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Title JLS Guest
Platform All
Price FREE
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Guestbooks
Hits 730
Description JLS Guest is a simple guestbook that stores the entries, avatars, and setting in a mysql database. When adding an enty BBcode and smilies can be used. Webmaster may choose to let image tags be allowed.


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Scripts Related to - JLS Guest

Script Name


YaBook is a simple but powerful guestbook running on PHP 5. It features easy installation and customization, multi-language support, an administration interface, and email notifications on new postings. YaBook's design uses a template system so it can be easy integrated into your page. YaBook ist built on the Sourdough framework, a web application framework for PHP 5. Various database systems are currently supported, e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, SQLite.

DB Guestbook

DB Guestbook 2.1 is a flat file guestbook script that has a simple layout that is easy to modify. Smilies are available for users to include in their messages. A admin section is available for owner to easily install the data files, clear the guestbook or edit the entries. Comes with Visual Themes, bad word filter and user friendly interface. Main features: Flat File, Hit Counter, Smilies and Message Extras, Bad Word Filter, IP Banner, Admin CP, Page Spanning, Easy edit for language and style.

Php Guestbook

This guestbook gives your visitors who come to your site the chance to leave comments and other general information about themselves. the guestbook is also a fully customizable script and requires a Mysql database. Also include, easy to use template html file to fit any website

phphg Guestbook

A great guestbook with good features that include banning adding smilies and word filters and has a very easy to use admin interface.

DL's Guestbook

This PHP guestbook script will allow your visitors to leave their two cents on your web page. It has a number of customizable features to suit almost any sites design and a optional cursing filter. No database knowledge required.

DB Guestbook

DB Guestbook v2.1 is a flat file guestbook script that has a simple layout that is easy to modify. Smilies are available for users to include in their messages. A admin section is available for owner to easily install the data files, clear the guestbook or edit the entries. Easy to customise language and form validation included. Visitor log feature and hit counter included. All new Visual Themes and improved filter.

Maian Guestbook

Easy to use guestbook program for your website. HTML templates. Approve entries before posting. Optional bad word filter, clickable smilies, IP banning, search engine & flood control. BB Code. Auto Responders. Display Stats. md5 password encryption. Webmaster comments. HTML/Plain Text e-mails, Template editor, Add up to 5 new fields, Website rating system, Private Messages and much more......


phpThoughts is a basic guestbook that can work as a news posting script or guestbook. It's written in PHP and uses MySQL. phpThoughts is extremely fast and has no special requirements besides MySQL. At this point there are very few bugs and we are working on making it even better. You can view comments, add comments, delete thoughts, and comment on anything you want. The new administration interface allows you to delete entries, clean up the database, repair the database, flush tables, delete all entries, delete all comments, and more to be added through it's development!

Only Guests

Simple and easy to use guestbook. Let your visitors leave comments on your website / messages to you with this guestbook. It uses PHP and MySQL as backend and is very easy to setup on your website, all you have to do is to create a database and table and it's ready to run. Supports Word Wrap , Smilies and Bad Word Filter.

100% secure, simple looking easy implementation

this guestbook was designed to be implemented into your current site design, which should be very easy. features: no mysql, fantastic support for large files, ip logging, max/min post length, max name length, admin area to edit/delete posts, posts are 'archived' to other pages, only ever uses 2 files, the guestbook.php and the file which stores the posts, 100% secure, post time limit, BBCode.

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