mouseover, and expanded states of a node. Features an unlimited level and number of nodes. The tree can show which node is selected, can turn off tree lines, change the colors of the tree lines as well as the background color of the "plus/minus" button. 2D mouseovers include rectangular and oval borders, translucent nodes, custom image-based node, underlining, and pulsing animations. 3D mouseovers include depressable 3D button and popup 3D text for nodes. Other features include expanded tree at startup and captionless nodes. Scrollbars are image-based and fully customisable. The applet comes with a Parameters Editor which runs in Windows.


JTM (Java Tree Menu) is a highly customizable and easy to implement tree based multi-level menu. It consists of many optional components like an additional applet to display an image to each topic, 3 state icons, automatic scrollbars, definition of font styles, gif animations (also as background image), progressbar while loading and much more.

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