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Title JSearch Applet
Platform n/a
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Category Java » Applets » Searching » Site Search
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Description JSearch applet can be used together with JSMenu applet or as standalone site search tool. It can search through the site tree-shaped contents or in some index files (or via CGI) for keywords ("all words", "any word" and "phrase" options are available). You can provide one or more index files simultaneously to search into (like "complete archive", "old archive", "new archive" etc.).


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HouseSpider is a Java applet that adds search capability to your web site. It can search by two methods, by spidering through your site or by searching a cached index file. Spider-searching is slow, but very easy to set up and requires no maintenance. Cache searching requires only a little more attention to set-up and is very fast, sometimes even faster than server-hosted cgi programs.

Home Page Search

The Home Page Search Applet is a Java applet written to search the pages of a Web site. The applet starts searching at a specified page (defaults to "index.html" or "index.htm") and then follows all local links (i.e all HTML pages on your site) performing the search. Any matches are displayed and then simply double click on a match to jump to that page. It also features: Searches can be case-sensitive or case-insensitive, Searches can be restricted to matching whole words, Once a match has been found it can be "jumped" to, Number of pages to be searched can be limited, HTML tags are automatically stripped before searching the text, and more.


Searchlink can be included on any html webpage and does not require a Java server. A web site visitor uses the search engine in a similar way to other Internet search engines, once a list is returned the links can then be followed with a single click over the appropriate link name. The links themselves are stored and formatted in a text file, this allows easy editing and fast access. Like many popular search engines Searchlink allows for "all word" or "any word" searches. These keywords are compared with the keywords you supply when creating the links text file.


PersonalSearch allows you to create a search engine for you own site. You decide what keywords it should respond to and what URLs are included in the engine. It also offers 100% control of the search abilities. This requires from you a little work: for every document you must specify a location(URL),a title and some keywords (keywords are not required). This information is stored in a file, which the applet reads from. Now you have the option of adding comments in the file. The comments will be ignored when searched. This makes it possible to easily administer large sites. The search applet will only work in browsers supporting java 1.1 and higher (ie. Netscape 4.06+ and MSIE 4.0+).

searchTHIS (Applet)

searchTHIS Applet conduct searches for words or phrases entered by your web site visitor. When the user types in a phrase and clicks the search button, the applet will search the db.txt file for the words. It will then associate the words with the appropriate link. During this association, it also saves a score of that link based on the number of times the words appear in the html file. Results that are returned are printed out in descending order, the first having the highest score and the last having the lowest score.

Applet Site Content Searcher

Applet Site Content Searcher is a Java search applet that can explore any web site, either locally or on the Internet. With Applet Site Content Searcher, you can add search capabilities to your web site more easy. Key features include: WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), Configure applet parameters using GUI (Graphics User Interface), All applet parameters and HTML codes be generated automatically, 3 ways to search the content (And, Or, and Phrase), Each element can be customed by their properties, Pre-made templets to help you do custom work more easy, Preview the applet you designed without quit the program, and Specified which web browser will be used to preview.

Google Search


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