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Title JSHelp
Platform All
Price $15.00 USD
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Website Visit Website of - JSHelp
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Alerts and Prompts
Hits 786
Description JSHelp allows you to present information to your users in a pop-up box. This is useful for presenting formatted information such as context-sensitive help, menus, photos, and other information in a easyily navigable and implemented manner.


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Scripts Related to - JSHelp

Script Name

Multiple AlertBox

A multiple pop-up alert script that you can use to display 3 messages you like When someone enters your website

CodeThatForm PRO

CodeThatForm PRO is the PROFESSIONAL version of the CodeThatForm package. CodeThatForm provides with the way to work with the layers so that they fully mimic the windows. Visual appearance of the windows (caption, work area, system buttons) and methods declared in the package offer the instant ability to create the popups, dialogs, forms within browser actual windows with the extremely hot look and feel. Script is proven to be working with the majority of browsers and comes with the examples of the implementation and the complete documentation.

Web Commercial

This javascript applet allows you to force users to watch a small 'commercial' before allowing them to look at a page in your site. Great for sites that sell ads.

Bookmark This Site with JavaScript

In Internet Explorer, When you click on the 'Bookmark Us!' text link, Explorer's Add Favorite dialogue automatically pops opens, inviting your visitor to add your site to their bookmarks. Also note that the status bar (MSIE 4+) will show the 'Bookmark Us!' text message when you mouseOver the link. In all other browsers, only a message appears, and no action takes place when it is clicked.

Automatic Bookmark Script

This handy bookmark-this-page script automatically grabs the page title and url, so you do not have to manually set variables for each page for these values.

Cut-and-Paste Bookmark This Page Script

Cut-and-paste script automatically opens the Favorites dialog in IE browsers to bookmark your page on the visitor's favorites list. (Degrades gracefully for NS and other browsers with a text message.)

Ask Visitor for Name Script

Personalize your web page with this very simple paste-it-in script that asks the vistor for his or her name when entering your page, then prints a "Hello" welcome message anywhere you wish in the body of the page. (If the visitor does not type in a message, a default message shows, instead.) Very easy install for JavaScript newcomers.

Web OS Prompt

Easy to use Dos Like Prompt for your Website. Simply to use, very easy to install, optimal traffic use, so it is still usable on slow servers.

JavaScript Alert Box

Simple-simon stuff, huh? Bet you never thought it could be so easy...

JustQuick PopUp

A simple javascript combined with a style sheet to personalize your popup-messages. Place the javascript at the bottom of your HTML-page. It works with IE5.5+. Just try the examples to see how it works!

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